Beyonce is awesome

September 14th, 2009 // 106 Comments

In a surprisingly classy move for an MTV production, Beyonce won Video of the Year at the VMAs, and instead of giving a speech, brought Taylor Swift on stage to make up for Kanye West’s hissy fit which, according to sources, left her crying backstage. So a sincere hats off to Beyonce. In the meantime, do you think you could remind your husband Jay-Z how cool it was when rappers used to shoot each other? Not that I’m trying to perpetuate stereotypes or suggest murdering the guy, but let’s say you sort of grazed him. In the mouth.

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  1. mari

    good job, Beyonce! Classy!

  2. Lochnessrockstar

    yay beyonce im glad she made up for what kanye did to taylor swift i dont even like taylor swift but kanye is just a douchebag

  3. pheebs

    what is wrong with him anyway…….?

  4. oh everyone calm down, this shit was entertaining, kanye was uncouth and very stupid, but it made for great tv!

    mtv some how managed to make a michael jackson tribute boring and if it wasnt for kanye’s outburst no one would be talking about the vma’s

  5. America

    No one cares, Bears vs Packers was on.

  6. uh, it was staged

    how that’s not obvious to everyone I have no idea

  7. Gaunt

    I couldn’t be bothered to watch that infantile bullshit, but Kanye is a total cunt either way.

  8. mandy

    i think its messed up how people think someone acting like an asshole and hurting someone is “great tv”. Stay classy Beyonce =]

  9. Sports. Really?

    @5, really? You come onto a gossip site dedicated exactly to this kind of crap and say no one gives a shit because of a football game. You, sir, are a fucking idiot.

  10. ThatGirl.

    Beyonce IS awesome.

  11. Gerald

    MTV got you dumbasses again with another trick.

  12. Why are people making a big deal about this? Who cares?

  13. ThatGirl.

    @9 True that! #5′s a douche.
    @6 Shut up. No one likes you.

  14. The Observer

    Liberals. Conservatives. Christians. Atheists. Scientologists. People that think leopard print is fashionable. So many different perspectives, so many different values, so many different mindsets in the world…and every fucking one of them wants to watch Kanye West die slowly and painfully.

    Also, who cares? Anyone who values their brain and sense of reason stopped watching MTV in like 1996, and football season started today.

  15. alli

    knayes right! hold up! beyonce was the better artist!~ i wouldaa dun tha same thing to taylor she just a hoe ! yall know poppin yo booty to single ladies was yoo thangg! that lil girl sang about some dork r sumthin. kanye im rite there wid you boo. :-* xo

  16. alli

    knayes right! hold up! beyonce was the better artist!~ i wouldaa dun tha same thing to taylor she just a hoe ! yall know poppin yo booty to single ladies was yoo thangg! that lil girl sang about some dork r sumthin. kanye im rite there wid you boo. :-* xo

  17. ThatGirl.

    I mean besides people why would you think it was staged? Kanye doesn’t need MTV’s help to let the world know he’s an @ss hole. I think we’ve all figured that out by now. His music IS the sh!t tho. But seriuosly Taylor clearly was hurt and Beyonce clearly was surprised. So not staged dummies.

  18. woopwoop

    Does anyone know what alli’s talking about? Come on man, shut the getto crap.


  19. SBC

    I want to see a video of this!! Where can I find one? Beyonce’s awesome :)

  20. Radmacdrunkpants

    Beyonce = Class

    Kanye = Ass

  21. datroof

    beyonce and amber rose need to team up and go into lesbian porn

  22. rupert

    dat ass

  23. JEFF

    Damn she got a big ol’ butt…

  24. Sarah

    Beyonce needs to shave her legs. Yuck.

  25. M

    Agreed with #5

  26. anonymous

    I think Kanye pissed off God when he did the Rolling Stone’s shoot and dressed up like Jesus. And that’s why he is surrounded by all these bad vibes, like a dead mom; vanity.

  27. tom

    more like graze the middle of his brain…

  28. Balls McCoy

    No, it’s not classy, it’s a way to capitalize on a situation and clearing your name. It’s just good publicity. I actually think P!nk was more classy and genuine to call West and asshole to his face. MTV loved what happened tonight, otherwise they wouldn’t have been post-gaming it with that mush-mouth fake rasta “news man”.

  29. hallibri

    I’m not a huge fan of Beyonce, and to be honest, I have no idea who Taylor Swift is, but that was one seriously classy thing to do.

  30. Beyonce IS awesome, like seeing here as much as she is a bitch….

  31. tahnee

    good job beyonce, kanye is a retard. taylor swift didn’t deserve to be treated like that in front of so many people.

  32. Dawn Garibay

    I have been watching MTV for 20 years, and i realize that your going to get some crazy unexpected moments, but after everything that has been going on the past few years and for some reason this year “2009: (9) being the number of all endings and New Beginnings and losing some very, very, very special people. 6-25-09 will always be remembered! So whether your a musician or a famous icon or a just who you are. RESPECT IS KEY. people have feelings and emotions and we all deserve a standing ovation. So Kanye in my best way to communicate to you- “shame on you” you must have a damaged soul and you wanted everyone to know. Good luck in the music world. Its not money that makes the world go round. MUSIC UNITES!! ……………It’s never too late to have a happy childhood. But the second one is up to you and no one else.
    “Thank you to all the class acts” because there is always going to be classmates…………………

  33. Tad Bit Tipsy

    If Taylor had any game at all, she would have kicked him in the nuts then pushed him off stage and kept right on going with her speech like nothing happened. That’s what Beyonce would have done…. if it happened to her. Of course….No one would dare step up to Jay-Z’s woman. He’d pimp slap them into the 70′s….

  34. Tad Bit Tipsy

    Oh and by the way, Kanye you a true bitch….

  35. Tad Bit Tipsy

    Oh and by the way, Kanye you a true bitch…. teabag ya

  36. kanyeisadogfucker

    what’s lame is that kanye is going win more than he loses, ie his fans will love how bad ass he is. I hope the rest of us know what a dirt bag racist this piece of shit is.

  37. Danklin24

    I have a hard time believing this was all staged. Even MTV wouldn’t do that to a 19 year old girl who just won her first vma, would they?

    Either way Kanye is still a douche and needs some plastic surgery if ya know what I’m sayin’.

  38. ellie

    I have a newfound respect for Beyonce. She’s so classy and amazing. I still hate her music, but what she did was AWEEESOMEE

  39. Nah

    Beyonce was just doing DAMAGE control..trying to distance herself from Kanye.

    She knows how to save face.

    No doubt Hova will have a talk with him too.

    What an A-Hole!

  40. ROUGH daddy

    —2 different body type…both hot—-

    Couldn”t Taylor dispense a swift kick to the groin of Kunt-ye, she need to shed that good girl image.

  41. Hamza

    beyonce saved the day. taylor might not take a black cock in her life- but thankfully, she may put a black vag in her face.hahaha

  42. Beyonce's Hairy Legs

    simply repulsive. put some clothes on. i have no respect for someone that has to parade around showing off their goods and then are not clean enough to shave their nasty ass legs. gross animal.
    someone should fucking beat the snot out of that little fucking Kayne.

  43. Cindy

    Whatever Beyonce’s reason for bringing Taylor on stage, it was a classy thing to do.

  44. Brooke

    Why the fuck is PEREZ HILTON there?! Goddamn, they’ll let anyone in there.

    I have always thought Beyonce was a class act. I don’t like her music, but she seems to be a much better role model than, say, Lady Gaga…. who looked like she woke up in a bird’s nest, sheesh.

  45. Peter Pumpkin Eater

    Fucking racist Kanye West. He throws a fucking hissy fit every time a black person doesn’t win something. He should get shot, the fucking cocksmoker…

  46. like beyonce

    Good job Bey Once. Classy move from a hot woman. kanye is a douche. unfortunately nobody will tell him that he is a douche. hopefully beyonce will continue to feel bad for taylor swift and have a little conversation with Jay Z. and ask him to have some of his boys have a little “talk” with kayne.

  47. Bob

    I don’t know if what Beyonce did was nice after all.
    I’m sure she had the best intentions, but bringing TW up on stage and commenting on Kanye’s dickness may have just reminded TW of the humiliation.

  48. That was very nice of Beyonce, yes. I’m not a fan of her music, nor of Taylor’s, but they are nice ladies.


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