Beyonce wants to play Wonder Woman

November 8th, 2008 // 104 Comments

Hollywood has been trying to get a Wonder Woman movie off the ground for years with several actress linked to the role: Jessica Biel, Katie Holmes, Lost‘s Evangeline Lilly. Now there’s a new contender for the role: Beyonce – who obviously forgot about Halle Berry’s Catwoman which turned out so awesome. The LA Times reports:

“I would definitely have to keep it right for that costume. The way that Lynda Carter wore it, she was sooo fine. She was amazing. I saw her costume at the Met. Her waist was unbelievable. It was pretty crazy, actually, her proportions. But I love Wonder Woman and it’d be a dream come true to be that character. It sure would be handy to have that lasso. To make everybody tell the truth? I need that. It would come in very handy.

Now I have to do an action film. It’s like dancing and choreography. And the superhero movies now, they’re not corny, not corny at all, so that’s what I want to do. And I would love if it could be Wonder Woman.”

While my initial reaction to a black Wonder Woman mirrors that of a black James Bond, I’m going to be flexible on this one. Only because the most recent incarnation of Wonder Woman was Kim Kardashian’s cellulite-hiding Halloween costume. I don’t want to say she’s opened the door for other celebs whose asses have no business being crammed into Lycra, but would it hurt to let Beyonce try on the costume? Then maybe wrestle Kim? You know, as a beacon of how far we’ve come as a nation.

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  1. pubes


  2. kangolnoel

    beyonces special

  3. The Beer Baron

    I wish they would give her the part of the Invisible Plane.

  4. christina

    Love Beyonce. She is HOT. i JUST viewed her newest videos on a celeb site ^^^^^^MillionaireLoving. C O M^^ ^^^^ . she looks very sexy on the pics. Not sure if she is looking for rich guys over there.

  5. Me

    You think Beyonce’s ass is smaller than Kardashian’s. If so, you’re crazy…

  6. Lukus

    Her hair and weave doesn’t blend very well.

  7. Bene

    if she’d star Wonder Woman the studio would make her as black as in the L’Oréal campaign

  8. meh

    Why is that so radical? Eartha Kitt was Catwoman. Why is a black Catwoman acceptable but not a black Wonderwoman?

  9. Tim

    call me racist if you want but I don’t think she has the right skin color. Wonder Woman was white. Lets not forget the Catwoman fiasco from a few years back.

  10. Warner Brothers

    Is she f’n serious? What the F? Not enough that a Darkie is gonna be Prez, give ‘em an inch and they want a mile. Wonder Wonder is white and does not need to be “re-imagined”

  11. ChuckleHead

    Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

  12. Pee Wee From Porky's

    This is the role that Lindsay Lohan was born to play. Well, this and that Herbie thing.

  13. Sauron

    It won’t be much different but i’d rather see Serena williams as Wonder Woman.

  14. For the love of jesus TELL THIS BROAD TO SHUT UP!!!

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  15. Julia

    that quote was awful, boring and long.

  16. britney's weave

    i don’t care to see wonder woman remade. why can’t they do something original?

  17. CaptainMorgan

    We all saw how she did in Goldmember…action, comedy, blank stares, monotone delivery and big hair. She can’t sing and she can’t act. Sorry, babe. Shut up and go get me a sandwich…and this time don’t eat it!!

  18. Mark

    Wow, that’s pretty damn racist.

    Typical liberal. You celebrate how great it was a black man was elected president, and then compare Beyonce to Halley Berry because they’re both half-black females? Despicable. I bet when people accuse of being racist you say “I have lots of black friends.”

  19. Jesse

    it’s not racist. it just odd to hear at first. imagine B.D. Wong as clint eastwood’s role in “the good, the bady, & the ugly” or Ben Affleck in a remake of Shaft. you wouldn’t have a wtf moment?

  20. Sauron

    To cut the cost they should put the black James Bond and black Wonder Woman together in one movie.

  21. pat

    The Amazons were a mythical race – no reason why they couldn’t be black. I do think you’d want a good actress to play Wonder Woman – which would disqualify Beyonce. You need good actors, and a good script, and good effects, to make money in a superhero film nowadays.

  22. Sport

    Someone tell her being famous doesn’t make you an actress. Oh she wants to be Wonder Woman lets get Lorne Michaels to make some shitty SNL skit into a Wonder Woman feature film featuring Beyonce.

  23. Dara

    Why is it so unacceptable and out of the norm for a black woman to play an originally white character? Due to the apparent racial progression in the U.S., I hope you realize that the character of Wonder Woman is not specific to one race–anyone of any color could play that part as it is a character where none of her actions have to do with being white. So, please, if you are going to continue to make ignorant comments, let me know, so I won’t have to be subjected to it.

  24. frankinfish

    Oh for Fuck sake…. now we’re going make every white superhero black just for the hell of it? WTF?!

    Sure make strong roles for african americans but don’t change established characters race Just because….. jeez… this is ridiculous

  25. pat

    FYI, is a motherlode of ignorant and intolerant comments.

  26. MrChips

    Did she take a hit off the crack pipe before plunging into that train of non sequiturs? She’s too stupid to live.

    BTW, agree with the Lindsay Lohan as WW comment.

  27. JungleRed

    23: Well Dara if we’re going there, none of her actions have to do with being a man or woman either. There’s no reason Denzel couldn’t play her.

    My vote’s for Michael Jackson, though.

  28. JSTFU

    @16. There has never been a Wonder Woman movie, so a movie about Wonder Woman would be original. But then again, you’re probably going to go see “Twilight” opening night.

    AND as for Beyonce playing WW? Two words……NO, and HELL NO.

  29. Jamie's Uterus

    Beyonce is one of the worst actresses, ever. She cannot deliver a line with any emotion, complete monotone. Besides her ass would require too much spandex, which would put the film over budget easily.

    In ‘Dream Girls’, she totally sucked, and that was one of the best parts to have, next to Jennifer Hudson’s role.

    This part is really meant for Eliza Dushku. (from Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Tru Calling).

  30. dragon43078

    I like looking at Beyonce, but she can not act. Its that simple.

  31. deva

    Wonder Woman is NOT black, James Bond is NOT black, Col. Nick Fury is NOT black, and Shaft is NOT white. Get it you fucking morons?

    Just because we have a black president now doesn’t give “these people” the right to invade the color schemes these characters were originally given.

    They should stick to rap and crack and leave the moviemaking to the real artists. I mean I don’t get all up in their shit and tell them how to pound 40′s, slam a basketball or rape women do I?

  32. ivan

    Ummmmmm…wasn’t Wonder Woman really, really WHITE?
    I think those pubes on her head have become in-grown and are cutting off the oxygen to that pea-brain of hers.

  33. ivan

    Ummmmmm…wasn’t Wonder Woman really, really WHITE?
    I think those pubes on her head have become in-grown and are cutting off the oxygen to that pea-brain of hers.

  34. ivan

    …or maybe Spike Lee will do a film noir version in black and white and the character’s skin color can be interpreted by the viewer.

    Coon-girl needs to kick the crack pipe.

  35. deva

    You’re my new best friend Ivan

  36. KindOfBlue

    *searches for “racist”*
    Yup. I knew there had to be at least one pulling the race card.

  37. deva

    Riiiiiggggghhhht. It’s racist to point things out like characters who have always been white. I disagree with gay marriage too. Does that make me a homophobe?

    Or how about that Israel is killing the Palestinians? I guess I’m an anti-semite too.

    It’s idiots like you that should make it necessary to have a permit to own a computer.

  38. CaptainMorgan

    If Beyonce (aka “Sasha Fierce”) is Wonder Woman, the invisible jet will have to be a C-130 Hercules transport to accomodate her ass and thighs. Maybe the producers could borrow the one from Kim Kardashian?

  39. Stu

    Reasons Beyonce cannot be Wonder Woman in a successful film that have nothing to do with race:
    1. the actress who plays her should actually be able to act
    2. the actress who plays her needs to be beautiful
    3. the actress who plays her would have to believably run on film
    …whereas Beyonce is an awful actress, fug, and a flabby tub o’ shite.

  40. Dara

    To junglered: being that the character of wonder woman is a woman as her name is wonder WOMAN your little argument that a man could play that part is superfluous. Also, to the rest the ignorant commentators, if you think for one second that you are in the right by thinking it is okay to rule out certain races from a role if the original actor or actress in that role is a different race, then you need to educate yourself on what constitutes racism; if the role has nothing to do with the race of the character, then it is pure discrimination to say someone who is black, hispanic, asian or any other race couldn’t play that role just as well if not better than someone who is white. Thinking beyond movies, if you believe that anyone holding a position in any institution in society has to be of the same race of the person who orginally held that position, then Barack Obama wouldn’t be president elect much less any other person of color holding any type of high position in society as the original holders of these positions were white. But, luckily, as this election has shown, most of the U.S. believes that someone’s ability to perform a job is not reliant on their race. So if you want to continue to perpetuate ignorance by accepting and supporting discrimination, then go ahead, that’s your choice, but I hope you realize that by doing that you will be stunting the moral progression of not only yourself but of this country in total. As a side note, beyonce is not of bi racial and you cannot say she wouldn’t be able to play a good Wonder Woman if Halle Berry didn’t play a good Catwoman because not all people of color act the same way–they are different people with different strengths and weaknesses, they just happen to have similar skin tones.

  41. Ejay

    If any one is going to be wonder woman it’s Megan Gale

  42. woodhorse

    more like: ” as a bacon of how far we’ve come as a nation.”

  43. escoben

    STOP TRYING TO MAKE WHITE SUPER HEROES BLACK!!! im not even white and i think its wrong.

  44. Realist

    # 31 Deva, you’re a moron. I’m quite sure that it never said ‘white’ next to these characters in the script. Wonder Woman can’t be fat, though. She better get back on her lemon water fast. She looked good in Dreamgirls. Or maybe get her ass to the gym and do it the right way this time.

    And she doesn’t necessarily need to act either. Matrix had Keanu Reeves in it and was still great.

  45. britney's weave

    @ 28 quit being a nazi with your opinion. if i don’t think making new movies about old tv shows is original, i will write it and you can suck a fat one. and wtf is twilight?

  46. retro_seventies

    Don’t wanna be a dick, but SERIOUSLY?


    Just no.

    Is Superman Asian? Is the Hulk blue? Was Captain America an Arab? C’mon man… If she wants to be a superhero, there are plenty out there – just play one that’s appropriate, mmmmkay?

  47. GinaRae

    Uhh no. Research the character of Woman Woman’s origin and there’s no way she can be black. I don’t think Bond should be black either. (And I’m black saying all this). I’m getting a bitt peeved at other black people who think just because we have a partial african american president that suddenly every role or character should automatically be converted from what their original identity was. B can’t act anyway, she sounds like a reject from Flavor of Love. Create your own damn character but stop with all the over indulgent self promotion and assumption that your skin color now gives you ever greater priveledge.

  48. woodhorse

    Well they kept making Cleopatra white and she never was…………… I want to see a remake with Halle Berry as Cleopatra. And while we’re at it, somebody lose the blonde Jesus. JESUS! Unless he used Miss Clairol, he didn’t have blonde hair.
    If I think of some more anomalies , I will announce them later. I know you are all waiting with baited breath. Please use mouthwash and I will get back to you.

  49. Realist

    GinaRae, there are some oles that need to be played by white people. Some by blacks. Wonder Woman’s neither. There’s nothing intrinsic to this FICTIONAL character that requires a particular race or ethnicity. She could be white, black, green, orange. whatever. How bout orange? That opens the door for lots of Hollywood starlets.

  50. Doris the maid

    WTF? Wonder Woman needs to be tall! You know, 5’9 or something.

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