Charlotte McKinney Did More Topless Stuff

The Superficial / April 7, 2015

Charlotte McKinney posed topless again. That counts as news. More »

Good Morning, Shelley Golden Topless, And Other News

The Superficial / April 7, 2015

Leonardo DiCaprio’s latest penis holster, Giuliana Rancic talks shit on Ginger Spice, Ronda Rousey isn’t good enough for Walmart, and Olivia Wilde’s thong. Your morning links. More »

Abigail Ratchford’s Giant Breasts Washing A Car Are America

The Superficial / April 6, 2015

Abigail Ratchford's giant breasts washing a car in a bikini, and a bunch of jibberish you can just skip over. Don't even bother. More »

Good Morning, Jessica Alba Bikini Photos, And Other News

The Superficial / April 6, 2015

Nick Cannon’s writing a tell-all, Khloe Kardashian’s ass bends reality, Kelly Brook’s working that shit and January Jones naked. Your morning links. More »

Good Morning, Indianara Carvalho Topless, And Other News

Photo Boy / April 2, 2015

Katy Perry’s April Fools’ joke, Farrah Abraham is an idiot, Robert Pattinson got engaged to someone who isn’t Bella – OMG – and Sofia Vergara in yoga pants. Your morning links. More »

Jose Canseco’s Hot 18-Year-Old Daughter Got A DUI

The Superficial / April 1, 2015

Jose Canseco’s daughter is hot. Oh, and something about a DUI. It’s not important. More »

Good Goddamn Morning, Charlie Riina, And Other News

The Superficial / April 1, 2015

What the hell was that Tidal shit? Paula Patton shits on Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy says The View wants her back, Nicole Kidman might’ve pegged Tom Cruise, and Gigi Hadid looking like Gigi Hadid. Your morning links. More »

Tara Reid In A Bikini (You’re Welcome?)

The Superficial / March 31, 2015

Tara Reid’s looking… healthy. More »

Good Morning, Tetyana Veryovkina Bikini Photos, And Other News

The Superficial / March 31, 2015

The Scientology horror stories ‘Going Clear’ left out, Rihanna doesn’t just sit there like Taylor Swift, Hilary Duff has secret tattoos, and Demi Lovato in a bikini. Your morning links. More »

The Kardashians Have Breasts (And Some Stupid Joke Jamie Foxx Told)

The Superficial / March 30, 2015

Jamie Foxx made a stupid joke about Bruce Jenner, but how are Kim Kardashian and Kylie’s breasts doing? Are they okay? What are they thinking about? More »

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