This Korean Bilionaire Bought Lindsay Lohan’s Friendship

A few days ago there were some rumors going around that Lindsay Lohan was dating Korean “billionaire” bodybuilder Je-Yong Ha. I use quotations around “billionaire” because I have no idea how the hell you become a billionaire from just taking pictures of yourself in various forms of luxurious rest. If you asked yourself, “wasn’t she already dating a billionaire?” you’re not wrong, but that one was Russian and he’s been out of the picture since last summer when he threatened to splash acid on her face. Keep up.

Unfortunately, sources have told Vanity Fair that Lohan is just friends with the “Korean Hulk” (thanks, steroids!), but it’s becoming obvious that Je-Yong’s crush is getting a little out of hand. Fifty percent of Je-Yong Ha’s Instagram consists of him spending stupid money on Lindsay Lohan because he clearly doesn’t give a fuck about his ROI. It should also be mentioned that he is non-existent on all of Lohan’s social media profiles. Here I am thinking “don’t give money to Lindsay Lohan” is like, rule number three of the billionaires’ handbook, but this guy is some sort of maverick I guess… or a huge dipshit.

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He bought the necklace from Titanic? Yep… this guy is a dipshit.

Scroll to the video below where you get a brief glimpse at the empty sadness in Lindsay’s eyes when she remembers she’s contractually obliged to smile every time he wants to take a picture…

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