Bieber DM’s Hot Stranger on Instagram… Gets Denied

Justin Bieber has been busted creeping on chicks before. Back in 2015 he basically made some Dutch girl’s modeling career after posting a picture asking who she was. It should be noted that she was only 17 at the time, but that’s ok because Maple Syrup Jesus wouldn’t let anything bad happen.

This time around, the Jeebs was called out on Twitter after sending a message to a gym in Georgia asking about an employee pictured on their profile. In his defense, she’s pretty attractive… if you’re into that high school cheerleader from suburbia type of stuff. Unfortunately for JB, she is in an annoyingly committed relationship with a guy with really white teeth.

I don’t mean to shift the subject of Justin Bieber using Instagram as his personal harem to this poor gal’s personal profile, but seriously lady – dial back the social media PDA for chrissake. It only sends a message to dudes who want to bang you that you’re not actually happy in your relationship. Taking a photo every time you guys make out is not going to get you pregnant faster, it’s only going to tell people that you’re fucking bored with this dude… which probably explains the come-on from Maple Jesus.

Even though Justin Bieber was denied this time, it makes you wonder how many of these private message advances actually pan out for him. I wonder if it also applies to other things… like if he’s ever scored with a maple syrup-doused pancake stack.

JB: “yo ihop who is in that newest pic u posted?
iHop official: “lol bro that’s rooty tooty with cherries and whipped cream bro u got no chance fam”