Beyonce on cover of 2007 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

February 14th, 2007 // 128 Comments

For some reason the clowns at Sports Illustrated decided to put Beyonce on the cover of their 2007 Swimsuit Issue, a privilege usually reserved for the baddest ass of supermodels. I’m not saying she doesn’t look great in her bikini (because she does) she just has no business being there. This isn’t Entertainment Weekly, it’s the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. Beyonce has about as much right being there as a dog dressed in a silly hat and a cape.


  1. Jayvee

    God, Super Fish is turning into bloody LilFlip…

  2. popemyy

    she looks way better than most of those other ugly ass models…

  3. Lowlands


  4. sid

    YEAH! Even with dailup, I’m getting closer to that number ONE!!!!

    Wait a sec…suddenly I remember an episode of You Can’t Do That On Television…in Blip’s Arkaid…some kid had wasted a fortune getting to the 23rd board of Frogger or something…Blip told him, “How many get to do THAT?”

    But then I remember that the Superfish is free, and I don’t have to buy quarters.

    Beyonce doesn’t do it for me.

  5. BarbadoSlim

    @4 Damn, dialup? where do you live at? Medieval England? hahaha I’m just messin’ with ya.

    Anyway, looks like Sports Illustrated has lowered it’s standard considerably, to ghetto standards, maybe they should write the whole issue and adverts in the ebonics dialect, you know, for the Jay Z demographic.

  6. ImaCracka

    I am not a big fan of her and her big as booty… but at least it is a woman with some curves……..

    I will care when she poses for Hustler with a midget….


  7. nycjgalt

    It’s not like we wouldn’t like to see a real smoking hot model like Alessandra Ambrosio instead of this pig they slapped some lipstick on for the county fair.

  8. Marissa Miller is way hottter than Beyonce.

  9. fame is funny

    I don’t think I’ve opened a Swimsuit Issue since i was about 8. Now that I am a grownup and have things such as the Internet and oh, I don’t know, relationships with real girls that wear swimsuits…I have to wonder…who cares about the Swimsuit Issue?

  10. Lowlands

    I love you girl.I’m talking to you who has many names.Jeymy Luv,Zanna,Jrzmommy and several more.I want to kidnap you and knock you up!Happy Valentine’s day to you!

  11. woodhorse

    how much did she pay them. must have been a lot – i thought Sports Illustrated had standards. Guess not.

  12. I completely agree.
    Not that we need another “uber-skinny” model on the cover,
    I mean its not like what they live for,
    and what they work their asses off literally for.

  13. NicotineEyePatch

    “As you’ve never seen her”

    Scantily clad, rolling around for our amusement?

  14. WiseMan


  15. mike hawk

    aww,yup. hips like handlebars. hot hips. i’d illustrate that.

  16. NipsyHustle

    first of all, if you still give a fuck about SI Swimsuit issue and you are an adult male, I’m guessing that the only action you see on a regular basis is your hand and even your hand is looking for a way out of the relationship. Yes, it’s true. Your hand was on Maury yesterday talking about how you live in your mother’s basement and your cock always smells like cheese whiz.

    But that is besides the point, the premise of this issue is “The Music Issue” where they include the models with musicians. They are probably trying to be a litttle less predictable (gotta give them points for that) this year and do something different than a bikini clad qtip modeling a bikini on the cover.

    It’s not like these models have any other talents than starving daily and staring longingly into the distance. There are a 500 million starving right now in third world that are just as qualified as these “walking clothes hangers” to do the same job. Put them in a bikini and they are the “Next Top Model”. It’s not nuclear engineering so let’s stop acting like Beyonce is “so not qualified”. She’s done hundreds if not thousands of photo shoots and she looks good in a swimwuit so there, you do the math.

  17. How disappointing. Hate those models if you want, but the cover is what they dream of and work for, and it went to the girl who doesn’t even model professionally or give a damn about it. Being on the cover of SI is just another resume point for Beyonce, and, given rumors of her personality, she probably refused to be in the issue unless she had the cover anyway.

    It would have made more sense, if this was a pairing of musicians and models, to have Beyonce and one of the other girls.. you know.. paired.. on the cover, but we know she doesn’t ‘do’ that sharing thing.

  18. fuctheworld

    Love her or hate her, she looks hot.

    Shit, I’m a chic and I have a hard on…

  19. kb1908

    Kudos to SI putting a woman on the cover who is not starving and a black woman at that but, Beyonce is so wrong for the Cover of SI! I haven’t seen her pics yet, so I can’t say shouldn’t be in there. I am pretty sure they are good. But the cover! It doesn’t look like a cover of SI, maybe Rollingstone. Compare the cover w/ Tyra or Rebecca Romijn and it is not the same!

  20. crazyotto

    I’m still laughing at the name of her last CD.I mean come on,B’day?,isnt that some sort of toilet? LTMS

  21. ph7


  22. Pikachelsea

    Lame. And for those of you clinging to the “WELL AT LEAST SHE HAS CURVES” thing, I think you need to take a better look at the rest of the women appearing in Sports Illustrated. Just because you aren’t a WHOLE LOTTA WOMAN doesn’t mean you can’t have some decent curves.

  23. I agree with #17 – getting the cover is a BIG deal to models – and it’s just so pushy to put Beyonce on there.

    And frankly, I am sick of her.

    Anyone see the episode of Punk’d when she thought she knocked over a giant Christmas tree onto needy kids’ presents, and all she did was make sure she didn’t chip a nail. When the kids asked her who will get them presents, she said – I don’t know, I’m sure someone will.

    Self-obsessed and an ego-maniac.

  24. mmmBitch

    Over-exposed. Literally. I’m tired of her, and how amazing she thinks she is.

  25. NipsyHustle


    B’Day and Bidet (toilet) are two different sounds. You would sound like a hick pronouncing “Bidet” like “bee-day”.

  26. Michael1

    They’re still pooping out the Swimsuit issue?? Is this a like a retro “for fans of olde timey magazines” thing… just for the nostalgia factor like the Framer’s Almanac and teh reissue of Blackjack chewing gum?

    If they’re going to do retro, they should’ve put ANS’s corpse on the cover… “like you’ve never seen her!”

    I guess Beyonce is okay but I can’t help thinking of her as a supersized Shakira with less hip action.

  27. 2cute4ya

    I think some of you are blind,deaf,or dumb or maybe combo of all three! This is the only way I like to see Beyonce–with her MOUTH closed and ASS out! She can’t sing, has no personality and can’t act. She can take nice pictures and that’s it! Maybe she should consider modeling full time and leave the singing to talented people.

  28. Niecy

    Why does SPORTS Illustrated have a music issue?

    BTW, I am so sick of Beyonce. Just when I thought there was one place I could look without seeing her, they put her in Sports Illustrated. Whats next? Beyonce in Better Homes & Gardens?

  29. perez, you are SUCH a hater! if beyonce looks better and has a better attitude than all those talentless supermodels, then why not put her on there? straight guys usually like curves, and she does a great job of filling out that swimsuit!!!

  30. jc7676


    Maybe next year’s cover could feature your wife Camryn Manheim.

  31. vanya_k

    Who did Beyonce’s mom pay to get her on that cover cuz I wanna be on the cover of the SI Swimsuit issue too! It would look good on my resume: “Main SI bimbo for 2007″, yessirreee!

  32. kb1908

    It is like putting Scarlett Johanssen (sp?) on the cover. She is really pretty but damn, she should be on the cover SI?

  33. Hmm.. looking good she is.

  34. RichPort

    There goes another pair of pants…

  35. whitegold

    Agreed that the cover of the SI swimsuit issue is for the most bad ass model, and not right for Beyonce to be pushing her way on to the cover. We see enough of Beyonce in all the other magazines anyways, don’t need to see her in SI.

  36. heisthejuan

    Kind lighting, a strategic pose, and a shitload of photoshop is really what this cover is all about.

  37. chronic

    #36, totally agree about the strategic pose. In fact, it’s so obviously “strategic” as to overwhelm everything else about the shot. I can almost hear her inhaling to suck in her gut. Not saying she’s a big girl, just she shouldn’t look like she’s sucking in and covering up.

    And for all the people whinging about emaciated models, the SI models are the ones with the killer bods. Slim yes, but toned and with curves.

    Yeah, it’s a pointless debate, but still don’t mean that she has no place being on that cover. But if it shifts more copies, which remains to be seen, can’t blame ‘em I guess.

  38. LL

    I guess her management (ie, her parents) are determined to make everyone in America hate Beyonce. Mission accomplished. Beyonce is pretty and has a great bod. OK, we get it. Does that mean she has to monopolize every fucking event and magazine cover? How can we miss you, Beyonce, if you won’t go away?

    And while I’m at it, the way you dance makes you look like you’re having a seizure. No matter how much you shimmy, Jennifer Hudson still sings better.

  39. Michelle Double D

    how come there is no female athletes who look great enough for the cover of “SPORTS” illustrated ?


  41. justme

    I see Sports Illustrated decided to be politically correct this time.

  42. ponk

    #40 Wally, Wally, Wally. now you know that if that were true, you might possibly have gotten laid within the last 20 years.

  43. belle

    That’s an ugly bikini.

  44. misanthrope

    Beat that Jennifer Hudson! This is the extent of Bouncy’s talent, so there you go.

  45. worst post ever. read the top of the issue idiot. It says “THE MUSIC ISSUE”

  46. wedgeone

    Why is Beyonce on the cover you ask? Because there are no super hot models anymore. All of the models these days either have man-faces or the body of pre-pubescent boys. None of that looks very good in a bikini.
    Now if this is Beyonce’s face, SI did a shitload of airbrushing. Her eyes look less round, her nose has more bridge & slope, and her upper lip is missing. They painted up a black woman to look like a very tan Caucasian. See for yourself:,_Beyonce/gallery/BEYONCEMP002/
    SI should be charged with fraud on this one.

  47. jrzmommy

    So…Sports Illustrated was bought out by National Geographic?

  48. you all are some whack ass motherfuckers for that kind of talk.

    Beyonce is fine as hell.

  49. inlovewithjolie

    beyonce is GORGEOUSSSSS….wut is wrong with you ppl?…just cuz u dun llok like dat dont mean you gotta hate!

  50. HollyJ

    I love the way they pose fat superstars on their knees like this to minimalize the acreage from the camera’s perspective. ‘Girl’s got a huge fat bubble ass and giganticonormous thighs.

    This did this same trick perspective thing with fat-ass J Lo for the cover of “On The Six” and “This is Me”..

    That’s also sooooo not her hair. FAKE FAKE FAKE

    Good job covering up her DIRTY ELBOW with the sand. Quick thinking, Sports Illustrated.

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