Beyonce knows how to lose weight

August 16th, 2006 // 190 Comments

To lose 20 pounds for her latest movie role, Beyonce reportedly used the “maple syrup” diet which consists of mixing maple syrup with water, lemon juice, and cayenne pepper and drinking it as a daily meal replacement. A dietician who works with the British group Weight Concern says:

“The problem is not what’s in the diet but what’s not. There are no fats, proteins, vitamins or minerals and the only carbohydrate is in the form of sugar… People would start to feel very lethargic and would be unable to concentrate… They will probably end up in hospital, especially people who try it for more than 10 days.”

Sounds pretty healthy to me. Although I’ve got my own version of the maple syrup diet. It goes a little something like this. You don’t get all the nutrients of Beyonce’s version, but boy does it go down smooth.


  1. jrzmommy

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  2. Wanna Pet My Beaver?

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  3. Wanna Pet My Beaver?

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  4. RichPort

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  5. Wanna Pet My Beaver?

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  6. andrewthezeppo

    This story is MONTHS old, she already lost and gained back the weight. She lost it for the movie Dream Girls because for whatever reason she had to be skinnier to play a singer…because clearly there is no way she could be a singer at her normal size, no way she could sell millions of albums and concert tickets looking the way she normally does.

  7. Ems is da Shizz

    when her solo album first came out I was kind of disgusted by the size of her thighs, but now she looks really good and healthy not at all like nicole richie. keep it up!

  8. Ems is da Shizz

    when her solo album first came out I was kind of disgusted by the size of her thighs, but now she looks really good and healthy not at all like nicole richie. keep it up!

  9. danielle

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  11. Ems is da Shizz

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  13. RichPort

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  18. Shakin

    The Master Cleanse (aka lemonade or maple syrup diet) has PLENTY of vitamins and minerals, and is one of the healthiest things someone can do for themselves. I did it for 10 days and felt great the entire time. I know people who have done it for 40 days and safely lost over 50 lbs. Good for Beyonce.

  19. danielle

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  32. jrzmommy

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  33. RichPort

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  34. danielle

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  35. RichPort

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  37. RichPort

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  38. that’s weird as hell, but i guess it works…

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