Beyonce in a bikini

May 13th, 2009 // 44 Comments

Here’s Beyonce vacationing in Monaco while wearing a bikini under an insanely tall man’s shirt. Whoever that guy is, I’m going to kick his ass for impeding my Beyonce viewing. Just as soon as I’m done fitting these stilts with knives. Then, ho ho, it’s on like Rambo dong. (Roll with it.)

Photos: Splash News

  1. cuntageous

    Damn, she’s fine!

  2. Me

    Shut this bitch up, too.

  3. Deacon Jones

    Did the chic in Pic 11 just qweaf (sic) or something?

  4. Jeremy

    When you title a post “… in a bikini,” I usually assume we can actually see most of the bikini… not a large shirt/thin robe.

  5. Ram Punchington

    What’s a Beyonce?

    Punchington Out.

  6. Bonquiqui

    Girl, that woman in pic 11 did just queaf! But you gotta love her hat.

  7. Crabby Old Guy

    Wow, those “bikini” shots struck me the same way that she does: Zip, nada, zero, no talent, nothing, Muzak to my ears (sorry, John).

    Other than all that, well, nope – nothing. Paris Hilton the other day, now this, why not try to get some pix of a block of wood in a bikini – it actually would be an upgrade ’cause you can do something with it.

  8. Come-Honor-Face

    need a Butt-shot or this post is just a figment of my imagination

  9. For once, I’m glad the chick is covered up. Check out those gorilla legs (no offense to gorillas, and no, gorilla is not a euphemism for any ethnicity).

  10. Anonymous

    Bouncey is a talentless screecher. All she can do is shake her wig around.

  11. Galtacticus

    Oh! There’s my favorite shirt! It’s a bit stretched now,isn’t it?

  12. effyeray

    Deeeee-muthafuckin-sgusting! What I wanna know is why Rhinna? I mean, if any talentless tranny looking lip-syncher needs her fug face punched off it is this song stealing beast. Get with it & beat this bitches ass JayZ.

  13. Boogeyman King Dong

    I’m surprised she doesn’t start to pee when her feet get wet?

  14. Dr. Feelemupp

    Even that big-ass tent can’t hide Ms. Knowles’ messed up titties.

  15. alfalfa

    Hide that cellulite

  16. nomnomnomonofndohw 98345hf1edjJERK

  17. dirk

    OOGA BOOGA JiggaTwat?

  18. Dont get me wrong shes an attractive woman, but for some reason im not getting the Beyonce hype…

  19. Hannibal

    Please, don’t post any more niggaz in bikini. Pretty please?

  20. Don't need to know

    This woman or let me say gorilla is not attractive at all!!!! She’s covering up ’cause she has nothing good to show off!!!!!!! Disgusting Biacth!! I’m sick of her !!

  21. Bo

    Iif I had such fat legs and a fat ass like hers id cover up 2.

  22. The One Who Knows

    What the fuck do you think I got X-Ray eyes. Get your shit together or get some glasses. Not even close you dipshit………….


  24. Ali

    Um, whatever. Beyonce is hot as hell! That girl shakes it, sings beautifully and she keeps herself looking very, very fine. And you all should be careful. You’re talking shit about Jay-Z’s lady. That could get scary.


    I have a huge crush on Jay-Z, but I also have a raging lesbiana infatuation for Beyonce. Until a few days ago, I didn’t know who I loved more. When I was thinking about it, I decided it was right to chose Beyonce; out of respect to her, and Jay-Z, and what they share. Right? I have major hots for Jay-Z, though. Mmm, he is such a good rapper too. The nice thing is that had I not started listening to his music, I would have never found him attractive. And furthermore, there is no harm in simply listening.. maybe dancing.

    *I can’t do Beyonce balads.. I did like “Dangerously In Love” when I was thirteen though.

  25. for more black beauty

    click my name

  26. Halia

    I have seen that bikini top at World Swimwear, or at least from what I can see of it. Could she have not found a better cover up. My great grandmother would not wear that thing.

  27. She's a Fat Slob

    Not sure what the fuss is over this pig. Her singing us not nice and she is fat.

  28. Bikini? My grandma wears this size

  29. FACE

    Comment no 7 is hilarious and dead on. That body is not going to be nice in a couiple years – it is border line pork now.

  30. TUBBO

    Somewhere there’s a trainer that can get this fat bitch in shape. Until then I guess she’ll have to continue wearing pajamas to the beach.

  31. Bumbumbum

    She is pregnant

  32. emma

    She is so sexy, and I saw her profile on
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  33. Jim Lahey

    Hey # 32, stop posting your annoying spam! People don’t go to that link. Its a scam!

    As for Beyonce, I’d skull fuck her.

  34. gotmilk?

    i wonder if that horsehair smells when it gets wet?

    and it’s a good thing that shirt is so fuckin huge. no one wants to see her flabby thighs.

  35. gotmilk?

    24, you’re kidding, right? we suppose to be scared of some wannabe thug & his untalented cow of a wife?

  36. effyeray

    So #24 Ali, (disregarding most of your retarded ass post) you think that fucking manatee “sings beautifully” ? BwaaaaaaaaahahahahahahAAAAAhahahahaha. Thanks dipshit, I needed a good laugh today.

  37. blahblah

    It’s known that Beyonce only works out when she needs it like before a show. So the rest of the time, she’s out of shape.

    I don’t think she looks too bad. I don’t care about her singing, but she seems nice.

  38. Akon

    Who wears a weave when swimming?

  39. Akon

    Who wears a weave when swimming?

  40. Akon

    Who wears a weave when swimming?

  41. not even the sexy pornstars r thin...only the hollywood dipshits

    im chunky…dint kno that havin a flat stomach on thick thighs wer fat these days but i guess wen white ppl c orange skeletons they think its hot…wat a fuckd up world we r in now LMAO. wats even funnier iv seen ppl in africa starvin fatter than these skinny flat ass, wrinkled bull dog lukin whores in la la land. beyonce…u r 1 sexy biatch!

  42. I like the post, and I agree somewhat with, To be very truthful.

  43. Zoé

    God, you guys are PATHETIC.

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