Good God, Michelle Lewin, And Other News

By: The Superficial / July 22, 2014
- What the hell is in Charlie Hunnam's backpack?! [Lainey Gossip] - Billy Bob Thornton is fucking pissed about Cupcake Wars. PISSED. [Dlisted] - Festival Girls Like To Have Fun [theCHIVE] - Paris Hilton thinks she built her "empire" all by herself. [Fishwrapper] - These are some … More »

Did LeAnn Rimes Shit Herself? An Excuse To Post These Bikini Pictures

By: The Superficial / July 22, 2014
Just so we're all clear what's happening here: I'm already to the point where I can't justify posting pics of LeAnn Rimes in a bikini just for the sake of posting LeAnn Rimes in a bikini because LeAnn Rimes is always in a bikini. I will, however, apparently post … More »

Is Selena Gomez A Lesbian Now?

By: The Superficial / July 22, 2014
Above are pictures of Selena Gomez and Cara Delevingne partying in St. Tropez which obviously raises the question: Is Selena Gomez a lesbian now? Granted, she looks pretty close to this dude, but Cara Delevingne is there. They're practically kissing, but Cara Delevingne is there. More »

Someone Tell Farrah Abraham That Jessica Alba Doesn’t Look A Thing Like Her

By: The Superficial / July 22, 2014
I talk a lot of shit about Jessica Alba, but that's only because she won't get naked, so it's actually kind of cute when you think about it. Seductive, even. But at the end of the day, she is a Hollywood actress who gets cast in (quasi-)non-pornographic movies that … More »

What’s Up, Arianny Celeste? And Other News

By: The Superficial / July 21, 2014
- George Clooney is "marrying up," according to George Clooney. [Lainey Gossip] - Nobody watched LeAnn Rimes' reality show. You're alright, humanity. [Dlisted] - I didn't know Kim Kardashian came in non-Armenian. [theCHIVE] - Jonah Hill officiated Adam Levine's wedding. Jonah Hill. [Fishwrapper] - Bear Grylls got … More »

Lindsay Lohan’s In A Bikini Again

By: The Superficial / July 21, 2014
When you're a hard-working actress fresh off of an award for Biggest Comeback, it's important to take a moment and relax on the yacht you've been blowing a man to be on for the past week. Also, pop a lot of zits. That's really the key to … More »

Anastasia Ashley & Logan Fazio Had A Butt-Off

By: The Superficial / July 21, 2014
Because it's been a depressing morning, here are Anastasia Ashley and Logan Fazio "The Pin-Up Paparazzo" having a butt-off in Miami over the weekend. And if that doesn't brighten your mood, congratulations, you're already dead and being cremated in the Middle East. I don't even know how you're reading … More »

Let’s Start With Ashley Sky And Other News

By: The Superficial / July 20, 2014
- So obviously pregnant. Who are you fooling?! [Lainey Gossip] - The Royal Baby is walking. All shall perish. [Dlisted] - There Are Sexy Chivers Among Us [theCHIVE] - Like Kim Kardashian knows her kid's naptime. Or her name for that matter. [Fishwrapper] - Science can't even … More »

Devin Brugman Is The Crap I Missed – Friday 7.18.14

By: The Superficial / July 18, 2014
Alright, folks, Photo Boy's off today, so The Crap We Missed will return Monday. So to make up for that, here are Devin Brugman's crazy awesome breasts and ass in a bikini which if I'm being honest, should make up for everything that's gone wrong in your life. Divorce, unemployment, erectile … More »

Hey, Look How Hot Kim Kardashian Is When She’s Next To A Dying Pregnant Woman

By: The Superficial / July 18, 2014
Because her husband has only spent nine days with her since their wedding and doesn't want to ruin his streak, here's Kim Kardsahian in Mexico this week where she let his rapists take exclusive bikini photos of her for fun and profit. Plus she also tossed a … More »

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