And Now Bill & Hillary Clinton’s Entire Marriage Summed Up In One Photograph

June 13th, 2014 // 46 Comments

Holy shit. Is it sexual harassment if I kiss Photo Boy on the lips? Because I’m going to kiss Photo Boy on the lips. Where is he? Wheel him in here.

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  1. Terry Richardson

    Only if there’s tongue, Fish.

  2. Bane


  3. As Klaatu might have said, the Clintons don’t pretend to be perfect but they have a system and it works.

  4. It’s a sign of America’s weak (and increasingly irrelevant) democracy that between 1988 and 2024, members of two families will have been President for all of those 36 years.

    Bush Senior: 1988-1992
    B. Clinton: 1992-2000
    Bush Junior: 2000-2008
    H. Clinton or J. Bush: 2016-2024

    In a nation of over 310 million people, you can’t find anybody outside those two families to be your President? Is this America or Westeros?

    (That’s assuming Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush win in 2016 and serve two terms.)

    • Oops I wrote it wrong.

      Correction: “members of two families will have been President for all but EIGHT of those 36 years.”

      Sometimes my brain skips things, sorry.

      • Pithy, to the point… I like it.

      • MarketingMike

        I checked, and this isn’t your own personal “You Go Girl” blog.
        Other people make comments here too, and many of them,
        in contrast to your beliefs, have some interesting things to say.
        Please engage brain before squirting. If we wanted comments
        from our wives, girlfriends, playthings (aka Sterling), we would
        reach over to the other side of the couch and ask her. Honest.
        Please go back to your 3yr old copy of Vogue, finish your
        warm beer and think first in the future. Thanks from all!

      • “On Friday morning, Politico published on the previously unknown and “closely held” details of former First Daughter Chelsea Clinton’s contract with NBC News. According to the story, Clinton was given an annual salary of $600,000 when she joined NBC News as a “special correspondent” in November 2011. Based on these figures, Clinton has earned about $26,724 for each minute she subsequently appeared on air.”

        No plutocracy in the United States, no sir. Chelsea Clinton was hired on MERIT…for her skills as a journalist! Buwahahaha.

        Read more:

    • I love how your proposition rests on predicting an election that’s two years away (for which neither proposed candidate has declared a candidacy), and then a subsequent re-election four years after that. Or the insinuation that political dynasties never happen anywhere else. (In the first 42 years of India’s independence, someone from the Nehru-Gandhi family served as Prime Minister for an aggregate of almost 38 years. In a nation with a population then that was more than twice what the USA has now.) Also, Bush “Senior” served from 1989-93, Clinton from 1993-2001, etc., because presidential terms don’t begin and end on Election Day. Womp-womp.

      • Don’t engage it and it will go away on it’s own.

      • Bane

        Call your doctor if you have an election lasting 4 or more years.

      • You are comparing India, a Third World country, to the United States, which is supposed to be one of the world’s leading democracies?

        Well, that says it all.

      • Hi, Stalker Boy. Are there any windows in your parents’ basement?

      • MarketingMike

        Prime, I’ve finally figured it out. She’s filibustering the comments.
        By commenting every single thought in her head, every single time,
        she’s showing us “boys” the female touch. Hopefully she’ll pass
        out soon, or go back to a worn and sticky copy of “50 Shades of Gray”.

      • I love the “India doesn’t count because brown people” argument. Nice.

      • He totally ignored the fact that the two leading contenders for the 2016 presidential nomination of the Republican and Democratic parties are, respectively, the brother and son of two former Presidents and the wife of a former President.

        Once again, out of a nation of 310 million, in a so-called “First World” country, this is the best you can do?

        You clearly haven’t been to India. I lived there, in Uttar Pradesh, and it is a country that has been deeply wounded by British colonialism as well as by its own problems (massive class divide, poverty, etc.).

        One small example:

        In India, dead bodies can lay in the streets, unattended. Such a spectacle would draw shock and horror in the United States or in Europe. Not there.

        India is a developing country and it shows. Comparing that country’s politics to those of the US is apples and bananas; comparing the US and a faraway country such as, oh, let’s say Canada, where they manage to find Prime Ministers who aren’t related to one another every few years, shows just how degenerate and inbred US politics have become.

      • Wow! Veronika, I was just being a snarky asshole for its own sake. You’ve made your point, and in fact I agree with you.

        What America provides to those of us not living there is a real-time example of an empire imploding on itself. It’s Rome all over again, and seen from the outside it’s great entertainment.

        But those living within the US borders shouldn’t get too paranoid about this. The Roman Empire didn’t so much “fall” as slowly dissolved into, well, Italy. It took them centuries to do so, and they still managed to produce pizza, Ferrari, and Sofia Loren in the meantime, not to mention a plethora of lovely ruins. So, there is life beyond being a world power. Come on USA, give Nigeria its chance already.

      • Yeah, Sophia. My bad.

    • It could be anecdotally interesting (based upon 8 years of projected outcomes, that is), however, presidential churn does not a successful Democracy make. Take a look at India’s prime ministers over time–some served 16 days, less than a year (twice since the 90s), etc. And before you try to say something clever, parliamentary governance is a recognized form of democracy.

      • Once again: comparing India to the United States, a Third World country to one of the world’s oldest democracies, is misleading.

        Compare the United States to Canada. Canada is a parliamentary democracy and the Canadians, with 11% of your population, manage to elect Prime Ministers who aren’t related to one another, and they do so every few years.

        Yes, I know, Canada is far far away and they speak an incomprehensible language and have a very dissimilar history than yours, so it makes more sense to compare the USA and India, which have *so* much in common in terms of their history, culture, and language.

        Imagine that! A leader of your country who isn’t a blood relative of a former leader! You must just try it sometime.

        Let’s face it: the USA is, in many ways, resembling a Third World plutocracy rather than a First World democracy.

      • You do realize that the “first world”/”third world” classification is an antiquated WWII model, right? Try catching up on history in the past few decades. I’ll stop now and let you embarrass yourself further before I continue.

      • Hey, leave the thirld world alone! I live there and I like it.

      • rican

        Damn! Isn’t anyone paying attention to USDA Prime?

      • MarketingMike

        Yes he, I, and 10 Indian friends are pooling our resources
        to pay for a hacker, to attack a particular skanks computer.
        Since she’s running Windows 95, it’s taking a little more time.
        Be patient, we’re on it!

  5. Funny, it looks like most marriages to me.

  6. Bill Clinton Drinking Hillary
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    Thank god for being able to self medicate right there at the 50k gala dinner banquet table.

  7. Bill Clinton Drinking Hillary
    Bill Clinton's penis
    Commented on this photo:


  8. Legendary Lover

    During his time as Governor, Bill lived at a 5 star hotel just down
    the road from the Capitol building. They had no residence on site.
    I worked for a big company in Little Rock, and we had dinner at
    that hotel many times. Once after a big meal (with 2 studio execs)
    I asked our waiter how Bill and Hillary “really” got along (there
    were rumours back then). He looked me square in the eye
    and said “she’s never been here”. I’m not making this up,
    who knows where she stayed but evidently it WASN’T there.
    However, he told me he’d met Gennifer Flowers many times,
    but never Hillary. Yes, even now Bill is my hero…

    • Wait a second. You want us to believe there’s a “five star” hotel in Little Rock, Arkansas?

      Is that what they call a Motel 6 with clean sheets?

      • Big Turn On

        What was I thinking, how can I comment when you already
        know everything about everybody who ever lived.

        I’m sure you’ve spent a lot of time in Little Rock too.
        I fucking worked a block away for 4 years, I’m pretty
        sure it was a 5 star, but how can I compare to the most
        intelligent, all knowing, anonymous bitch on the planet.
        Please correct me again, you fat fucking internet slut.

      • Big Turn On

        What was I thinking, how can a mere man comment
        when you already know everything about everybody
        who has ever lived.

        I’m sure you’ve spent a lot of time in Little Rock too.
        I fucking worked a block away for 4 years, I’m pretty
        sure it was a 5 star, but how can I compare to the most
        intelligent, all knowing, anonymous bitch on the planet.
        Please correct me again, you fat fucking internet slut.

      • Big Turn On

        I apologize for the double post
        but you deserve them both so enjoy.

        Seriously, you really should read people’s posts
        and think first. Your gender is betraying you.

      • Veronika Larsson

        Yes I’m an intelligent woman
        and I can post whenever I want.

  9. Arlmlo Schlongfooster

    Hillary Rodman Clinton shaves her chest

    • Big Turn On

      No. Her hot, bi-sexual assistant, the one still married to wiener,
      shaves it for her. But I’ve heard she trims her own beard.

  10. malaka

    i want to have a beer with THAT guy.

  11. TC

    WTF is that extression on her face?
    She looks like she just underwent a lobotomy.

  12. “I have to keep drinking to make her look good in my eyes or my whiskey dick never gets up!” -Bill

  13. MarketingMike

    This picture is pretty much every woman over the age of 45
    who’s still married. Poor Bill, there isn’t enough scotch in the
    world to do what he’s trying to do. I know from experience.

  14. Bill Clinton Drinking Hillary
    Commented on this photo:

    “I’m gettin’ me some tonight. He… I mean SHE doesn’t know it yet but he’s… I mean SHE’S puttin’ out when we get home.”

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