Beyonce still has nipples

April 27th, 2010 // 131 Comments

Here’s Beyonce in Hawaii over the weekend where she accidentally let the paparazzi snap a shot of the ultra-rare Beyonce nip. No, really, the last person who saw it was Hugh Jackman at last year’s Oscars, and no one’s seen him since. Not counting all those movies, paparazzi photos, magazine covers and dreams where him and I have to explain the plot of Wolverine to Britney Spears. “If he got them claws on his hands, why y’all ain’t be using them to cut pizza? That’s confusing.”

NOTE: Full Size versions are NSFW.

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  1. Anexio

    Thats just gross!

    Over this hill much?


  2. Jay-z


  3. Anexio

    Oops, sorry….


  4. That’s not even nipple. It’s areola.

  5. blt

    Lovely. She’s not over the hill just because she doesn’t go to the beach in full makeup and heels and pose for the paps. She’s going to chill and have a good time–little to no makeup on that face and she looks sweet as can be. LOVE

  6. PooPooCachoo

    Holy crap. She doesn’t look anything like her videos. Talk about editing!

  7. oh i know

    B is so pretty, why is she wearing my mom’s bathing suit??

  8. Loves Jay-Z's sloppy seconds

    I would spread my manbutter all over those chocolate mounds

  9. xylus

    She’s big… and on the beach…. the pic just needs Charleton Heston pounding his fists into the sand and screaming “You maniacs, you blew it up!”

  10. hateyoufornoreason


  11. black is whack

    she looks like my black woman/cleaning person. It better not be her, because I need my shirts ironed for the symphony, and she is lying around in the Caribbean!

  12. I hate fat broads

    GOD what a fat pig! This nasty fucking bitch is a zillionaire and is too lazy to excercise? At least back in the slave days we kept those heffers in shape. Big Jemima be needin’ some shake off on dat Boody! *blech*

  13. neorules2112

    I Hate Milk Duds … Yuck

  14. Al

    Lame. Not even a nip.

  15. Deacon Jones

    Amazing what a team of stylists can do with an average looking black chick (excluding facial features)

    They deserve every penny they get paid and then some.

  16. Rachel

    You can definitely see nip.
    But, who cares.

  17. Taz

    her singing sucks

  18. JD

    Christ, Fish. If you’re going to make me click eleven times to see the pic without the fucking star, the least you could do is tell me the truth about what’s behind it.

  19. Anonymous

    Who really gives a rat’s ass about Bouncey?

  20. Marfar

    Um, I guess so.

    Nice trolling, “Beyonce is fat” people.

  21. nopride

    Meh. I’d hit it.

    Like a 757.


  22. marme

    I agree with #6′ comment…..well said

  23. mike

    didn’t i hear somewhere she was pregnant?

  24. NoOneSpecial

    I’m so tired of this no talent, illuminati lovin’ piece of sh!t!!

  25. OTP

    Doesn’t even look like her. Also, I’m pretty sure you can see more of her tits in any music video. A tiny glimpse of 5% of the side of her areola hardly counts as a nipple.

  26. Skinn

    That is not a nipple you fucking moron. Have you ever seen a whole tit before? Ask your mom, I’m sure she’d even let you suck on dropping, gnarled, grizzled milk sack that ends somewhere south of her dried up old snatch. What a fuckin’ joke. Maybe if you put a little paper star over your groin and ran around outside, somebody might actually think there’s a wee tiny penis behind it if you told them so.

  27. Ben White

    All you losers putting her down would do her in a second if you ever had the chance. But keep jerkin off to internet porn ’cause that’s the closest you can get to a real woman.

  28. lalala

    i loveee beyonce. that’s not even a full nip slip and btw, she didnt do it on purpose. How come no one talks about the creepy paps taking pics and stalking her. She’s so pretty without any make up on too!

    the only bad thing about that pic is her fugly bathing suit. WHAT WAS SHE THINKING?

  29. Tek

    Wow, it only took her whole damn tit popping out to make a post of her, huh? Either way this is a welcome change from all the frail, plastic broads that usually flood this blog.

  30. dUdE

    On the evolutionary ladder, Beyonce isn’t even above the primates. Why not just post pics of Coco the ape in a bikini. All da bruthas must be chest thumpin’, branch shakin’, and whoopin’ like baboons in heat with this post. Word to yo mutha, ah-ight!

  31. Opine to Ben

    Yo Mr. Ben White…I would rather jerk off to porn involving attractive white women who are not fat than fuck this tubby pig. Sorry it’s an aquired taste.
    B is thunder thighed and wierd looking.

  32. antibeyonce

    she should be wearing her luminous illuminati attire. go away ugly turd.

  33. stefugee

    man fuck all the racist douchecunts. she’s a no-talent, formulaic product of the mainstream “music” industry for sure, but what’s with the slave and maid comments? go do your own fucking laundry you ignant classless pederasts.

  34. Smokin Joe

    Good to know it takes 0 intelligence to post comments on this site.

  35. Jon

    I’d take this unmakeup’d/untouched up Beyonce over Britney, or any of those other skanks like Lohan or Jersey Shore. I’ve never even watched this show but it’s not even arguable, they are worthless human beings. They aren’t even worthy of being alive let alone on a TV show.

    Thank you to Superficial for finally posting something of note. An actual celebrity woooooooooo. An actual non deliberate slip. Ooooooooooo. It’s like winning the lottery these days.

    34. illuminati ? LOL you dumb fuck. My giant snake monster is going to kill you now. Quick go hide under the bed before it eats your asshole off. My snake monster hates religious dumb fucks.

  36. HackSaw

    I’d knock the bottom out it.

  37. gIRL

    tinny tits! Why do people say shes curvy!? Shes fat with no boobs!!! P.S. having big thunder thighs doesnt make you curve!

  38. Goddess

    She is rich and beautiful and maybe fat for Hollywood standards and I guess that she doesn’t care about these comments.

    IN my opinion she is georgeous

  39. Glenda


  40. Yuck, Nasty

    She even looks worse than K Kardashi. This whore maybe should see the same PhotoShop.

  41. She’s really pretty…

    Kelly Rowland is still the prettiest, I think. And I think that Beyonce is way Hotr than jigga. nevertheless, they are hip hops royalty!

  42. Blitz

    That doesn’t look like beyonce! Maybe it is but I’m just saying it doesn’t look like her

  43. Sid

    WOW…you people are fucking racist!!! White people make me fucking sick…I hate you all numbers…9, 11, 12, 16 and all you other racist GO TO HELL !!!! I HOPE YOU ALL DIE>>>>I HOPE YOUR FAMILIES DIE!!!! YOU ARE ALL SCUM OF THE FUCKING EARTH!!!! DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE!!!!!

  44. Sport

    Sid, you need to take a long look at your worthless self.

    “WOW…you people are fucking racist!!! White people make me fucking sick”

    Your second sentence proves you are the very person you are bitching about in the first sentence. Stay in school bud.

  45. It seems that B requires a cover worthy, natural clothing come from the darker shade of skin that perf for her. Or at least get a soundtrack of Fashion. I'm surprised that her stylist did not have his or bands Nippes Stylin 'on such a high level of performance!

  46. It seems that B requires a cover worthy, natural clothing come from the darker shade of skin that perfect for her. Or at least get a some Fashion. i am surprised that her stylist did not have his or brands Stylin on such a high level of performance!

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