Beyonce’s boob is, uh, falling apart

December 13th, 2006 // 102 Comments

  1. vikingprincess

    New and first?

  2. Her boob is like my granny-ies old and falling apart

  3. justme

    All Negro women have floppy tits.

  4. Justme, that was an incredibly racist thing to say! That said, Beyonce’s boobs aren’t looking to good these days.

  5. *required field

    i don’t think it’s bad. i mean, all the basic parts are there, you could just take her home, undress her, and rearrange everything until it looks human. it’d be like playing big-assed barbies.

  6. crabbie

    That boob looks more deflated than a Republican.

  7. Pointandlaugh


  8. arrested-development

    I’m beginning to think her entire body is held together by scotch tape. It was a good body, but it needs stronger hold tape.

    Also #7 – very very funny!

  9. Holy moly that’s terrifying. Why is our society allowing us to….

    oh f*ck it, I’ll shut up.

    Someone get her a tire air inflator, or whatever the hell they’re called.


  10. p.s. Glitter on your body is totally out. It’s so 2003, Beyonce.

  11. serial snarkalec

    I can’t see beyond her blue eye shadow. Who does she think she is, a Supreme?

  12. Binky

    Well I’ve heard of Air-heads, and Air Jordan, but Leftie is a new one to me.

  13. chelsea_423

    I’ve never liked Beyonce, she sounds so ignorant when she speaks and her singing is just her wailing over backup singers. I don’t see the big deal about her. She is pretty though.

  14. LdlV

    Hello, photoshop.

  15. RoseColoredGlasses

    What the hell is that? My boobs are real and look 100 million times better than that blotched boob!

  16. Binky

    ( and I doubt if the guy in the green sweats in the last pic watched ‘Fashion File’ this week)

  17. #16 can I see your boobs?

    -response from a 16-year old kid

  18. PapaHotNuts

    She has 99 problems but a bra ain’t one.

  19. helistar

    She has incredibly beautiful teeth.. and her ass is to die for.. it is high noon on my sun dial.. time to go furiously polish the one eyed gopher

  20. ImmaAssClown

    the bow on her dress is creating a shadow and she has tan lines from what appears to be a tiny bikini top.
    it’s just an illusion created by shadows and light.

  21. jrzmommy

    Look at the pics on, or any other gossip site. Her tits look normal there. The superficial guy airbrushed them.

  22. peopleRweird

    #12:she doesn’t think she’s a supreme.she thinks she’s a dream girl :)

  23. ImmaAssClown

    oh, and her pasties are showing.

    at least she had enough sense to wear them so her nipples don’t show through her dress.

  24. Truth is, she was training to be an astronaut when this was taken. It’s simply centrifical forces. She’s spinning in the simulator, and the result is that her boob-juice is flying toward the outside in accordance with the laws of physics.

    Either that, or something is seriously wrong here. But I’m going with the boob juice.

  25. 86

    God that dress would look so good on me.

  26. BriBri

    The boob thing is b/c of the dress. But DAMN does she slather on the make-up.

  27. lisad71

    #19 – Hahahhahahahhahaha

  28. Anonymous

    What is up with her dresses? Everything I have seen her in lately looks like she is auditioning for the lead in The Little Mermaid.

  29. wow, it’s actually deflating – Jay Z can’t be too happy about that!

  30. Eikooc

    Beyonce is as lovely as ever; nevertheless, HATERS abound. I think her corset may not be adjusted properly in these photos.

  31. RichPort

    C’mon people! She never said she was Boobylicious did she? That’s why you shove her face in your pillow and jackhammer her ass like union workers on city streets. BAMBAMBAMBAMBAMBAMBAM

  32. BarbadoSlim

    Hmmmmm, a third breast, wait wait I’m trying to find a negative here. NOT! on Ms. Dragonbreath here of course….

    …hmmm three hooters

  33. jrzmommy


    Rich, are you okay?

  34. artie_lange's_liver

    my cat’s breath smells like cat food

  35. BriBri

    #33: lmao!

  36. ch474

    More duct tape on the right one next time sweetie, and too much makeup again. Trying to hide your age?

  37. jc7676

    God she is so fake. Fake hair, fake boobs, fake nose, fake talent, her teeth are probably even false.

    She is a giant Barbie Doll, all made out of plastic.

    BTW, it’s generally considered a fashion no-no to match your eye makeup with your outfit. She needs to fire her drag queen mom and hire a real stylist.

  38. Left boob? What about the right one?
    I thought that doing a PhD on boobs would include a subject called “Left and right” ;-)

  39. Italian Stallion

    LOL @ 19….

    “Your girls got deflated boobies and I feel bad for you son…….”

  40. MyGosh!

    I think that dress was a little too tiny because her ass is somewhat too large. So her stylist decided to compensate by deflating her left boob. But I’m pretty sure she pumped it up right after that evening. Oh, and this time she fixed her wig…

    I heard there are some pictures somewhere of Beyonce without her right leg. Apparently it fell apart during a concert while she was screaming, but they’re making a brand new one for her!

  41. RichPort

    Jrz – Beyonce makes me feel like an Africanized squirrel every time I see her.

  42. jrzmommy

    Rich…all rabid and black??

  43. BarbadoSlim

    *cue fashion voice*

    The latest from the House of ASSEON…for the welfare momma…ASSSSEON….for hooking up with a new babby daddy… ASSSSEON….for your next court appearance ASSEEEON.

    *cue local voice station talent*

    Available at most liquor stores and downtowns.

  44. Beyonce is a douchebag.

  45. Jenster

    funny how her left teet managed to lose weight, but her ass is still bigger
    than a buik skylark.

  46. RichPort

    Jrz, I’m just waitin for some fucker to call them African-American squirrels…

  47. As much as I love CSI I think there’s nothing wrong with her funbags.

    I think it’s just a bad case of too much “pushing up” if you know what I mean.

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