Beyonce has a spacious backyard

November 20th, 2007 // 99 Comments

Beyonce Knowles attended the American Music Awards over the weekend and received the award for International Star of the Year. I think Beyonce and Kim Kardashian should combine forces and, after the ensuing earthquake, become a crime fighting duo. They’d be like Batman and Robin, except they wouldn’t be able to ride in the same vehicle together. Unless they make aircraft carriers that work on the highway. In which case I totally want one. No, make that two. I drink a lot, so I’d like to apologize in advance to the entire housing development I’ll eventually plow into. I guarantee you that I’ll have no clue how I launched a stealth bomber into your living room, but I’m sure it’ll be wicked awesome. You know, if you ignore all the death.

Photos: Getty Images

  1. huge ass and boobs! real huge! but she’s not pretty looking in those pics.

  2. DHS

    Shallow Val:

    Show a source for the nazi-balloon ….

    Beyonce looks fine in these photos. Might be a bad angle.

  3. Adolf Hitler??? WTC!!!!!!

    Oh, and apparently this is the ass model Kim K picked out of the surgeon’s catalog. HOW ORIGINAL………

  4. Whitey

    Huge ass but beautiful but damn is that a wig?? Whitey didn’t realise it was a wig!
    Is it a wig???? What the fuck would she look like without a wig? Why do black women never have their own hair?

  5. SSS

    Shallow Val, what you’re talking about hasn’t hit the net yet, at least under the keywords:
    Adolf Hitler Tom Cruise parade

    I think Beyonce looks stunning and shapely. But if she did add one a single ounce, she’d be jiggling cottage cheese. If I had her body, I’d try to lose a few pounds, because I’d be nervous about that extra ounce threatening me 24/7.

  6. Justin

    Her profile and some of her nice photos were found on an animal-fucking site named . I was curious why she was there . Is she an animal fucker? Anyone can advise ?

  7. Toby Weymiller

    Kim is delicious. Beyonce is fat.

  8. veggi

    She should change her name to Alotta Feces.

  9. betenoir

    No… I’m 13 and then some… in fact a whole lot of SOME.

    B has a nice bod, a great butt, and an attractive face. But her mother’s clothing designs are just downright tacky and poorly made.

    I’m also tired of all that fake hair.

    And yes… this is how a woman’s body should look. Not like the Crypt Keeper Skeleton. Ewwwww!

  10. TS

    I am not sure if thes a fatass or just has a fat ass. Does it even matter?

  11. Lys

    Bête noire??

  12. cousinfred

    Some people’s fame goes to their head- in others it settles lower.

  13. A

    B is the sexiest black women on the planet, she has it all beautiful face, nice chest, and big round ass. What more can you people want, how can a skinny toothipick sized women compare to all this

  14. want meds

    Well, if we created a Beyonce balloon, she could easily squash Hitler with her huge assets.

  15. Cheri

    That’s my kind of woman! Any one that has something bad to say about her is just jealous. She’s a million times prettier than girls with fake tits and no ass. And her smile is gorgeous.

  16. JC

    i’m so glad i’m not alone in thinking beyonce is a fat cow who needs to disappear. for the love of all that’s good, i just can’t see why people think it’s okay to have an ass that causes other people discomfort on an escalator. although, in her defense, she probably has all escalators cleared before she goes up them. or is landed via helicopter landing pad to most shopping destinations. so the point is moo anyway i guess, huh…

  17. JC

    and also, i love the comparisons people make in defense of beyonce, calling all other, less glutally endowed women, “skinny skanks”, or “toothpicks”, or what have you. in retort:

    Jessica Alba
    Megan Fox
    Giselle Bundchen (although, not fair, she was a vickie’s model)

    just to name a few. Shapely, curvy women, who put Beyonce’s body to shame. If you’re that rich, you can afford a stairmaster, or a holographic suit to disguise your grossly disproportioned rear end.

  18. Buck

    She’s fat. Her ass is HUGE. Sure her face is pretty, and she used to be “curvy”, but it’s gone beyond that. She is out of proportion, and let’s face it, she’s overweight. I really don’t see how an ass that tremendous can be attractive.

  19. sunshine

    Don’t be hatin’ on Beyonce. She is a class act, never mind gorgeous. She is talented and loves her mom! What is not to like about this woman? OK, her boyfriend is ugly.

  20. Anal Phlegm Munch

    I would rather set myself on fire than touch that beast.

  21. She’s so hot. Just look at her…

  22. Riotboy

    She looks good.

    /i’d hit that ass for hours

  23. Mr Semprini

    mmmmm …beefy!

  24. shosho

    fuck all of u!!!!!

    she’s HOT! deep deep inside u all agree

  25. me

    #36….I admire “bubble butts” …it doesn’t matter if a woman has a huge rack or not or doesn’t have a pretty face. I’ve seen many homely looking women that … who do not have a huge chests or the greatest looking faces get a lot of men ….because they have nice figures in general(some of them have nice bubble butts). It’s all about preferences. Some men are butt men…some are boob men..leg men…whatever. I can definitely appreciate a woman who has an ok looking body but a great face. “To each his own.”

    By the way…Beyonce does not have a huge rack ….neither does J lo.

  26. woodhorse

    This brings to mind the time that Garrett Morris said he wanted (in a woman) “something he could hold onto and hit with a car antennae” – I guess this is pretty much his wish list.

  27. eastcoastgirl

    What a disgusting fat ass. gross.

  28. Clem

    Could she want to be any more white?

  29. jo

    Why would anyone stand like that?
    Especially with such a big ass.
    The ass is big enough, no need to stick it out and cover it in gold.

    she is not hot at all, i can handle big asses, but she is nasty.

  30. Holly Cow!

    That thing blocks the sun out! Think of the farmers darling!

  31. blizzy

    Jay-Z and Beyonce will end up being the next Sonny and Cher, watch.

    And we all know how that ended up…so Jay-z will be mayor of detroit, and Beyonce will do a couple of good movies, make an awkward run at a comeback, and they’ll both slowly fade into oblivion.


  32. jack222

    Beyonce is very hot. I have seen her profile and ablums posted on the hot girls club Her pics posted there are very hot and attractive. I remembered she also posted her personal blog on that site.

  33. Roflcer of the Lawl

    5 years from now she will be a massively disgusting fatbody.

  34. beyoncesucks

    Beyonce is an ugly whitewannabe fat cow with who cant speak proper english and cant talk without a sista-head-shaking thing. She’s just a ghetto hoodrat who probably has a rotten-smelling coochie. What’s the big deal with her??? that her mom is half white? I dont get it she’s so f**ing ugly and fat and her nose consumes half the world’s oxygen and her ass consumes half the worlds atmosphere – please Superficial keep her off this website!!!!

  35. LIZ

    She wears butt pads…to create illusion that she has a big ass…She is pretty though

  36. linda

    wow….How sexy she is! i just heard someone said on Yahoo group that she is a member of an online site sugarmommymeet.. you know the site is a rich women seeking fun site. Sugar mommy and sugar baby… if it is true!

  37. I like her songs very much, and She is so hot

  38. A

    Jessica Alba
    Megan Fox
    Giselle Bundchen (although, not fair, she was a vickie’s model)

    Alba used to be curvy now she has nothing, Fox is skinny straight up and down no ass, Giselle is a model so she can’t possibly have and hips and ass. B is a black women thats what black women look like.

  39. Bland Ambition

    Beyonce IS fit and she looks fabulous.

    Oh, wait, you’re right. She’s a hideous beast and THAT’S why people LOVE her, buy her records, attend her concerts, give her modeling contracts for MAKEUP, SKINCARE, AND HAIR PRODUCTS, contracts for product promotions (satellite cable, etc.).

    YEAHHHHHHHHHH, you’re right. Nobody wants to see this disgusting whale.

    LOLOLOL….jealousy is such an ugly thing. You poor, poor people. Your dissatisfaction with your lives is more obvious than Wayne Newton’s dye job.

  40. Buck

    Bland Ambition,
    I am a 40-ish white, married father of two. I have a good job and a nice house. I don’t go to her concerts, I don’t pay any attention to her makeup, skincare, and other products, and don’t care about her modeling contracts. When I look at her I see a pretty girl with a HUMONGOUS ass and thighs. Why oh why would I ever be jealous of a mediocre singer with a gigantic ass? Why would you say such a thing? Because I don’t find her sexy in the least? Therefore I’m jealous. I think you’re getting “repulsed” and “jealousy” confused, hon.

  41. WOW............

    wow most of the white people who post here are very funny……….comments are pretty different on black blogs ……….. she’s fat and disgusting WTF is wrong with most of ya’ll lol.

  42. Samantha

    For those of you who said Beyonce is fat! Are you being serious? She is not stick skinny, but she is certainly not fat.

    #67-to compare her to Gisele and megan fox is stupid…they are white girls first of all who will obviously have a different body type than a black woman. and Gisele, curvy??? never noticed that but okay

  43. elmo

    most of these coomments musta been made by women, and the 40 yr old father of however many, no comment, cuz that explains why you dont like beyonce. any man would love her. and in person i can assure anyone that she is smaller than 90 percent of the women on here. or women in general. girl is gorgous

  44. justIn

    people NEEED to stop hatin on a REAL women . shes the baddest chik in tha gsame and best body! Atleast she shows she EATS FOOD . not sip on little diet drinks and pills all day like those petty white girls


    ummm! i bet her bowel-movements are spectacular!

  46. Brittany

    # 90 is a straight up asshole. Mediocre? Jessica Simpson is mediocre, Britney Spears is mediocre, and J.Lo is mediocre. Those bitches can’t hold a tune for shit. Beyonce can sing her heart out. Why do so many people hate on her body? If she don’t want to be a stick skinny bitch then let her have her curves in peace! She’s not the type to eat a bunch of food and stick her finger down her throat. Being skinny ain’t all that.

  47. MDogg

    Haha you know what’s funny, all men are attracted to her so the woman hate on her. But she’s fine as hell

  48. Compelled Commenter

    Some of you seem to have forgotten that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Those of you who think B is fat – you have my sympathy, as no competent woman would waste her time on you. I’ll bet you can’t even figure out why only the psycho women want to stay with you, right? The sexiest woman is one who is happy with her lot and is able to forge a healthy relationship with someone who loves them as glorious as she is with great curves and strong legs and even stronger self-esteem. Body-type aside, nothing is more repulsive than a woman who is never happy with herself – constantly despairing about who she is and what she looks like.

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