Justin Bieber Is Giving Selena Gomez’s Mom High Blood Pressure

Both a member of the Beverly Hills neighborhood association and a member of Selena Gomez’ family once said that “Justin is a vile human and will never be accepted by us.” This was back when Justin Bieber was slanging his oddly large penis behind Selena Gomez’ back like a chimpanzee hopped up on fun dip. Fast forward to the present — a.k.a. The Upsidedown where literally everything is koo-koo bananas and nothing makes sense — Justin and Selena are back together after she banged like three or four other people and he banged three or four thousand. Obviously, her mom is having a hard time with this reality…

Selena Gomez’s mom got so worked up when she found out how serious things are between Selena and Justin Bieber, she had to be taken to a hospital … TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us police went to an L.A. area hotel last week to do a welfare check on Selena’s mom, Mandy Teefey, at a family member’s request. We’re told she was taken to a nearby hospital to get checked out, but not under a 5150 hold — instead, she was voluntarily transported for treatment.

Sources with direct knowledge of the incident tell us Mandy had a heated convo with Selena that day about the reunion with Justin. When Selena revealed she and JB were in couples therapy, Mandy flipped … realizing the relationship was going to be more long-term than she thought. (from TMZ)

It seems like Mandy is just realizing the weight of her decision to sell her daughter to Disney at such a young age. They will arrange her marriage to whoever can produce the best ROI and right now, it seems like “the Biebs” is by far the soundest investment. Funny that they call visits to their weird H&M sex cult church “couples therapy” though.

I’m going to be a little skeptical on the validity of the source in this story. Until I read a doctor’s note saying, “Teefey’s blood sugar jumped through the roof as if she drank an entire bottle of maple syrup upon any mentioning Justin Bieber’s name,” I’m going to chalk this up as an older woman whose daughter can afford good health care for her.

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