Beyonce in a bikini

October 3rd, 2008 // 141 Comments

In an unexpected Friday surprise, I got a hold of some Beyonce Knowles bikini pics. I gotta admit though, they’re a tad anticlimactic considering she usually errs on the side of smokin’ hot. It’s like unwrapping a Wii on Christmas morning, but inside the box is not Beyonce’s butt. Curse you, Claus!

Photos: Splash News

  1. sixpack

    no ass shot = why bother.
    And F the next one who writes FRIST!

  2. First Time

    not hot!

  3. bp

    Shes fucking hot.

  4. Mary

    Are all those body guards really necessary?

  5. Alice

    That’s the most colorful wrapping I’ve ever seen for sausages.

  6. Great! her best asset she got half a mumu over it…but im not feeling it though…

  7. Cindy

    Unlike Sarah Palin at her beauty contest, Beyonce had the good sense to cover up her big fat ass.

  8. ali

    ehh. she’s no halle.

  9. Cool Kat

    WHAT??? She must be in a bad part of town….if she needs that many Secret Service peeps to protect her!!! Geez…why wouldnt she go somewhere more private

  10. Randal

    It’s been awhile since we’ve laid eyes on you Beyonce, the very one that put Destiny’s Child, by far the best female R&B girl group of all time. You still look as feminine as the first day you arrived on the scene, strutting your stuff in those high heels, your horse thighs shaking and your hair full of bounce.

    Hope you and Jay-Z are still doing your thing. These are for you, beautiful. xoxo


  11. Lisa

    She looks hot but why the hip scarf?

  12. John McCain

    She looks sturdy, good for both working in the field and child bearing. But I’d have to look at her teeth before we discuss price.

    Ah, well, it’s 2008, isn’t it? I suppose that’s enough reminiscing about the good old days in small town America.

  13. Kathleen

    What’s with the entourage?
    I’m sure that isn’t necessary, hahah.

    The hip scarf is to cover up her newly developed cellulite.

  14. Tarboush

    bitch got FAT! Stop eating all them ribs!

  15. Nagada

    It’s nice, for once, to not see tits on a platter or ass on display. I think she looks great. Elegant, feminine. A real lady.

  16. Sarah Palin

    I’ll tawk straight to ya – I just dowt like those colored people. It’s nawt how Gawd made us, dontcha know. You should hear Jawhn McCain tawk about them *wink*!!!

    Hey looky there – it’s Russiah!

  17. Lukus

    She definitely should not leave home without the weave and makeup. Ewwwww!

  18. pete

    #16 – is Putin rearing his head and coming into the airspace of the United States of America, to drop a nook-you-ler bahmb on us? Or is he making one of them thar Eye-rackies do it?

  19. Muhammed

    If they’re going to dress it up, they might as well give it an organ to grind. People would give it money!

  20. Republican

    I just…it’s just…I don’t want to sound…I just think…how can I put this?

    I wish I lived in a country with no Negroes.

  21. lloyd johnson

    She’s attractive in that dumb, hot, texan sorta way. Just like Jessica Simpson!

    Now I’m waiting for the inevitable trolls/SueMe battle…

  22. Her face without make up looks like Freddy Krueger. And why the ass scarf, you ask? It obvious by the massive shape underneath the scarf, and those beef thighs growing from underneath it, that she has hips fatter than a sumo wrestler. And enough cellulite to cause an earthquake.

  23. i just hell how can i construct this properly, um well dido biatch

    @ 21 funny i was just thinking when are all the white people going to die by the hands of those they abused and raped and oppressed since they left the caves…. lol funny it would be every race tag teaming that ass…. maybe a few white woman will jump ship since they already seem to be doing so…. sorry tiny dick. PS im not really racist but white people who say that kinda of shit should hang by their entrails. very brave pinky over the internet very bold indeed but will the white man say that i south central? thats a negative. so stop talking out your busted anus, and being a cyber gangster/ neo nazi. you want to fuck black women but cant, evidence? 99.9% of african americans have anglo saxon in their bloodline and thats a fact to somebody’s was doubling up on the lynching and fucking our great great grandmothers not bad for “jungle monkeys” if you couldnt stop raping us, lol and dont get me started on 2008 you want to be us, fuck us but still closet case hate us lol irony. just some fat to chew, just some major fat to chew my little dick friend.

  24. ummm...yeah

    I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    That bitch is fat!

  25. Spenser

    #23 – Ummm you got it all wrong. It’s Jungle Bunny and Porch Monkey. You can’t combine the two. They each stand alone.

  26. lloyd johnson

    #23 I’m black, and you are crazy.

  27. john

    #26 I’m black and endorse #23′s post.

    Hilary/Palin 2008!

  28. Aja

    No boobs, giant hips, bad weave.

  29. fag

    smokin hot? what the fuck are you smoking. bitch looks beat.

  30. Yank and Wank - they rhyme for a reason

    @23 it was not always rape plenty of documented cases of white SIR keeping a black family on the side. Beyonce clearly has a very high percentage of European genetic material such light skin and European features, I hardly would call her black, but in America you mostly go for the “one drop” rubbish it seems.

  31. halle berry

    16- your comment if by far the worst thing i’ve ever seen. nice try. with a rock like that on her finger, she could give a fuck about her hips much less a sarong.

  32. not that innocent

    Is there a contract on her life? She has more protection than the President

  33. racepimps suck ass

    It’s funny when the losers try to play the race card

  34. SilkyC

    You know…I’ve been REALLY happy not seeing beyonce in the lime light.
    For a while there she was EVERYWHERE and all i wanted to do was shoot myself in the head…nah – i think i’d shoot her instead
    my goodness…and now shes back…and not looking all that great
    and i agree with those who said it – are all of those bodyguards REALLY needed…i think some people have forgotten you.

  35. batshit liberal retards

    Now not only can you not make fun of Saint Obama, but you cannot make fun of any black person without being called a racist even if the joke doesn’t involve their race. The cocksucking liberal whores are insane

  36. HoodFellaz

    #32 theres a contract on her panties, that’s why she got 5 bodyguards

    Jay-Z is trippin’.

  37. the troof

    She’s a worthless, talentless hack with the smarts of a fruit fly


  39. Brandi

    Most overrated cunt ever.

  40. We feel so bad for the crybaby

    “Now not only can you not make fun of Saint Obama, but you cannot make fun of any black person without being called a racist even if the joke doesn’t involve their race. The cocksucking liberal whores are insane”

    Oh wa wa waaaaaaaaa! Mommy, hold me! Hold me mommy! HOLD. ME. MOMMY.!!!

    grow a pair and stop whining you fuckin pussy.

  41. Well about time you put some color in your news Superficial. Some of us need would like to see that more often.

  42. amdurham18

    I bet she’s preggers… Jay-Z tears that up every night and you know he’s not wrapping the sausage.

  43. 23 = troll bait

  44. TJ

    It’s a shame that such a cute girl is getting poled by a thug n-word who could be the ugliest dude she coulda picked. Hell, she coulda had me!

  45. Ted from LA

    Classic post.

    She’s cute. End of thread. Oh, fuck… it’s the weekend and Fish can’t post 3 pictures with unfunny drivel because he needs his time off. Therefore, not only is it not the end of the thread, it’s just the beginning. With all the secret service, perhaps she is next on McCain’s VP list when the cheerleader/beauty contestant gives it up. Darn it.

  46. chris

    what happened to the original superficial writer … who was actually funny????

  47. Barack Obama

    Dass raht mah strong black brutha #23. If’n weeze kud o-ganize we kud kill Whitey! Wiff our unstoppable army of bruthas and white hos!

    An’ you KNOWS we can o-ganize! Wen weeze 2gedda we be smawt as a muhfuh. Why lookit how Affika be leadin’ da way wif alla dey Space Programs. Oh wait.

    Hey, duz we even have a airplane in Affika?

    Whut duz we makes in Affika? Oh dass raht, nuffin’. Weeze jus’ dig things outta da groun’ fo Whitey. Weeze can dig FO SHO! An’ we got BIG DICKS TOO. DASS da way to size up a man in da twenny-fuhst centry, by da size uh hiz DICK! Dat shows dat WE SMAWT as a MUHFUH.

    Whut is da main expoht of most Affikan countries? Malaria? Ah b’lieve da main expoht of Sierra Leone is hands, since dey got all doze bruthas hands in bags over there.

    Honk if you have hands! Or a car!

  48. Don Imus

    Dat look like wun nappy headed ho

  49. Michelle Obama

    Ted, I was thinking the exact same thing. Does that woman really think she can stand in the way of history oo oo oo AHHHHHH AHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHHH!!!

  50. did it occur to ye?

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