Beyonce has a spacious backyard

November 20th, 2007 // 99 Comments

Beyonce Knowles attended the American Music Awards over the weekend and received the award for International Star of the Year. I think Beyonce and Kim Kardashian should combine forces and, after the ensuing earthquake, become a crime fighting duo. They’d be like Batman and Robin, except they wouldn’t be able to ride in the same vehicle together. Unless they make aircraft carriers that work on the highway. In which case I totally want one. No, make that two. I drink a lot, so I’d like to apologize in advance to the entire housing development I’ll eventually plow into. I guarantee you that I’ll have no clue how I launched a stealth bomber into your living room, but I’m sure it’ll be wicked awesome. You know, if you ignore all the death.

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  1. gertrude

    huge ass ……….

  2. gertrude

    huge ass ……….

  3. A

    oh my, thank you for posting this. This is what an ass should look like, B is the sexiest women in the world

  4. adriana c

    i swear that dress is not flattering at all
    please dress for the body you have, not the body you want to haveb

  5. Pasquali

    Jesus Fucking Christ?
    I am so sick of seeing women that think they are sexy!

  6. luzz

    I think the real question is: Is she recently single and does she have a profile on Does she like fertile douches?

    I decide to check something out there

  7. Lowlands

    A beauty-standard created by Disney about 70 years ago?

  8. Ruby Blue

    Look, I think B is beautiful and has a nice body. But for the love of all that is holy, please stop wearing those disgusting wigs. It’s getting really ridiculous now. Could somebody just pull the dead rat off her head already?

  9. jbird

    Lovely bum! Just LOVELY!!!

  10. Bullwinkle Mr Know-it-All

    OK OK So she has a decent cahboose but lets remember that this is the one who was shown wearing “support knickers” not too long ago-unveiled during a concert upskirt

  11. Lowlands

    It’s no wonder she has massive thighs as well.How else can you carry a colossal bum like this?

  12. trolaay

    woah…its huge…but at least she’s beautiful..

  13. L.Linus

    #5 – Can you stop using the Lord’s name in vain. Thank you, secondly, I just don’t get it with Beyonce, she just okay and her ass is just nasty!!!

  14. Exyank

    Sir Mixalot would love that. Baby got back! I think the word that Beyonce coined to describe it was bootylicious.

  15. DD's

    GOD damn mother fucker asshole Jesus fucking Christ shit cunt pussy cocksucker

  16. my comment

    She has the ass of a prehistoric ox.

    And the brain of one too.

    Who dresses this fake blonde? She never looks good. Ever.

  17. Shallow Val

    I’m sorry, but now she’s just a fucking cow. How now, brown Bey?

  18. Sauron

    I’m just a bit worried about environmental issues lately.How many kilos of toiletpaper does Beyonce use on daily base?

  19. Pasquali

    #13 Jesus Christ – Stop using the word “ass” for Christ’s sake!

  20. Texas Tranny

    I love the dress, great color for her.

    I love her ass.

  21. fergernauster

    That is pure, unadulterated “House of Derriere” right there. The “couture” gown AND the booty.

  22. aja

    Shapely is nice, but this one is out of proportion and disgusting IMO…

  23. CS

    I want to be her toilet paper.

  24. What are the other girls from the group doing now?

    You don’t read that much about them

  25. Ted from LA

    I’d wash her ass and drink the water.

  26. Mr. Bright Idea

    that is an ass you pay $20000 british pounds for.

  27. Pilatunes

    Her ass is HUGE. Huge as in ‘not attractive’. Kelly Rowland was always much slimmer and sexier. And yes, the Hallowe’en wig has to go…it’s November.

  28. ph7

    I’d hit it.

  29. so there

    kim’ s ass and beyonce’s ass would be beaten down by serena williams ass.

  30. Cyle

    God dam, is that an ass or a side table???

  31. Sauron

    It’s no wonder she’s pretty much religious because with a bum like that you’ll sit comfortable on any pew.

  32. vix

    It’s like she threw in a couple of basketballs back there.

  33. James

    Good lord! She’s getting fatter and fatter. She used to just be curvaceous but now she’s just a fatty. She needs to drop 20lbs!

  34. RichPort

    I wish I was the last stitch to pop on the bottom bustin’ booty. I’d spank that ass like my baby sitter used to spank me when I was a teenager… wait, I’ve said too much…

  35. How can you hate on her scrumptaculous ass?

    You all are insane. I’d smack that ass with a sewer cap and feed it a donut.

  36. hugeassesarenotveryattractive

    Honestly, how can having a HUGE ass be seen as attractive? Put that HUGE ass and Kim K’s HUGE ass on a woman with an ugly face or small tits and you would not give her a second look.

  37. zz

    She’s beautiful, all you haters should shut the fuck up
    Just because she isn’t 110 lbs. she’s fat. That’s disturbing.
    She’s got a great body. A great REAL body. Sure, she’s more curvy, but that’s way hotter than some skinny skank. I’d take that ass over any. The picture is from a rather unflattering angle, It’s big, but it fits her curvy body.

    Lovely Beyonce, lovely.

  38. Lila

    That is like when they put that pink dress on J.Lo for the Academy Awards that one year…made her butt look gigantic. Bad angle or not, dropped waists on gowns do not flatter ample butts, they only look huge. It’s like a super low neckline on a busty woman, unless you have a super good support bra, you won’t look classy.

  39. Shallow Val

    I’m with Lila. (#38). Beyonce should stop sucking her mom’s dick and wear better clothing. I mean family is family, but there ought to be a line drawn between family and plain bad taste.

    And 37, no one is saying they like stick figures, but the girl needs to make better dresschoices. She’s rich enough…Also, no one is saying she’s ugly either. She’s just being led by the nose by her tacky-ass mother.

  40. Shallow Val

    Oh and one more thing,

    I’m pretty sure that is all her hair. Her hair is soft not kinky and it’s pretty damn long.

  41. Um.. she looks fine?

    I swear, half the comments in here sound like they’re being made by jealous 13 year old girls.

  42. gcoke

    That girl could kick my (also large) ass. Look at her muscles! I’m glad she’s not a grossly thin, hair-falling-out, skank.

  43. she doesnt need to upgrade anything

  44. Ummm nooo . . .

    Sorry Shallow Val, but Beyonce’s scalped enough horses for that weave that PETA should throw her in jail with Michael Vick. Granted it’s a nicer weave that the tacky lion mane she normally sports, but that still ain’t hers. And while she’s pretty now, she’s one 3-piece chicken meal from being portly. Even she’s admitted that she has to work super hard to keep that booty from turning into lard. (Oh and she wears butt pads so that booty isn’t even hers.) Call me a hater, but I’m just sick of seeing her everywhere. Can we find a new IT girl to replace her?

  45. Shallow Val

    44 – oH YEAHHHH!

    Firstly, I thought it was her hair but I DID call her fat earliler, so I need to remind you of that. Second, you’re right, I remember seeing her with one of those girdle thingies showing under her dress. She is very hippo-hippy however and a butt-former don’t help none, eivah (that’s my slang ghetto accent for “either”)

    What I caint understand is with all that “bouncing” around on stage she wouldn’t be more fit. If I had all that money and people, you know I’d devote one hour a day to serious fitness. Or at least a portable stairmaster.

  46. Shallow Val

    Since we’re still stuck on boring Beyonce, did anyone hear that in NY (my home town) they are goign to fly an “Adolf Hitler” balloon/float? I kid you not. Macy’s is allowing it because of Tom Shmoozes new movie Valkyrie (which used to be my other nome de plume).

    Is there anyone who won’t suck Tom’s dick and lick his ass? I mean REALLY…..A Hitler balloon. It’s almost funny. Actually, it is funny. We can’t say the “enn” word, but we can fly Hitler ballons.

    To quote my favorite poster, Frist, WTC????

  47. Shallow Val

    I forgot tomention it will be flown in the Thanxgiving Day parade.

  48. Right there girl, now we’re talking!! The more cubic inches the better. That ass of yours is a kim kardashian-one. And it’s no secret I love those BIG ones. Especially together with BIG tits. I must help myself a few times I think…………….
    ………soo ADIOS!!

  49. Is this for real or another doctor-operated butt?

  50. Dick Richards

    I’d venture to say that Beyonce’s buttochs is heavily scarred by past boils. You know what I mean. Those gigantic pimples that sometimes inhabit your asscheeks? The bumps that you can’t help but pick at until they spew mayonaise. The little kilimanjaros that bleed badly. Well, imagine Knowles’s monolithic ass freckled with purple, grissly dots. Hot!

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