Beyonce, Jay-Z, and Kelly Rowland laugh at people in Cabo

January 5th, 2006 // 33 Comments

  1. cat

    Of course they are laughing their asses off. They are most likely drunk off their heads as I have been many times in Carlos n Charlies in Cabo. Trying to make something out of nothing here folks.

  2. Captain Awesome

    I can’t tell you if he’s ugly. But half of Jay-Z’s head is all lip. He could donate some to these old, rich housewives in LA who want bigger ones.

  3. OMG!

    Why are they never with that other girl from Destiny’s Child….Michelle??

  4. gordy

    Yeah…ummm…that’s not Beyonc

  5. blackblackheart

    1. That doesn’t look like Michelle.
    2. Beyonce is absolutely beautiful the way she is, dumbass.

  6. Why does Jay-Z look like he’s auditioning for a broadway musical adaptation of Miami Vice? If there is such a thing, I’d like to audition for the part of Stinking Corpse #6.

  7. WaitWhat?

    Not that it matters, but that’s not Beyonce. And Jay-Z is fugggly!

  8. patreesha

    definitely kelly, MICHELLE, and jay-z. michelle must have lightened up her hair, but look at her eyes and nose. that’s not beyonce.

  9. Seriously, you guys are idiots.

    That is beyonce, she has big hips not SHOULDERS!

    And Michelle can barely sing so she definetely can’t hang.

  10. molly

    it’s spelled ENtourage genius.

  11. BadGoat

    Dear Mr. Superficial, please proofread your work before it’s published.

    “Too” interesting
    “Their Entourage”

    That was painful. I’ll get over it soon.

  12. Yeah also it’s spelled leeches, but I think the point was that he was copy and pasting a mesage sent to him by a READER, hence the QUOTATION MARKS. Really, it makes the READERS look like retards who didn’t finish junior high. Yay fun!!!

  13. HollyJ

    Beyond is shaped like a Bosc. I just want to toss her in some simmering fluids and poach her like Le Cordon Bleu. Damn…now I’m hungry for a poached pear.

  14. bafongu

    Shit, bet Rick James woulda wake that party up!


  16. andrewthezeppo

    I don’t think its Michelle either, it is probably Solange, Beyonce’s ugly skinier little sister…ps Solange WTF?

  17. that is not michelle. that would only be michelle if she stop doing crack and drinking straight whiskey and gasoline while eating canary birds(that is the only way to explain the grating skin crawling tree killing sound that come out her mouth)became light and gain 30 pds. that is beyonce: though i cant uderstand why her down syndrome stand-in decided to fill in for her while she used the bathroom.

  18. caboboi

    Hi everybody firstly i would like to say im sorry for the typos, but i was in a hurry and my english is my second language!! Well anyways i just wanted MR. Superficial to post the third picture i sent him, which shows beyonce looking like a total tranny..and i know the readers would get a good laugh

  19. PapaHotNuts

    If you look at Jay-Z, he looks exactly like a slim version of Re-Run from What’s Happenin’. No shit. Put some rainbow suspenders on him and step back and watch the magic happen.

  20. Lynette Carrington

    You know why they’re all laughing so hard, don’t you? K-Fed is auditioning for Jay-Z.


    yeah he does look like Re-Run…i wonder if he does the Re-Run jump dance…

  22. PapaHotNuts

    Bootsy- you better believe he does the jump dance. He just does it on piles of hundred dollar bills and crushed diamonds. The brother may be ugly, but he’s rich too.

  23. MortyFishbein

    Blackblackheart (5), I agree with Gordy! Gordy your comment was funny!

    beyonce is beautiful, no doubt, but she’s got dumps like a truck, truck, truck. Period. It’s not an indictment of anything else. But she probably does wish she were as thin as Michelle which would explain why she wasn’t invited on this trip to Cabo.

  24. Jonboy in SF

    Yep, Jay-Z is ugly but in an attractive sort of way (who wouldn’t want to kiss those lips?). Regardless, I think Beyonce likes him that way so other women will leave him alone. He has issues with her shaped like a Bosc (hilarious HollyJ!) ’cause other men want to poach her.

  25. derekd

    Why do people take it personal when someone insults a celebrity? Unless its your family or friend quit acting so defensive! I’m sure if a mentioned celebrity was shown a picture of you(regardless of your looks) they would find something negative to say about it. Its human nature. So with all this said and done BEYONCE SMOKE SOME SLIM FAST AND JAY-Z’S LIPS READ:INFLATE TO NO MORE THAN 50LBS!!

  26. hermanita

    Yes that’s Beyonce. In case you haven’t noticed from this site, all celebrities can look hot as hell on the red carpet, but that doesn’t mean they’re hot as hell in real life. They’re all just normal people and Beyonce looks normal here so leave it alone. Too bad all that makeup and retouching can’t help Jay-Z tough.

  27. kam

    whats wrong with you people beyonce isn’t fat she’s normal and her look sells. and maybe some of you are fat so your trying to notice other people’s big sizes or maybe some of you are thin so you think your better than her well excuse me are any of you rich and famous uh no i don’t think so also Beyonce is the best singer , dance, and the prettiest in the whole group so what is she’s a little big she’s beautiful

  28. Tonya K

    what the fuck is kelly a thrid wheel or in this case a 5th wheel, wheres her football playn hubby .. . not in cabo….

  29. with a fat mug like that i’m surprised he’s laughing at anyone….

  30. tlove

    all of yall are tripping that is beyounce and jay z and kelly,,and why do they have to be talking about somebody why cant they just be enjoying a night out..what difference does it make what they do..they rich and they can do that..honestly do yall think they really care about what yall have to say..think about it

  31. you did not even bring me to the wedding

  32. ashley kendall

    beyonce is my girl i love her soooo much and im so happy for her and jay they really insper me so for all yall haters yall can kiss my ass beyonce ass and jay ass

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