Beyonce’s nipple makes Oscar appearance

February 24th, 2009 // 147 Comments

During a song and dance number at the Oscars, Beyonce’s nipple popped out while being dipped by Hugh Jackman which proves my theory that just looking at him causes women’s breasts to fly out. This is why I’ll be spending the rest of my day waving a picture of Wolverine at every hot chick I see. Adieu.

UPDATE: So, it’s been over an hour, and I can’t stop flashing my chest at the monitor. Somebody needs to shut my computer off – or bring me a sandwich. Either one.

Pic links to NSFW version, and if Jay-Z asks, you saw it on Perez Hilton.

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  1. Yeah

    It was bound to happen someday.

  2. okay25

    What is up with that pink lipstick she keeps trying to pull off? It does NOT look good.

  3. okay25

    What is up with that pink lipstick she keeps trying to pull off? It does NOT look good.

  4. Jrz

    This little……production number thing they did….was … fucking gay. I mean, it lisped…it’s wrists were limp….it giggled… did everything but take it up the ass right on prime time.

  5. okay25


  6. Where's Darkwing Duck?

    I can’t see it. I keep getting the pic with the star. Damn.

  7. Justin T

    There’s a nipple there?

  8. Massa'

    DAMN, she looks HOT in these pics. Too bad she wouldn’t have anything to do with a nobody like me.

  9. jcwbnimble

    I watched a few minutes, right up until Wolverine sat on Nixon’s lap. WTF!!!!

  10. Rukia

    Beyonce looks really pretty in these photos. I missed the Oscars on purpose because I was exhausted. It’s a good thing she has beautiful nipples. I have seen pictures of women with perfect shaped breasts and not so great nipples.

    Since I am a girl I wonder if guys really care about that stuff Do you?

  11. Fluffy Butt

    Wear something that fits ya, bitch!

  12. baboom

    The nipples may be the most important part. I’ve dumped girls over shitty nipples.

  13. Anonymous

    She is unattractive and talentless. Still can’t figure out why she’s famous.

  14. khirschysquirts

    Better that than falling down the stairs!

  15. Bob the Engineer

    Looks like the stage and stairs were reinforced. Good thinking.

  16. SheSaidHerNameWasMaybe

    He obviuosly could care less….he’s not even looking at it! That’s right you skanky bitch….you slipped a nip right under Hugh Jackman’s nose and he’s not even interested! I personally do not believe there is a hotter man on this planet.

  17. SheSaidHerNameWasMaybe

    …..and that scab’s got her fat-ass thunder thighs wrapped all around him! Life is NOT fair.

  18. Tim

    All his workouts sure came in handy. Billy Crystal would have been in traction after the show.

  19. Spenceer

    I think she is the most sexy celebrity, so there are so many men are talking about her at ____MillionaireLoving. C O M____ forum, they are interested in posting her naked photos and private news.

  20. Fati

    That’s not a nipple, it’s a fucking shade. And this cow has gotten faaaaat.

    Hew is gorgeous!

  21. Barry O

    When you scratch & sniff it, it smells like Popeye’s.

  22. cavy

    I’m so glad I skipped the Oscars this year….yawnfest!

  23. Jesse

    Obviously the Connecticut cops should have called Hugh when Travis got out of control.

  24. Guy

    As much as I like Hugh, it kind of looks like he’s wearing makeup.

  25. Druid

    Jesus and his followers ruined the world Bible Guy.
    I hate Behonce and Rhianna as they both suck. Be’ has fat legs. Yuck!

  26. JaniceGunit

    Nice! Her boobs look really great. But what is that piece of her costume hanging down between her legs. It looks like fire crotch.

    Whoever writes for the Superficial is so funny. Perez has more posts but this site is so much funnier.

    Also, Spenceer is a whore.

  27. steve

    She looks a little too excited to be with Jackman. I hope when she got home Jay-Z gave her a nice big Chris Brown welcome.

  28. Beth

    Actually I thought this was a great number, sort of a tribute to previous generations of talented entertainers by the current generation of empty celebrities.

  29. Lexoka

    I knew she’d end up doing something noteworthy, sooner or later!

  30. Slappy

    i’m glad the supports on those stairs held, she’s looking like quite the heiffer these days

  31. Irregardless, Sean Penn upstaged everybody by giving an honest and gutsy acceptance speech. Gotta admire a guy who doesn’t give a fuck what you think.

  32. Nicer nipple than I would have imagined and when did Jackman turn into an Oompa-Loompa.

  33. stuhlgang


    Perez, shouldn’t you be doodling on some photo, or knee-deep in a gallon of rocky road (or balls-deep in some dude) rather than posting on the ‘fish?

  34. Cootie


  35. McFeely Smackup

    that qualifies as a nipple slip? there’s more wishful thinking in that photo than nipple.

  36. Mark

    I wish they had the courage to do “Singing in the Rain” and have it turn into “Umbrella” and then he just beats the hell out of her. Now THAT would have been funny!

  37. bakinmycake

    Jackmans’ actual thoughts:

    “damn girl LAYOFF the fried chicken and you might be able to get rid of that elephant ass”

    “nice broccoli, brush much??…”

  38. pappy smeary

    first nipple slip i haven’t wanted to see

  39. Ike Turner

    #37 – or reenact the Singing in the Rain scene in A Clockwork Orange.

  40. Paul

    if you liked it then you shoulda put a ring in it

  41. 10pound

    Hugh Jackman: “Hey look…a milk dud”

  42. Tom K

    I don’t understand why Beyonce is always at every awards show! What does this whore have to do with the Oscars?!?! She can’t act, was not nominated, nor was any movie she was in nominated. It’s like she always have to be everywhere! Someone needs to get Travis the chimp aka Chris Brown after her!

  43. Sid

    So…this was a tribute to Joan Embery?

  44. It’s a shame people are talking about Beyonce’s nipples instead of her talent. Oh wait….

  45. everyone

    Dark nipples are disgusting. If they’re not pink, keep them covered.

  46. sixpack

    Can there be ANY awards show that does not showcase a performance by Beyonce? Are there no other sistahs able to perform or does it default to her automatically? Jesus Christ I am sick of this girl.

  47. Hugh Jackman

    “Ungawa! There’s a white man singing here! ”

  48. Keep the nipples up ! lolz..
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  49. Hugh Jackman is gayer than Christmas.

    If you’re not convinced, just watch the Barbara Walters piece where he gives that crone a lap dance. No straight dude would ever do that.

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