Beyonce eats it

July 25th, 2007 // 142 Comments

Beyonce had a concert in Orlando, Florida last night and totally ate it while trying to walk down the stairs. I mean like head over heels the way they’d fall down in a movie kind of fall. And like a true professional she just pops back up and starts lip-syncing away like nothing happened. I’d blame the convulsing she does afterwards on some sort of head injury, but she was doing that even before she fell.


  1. Victor

    Anyway FRIST, I am not married, you are listening to that queer fuck JIMBO too much. That fuck is just jealous because I am in love with you. FRIST, can’t we talk sometime? Jimbo that sorry fuck talks to himself, and you listen to him that I am married. Let’s talk sometime.

  2. i’ve actually seen her fall on stage too..
    it was an mtv tour in toronto, with destiny’s
    child.. it was pretty fucking awesome

  3. Victor's Little Dick

    YEAH Wedgeone!!! Please stop! Everything you piss Victor off he grabs me by the neck and I almost pass out. At least when he is hitting on FRIST he strokes me and it feels good.

    Oh and Victor, don’t forget the little women wants you to stop by the store and pick up some tampons for her

  4. Victor

    #53….learn how to type and make sense out of your sentences. Makes you sound more ignorant than you already are. Fuck you keep making yourself more and more ignorant.

    “Everything you piss Victor off he grabs me by the neck and I almost pass out.” Makes no fuckin sense.

  5. Victor, can you prove that your not married? Jimbo, is a piece of shit that I
    sometimes foget to wipe off of my ass. Don’t worry about him.

  6. Sauron

    I compare her massive thighs with the keel of a sailboat.But as it shows gravity can be tricky sometimes.

  7. Victor

    FRIST, you tell me how to prove it and I will.

  8. jrzmommy

    To the left
    To the left
    The safety rail is to the left

  9. Christ on a Crotch

    That’s just GREEEAT! (slaps knee and yells “Hallelujah!”)

    PS what ever happened to PapaHotNuts???

  10. Victor, I don’t know know how. I am starting to fall in love with you just
    by the way you talk. Jimbo is an asshole. I don’t need him. What should we do?

  11. Victor

    Oh fuckin great Jimbo is trying to act like FRIST now. What a fuck nut. I will just leave you a message on your MySpace FRIST.

  12. mrs.t

    God, those outfits are horrible-what is it, The Matrix Tour? The Highlander?

    and #59-Papa was talking about getting his own site happening….but when you go there it just says “coming soon”. It’s

  13. Apparently you can just pack celebrities up and ship them anywhere you please and it´s all the same to them. That´s what we can take away from Beyonce´s latest faux pas, when she screamed an enthusiastic.

  14. Lowlands

    I’m not surprised Beyonce eats it because gravity is probably the oldest force on earth.We still can’t master this force let’s stand Beyonce can master this.

  15. Sorry Victor I am just your dick and am not that smart. It does not help when you grab me by the neck and cut off the blood supply to my head either.

    Tell FRIST the truth about the little women and the kids. She deserves to know what she is getting into

  16. allykitten85

    Wow. This to me proves 100% that she was lip synching. Mid fall and all the way through the fall the singing was constant and unwavering. That’s absolutely impossible for even a small stumble, let alone a head over heels face plant. What a fuckin scam. Almost as bad as Ashley Simpson. These pop stars are such bullshit it’s laughable.

  17. allykitten85

    P.S. That head banging shit was the UGLIEST thing I have EVER seen.

  18. Victor

    Jimbo just shut the fuck up and don’t talk to me anymore. I am fuckin not replying to your immature shit anymore. Get your head out of your ass, and grow the fuck up.

  19. Victor

    Jimbo just shut the fuck up and don’t talk to me anymore. I am fuckin not replying to your immature shit anymore. Get your head out of your ass, and grow the fuck up.

  20. When did Beyonce start headbanging?

  21. miss oblivious

    Ha Ha! Thats awesome! I hate that fur peddling diva!

  22. Victor, don’t hate me. Frist doesn’t want your shit. Your married with children, so stop acting like your going to just die if you don’t fuck her. What a hard up loser.

  23. Sauron

    I can say gravity was pretty much pulling on me last night when i fell out the bed.Anybody knows if gravity is a feminine or a masculine force? I think it’s a feminine force because it hurt pretty much.

  24. jrzmommy

    jesus….with this Frist/Victor/Jimbo shit I feel like I’m watching an episode of As the Stomach Turns.

  25. deana

    I was at the concert 6th row… she tripped on a stair and got right back up. shes a trooper!!!
    ALSO – she did NOT lip sync at all. she has much more class than britany spears. she was one of the best performers i have ever seen, 2 full hours of pure entertainment.

  26. deana

    another thing… the reason you hear the singing when she feel is a little thing called “BACK UP SINGER”
    ever been to a concert… ???? get a life and stop gossiping about shit you dont know

  27. deana

    another thing… the reason you hear the singing when she feel is a little thing called “BACK UP SINGER”
    ever been to a concert… ???? get a life and stop gossiping about shit you dont know

  28. jrzmommy

    Hey, Deana, why don’t you get a life and stop going to fucking Beyonce concerts and pounding on the submit bar, you gash.

  29. bottlesandcansjustclapyourhands

    Um like, the reason you hear singing? unkay? when she like, fell? unkay… like a little thing called a Back Up Singer? unkay? Like, duh?! I mean, DUH! OMG.

    Deana–what’s that red light/dot thing on your forehead?

  30. my comment

    yo deana,
    when i was young i went to concerts where performers actually sang AND played real instruments. the jumping around part was for show.

  31. my comment

    I had to turn the sound down on that. The noise was like a plane crash.

    What’s the deal with all arm waving and head jerking? Is that what passes for dancing these days? Looked like gym rats on crack.

    Everything about our times sucks because of tools like Beyonce. Heck, her name isn’t even human.

  32. Christ on a Crotch

    #62 mrs t. – Thank you, you’re so full of information. What happened to ManUnited??? And that silly cooze SoCalGal????

  33. LayDeeBug

    mycomment you ROCK!

    Beyonce is just another Mariah or Christina; horrible dresser, horrible style, and thinks WAAAAAAY too much of herself.

    AND who the fuck goes to a Beyonce Knowles concert? Jesus christ don’t you have anything better to do with your money, like purchasing a clue???

  34. #14 is the only thing I wrote, why are you all talking about me and pretending to be me, oh and btw, if mySpace pictures were pictures of my friends, I’d use someone even cuter than me to pretend to be me. Does that make sense? Screw you guys, I’m goin home!!!

  35. Krs10

    Maybe nobody saw.

  36. Dee


    But on a serious note, why isn’t Janet Jackson getting paid mad royalties for all the copied dance moves all these other young female stars are using? Britney stole every move Janet ever had and Beyonce has ripped Janet, Tina Turner, and Kylie Minogue. If not the artists then at least their choreagraphers. Geesh.

  37. mafme

    31– if that was a chubby joke, then hahaha… if it was a race thing, then fuck you! :)

  38. Joe C

    This video need some serious editing. Why subject us to two minutes of that crap, just to see her bust her ass for a few seconds?

  39. crystal

    You guys are morons, She doesnt lip synch. She had her backup vocals going.
    Just because she fell doesnt mean shes stopped singing. She DID get up right away and continued.
    I know people who have gone to her shows and she clearly

  40. Tizzle

    AHAHAHAHA. I can’t stop fucking laughing. Love it!

  41. Mar

    This was actually better than the Miss USA fall! And that one was SOOOO funny

  42. my comment

    88 crystal

    How do you sing while your face is eating steps?

  43. my comment

    Thanks LayDeeBug!
    You rock too!

  44. Daryl G

    Video’s down… are you a Beyonce fan, mr. superficial?

  45. drewski

    Jesus Fish, this happened July 7, and you’re just now posting it as a “current event”. You even post it as just happening last night! I guess you were too busy “upgrading” to actually go out and find some content for this site. Do you just sit around and watch reruns of Entertainment Tonight for your “hot” stories? If it weren’t for Paris, Britney, and Lohan, we’d all be watching Hasselhoff roll around on the floor for the rest of our lives…..

  46. my comment

    video was yanked.

    beyonce hates free speech!


    dumb cow.

  47. nagger please

    negroes and their pretend hair.. nappy headed hos.

  48. chewyme

    YouTube is removing all the videos. The last video that is non-YouTube is at:

  49. michelle


    That is really good.. Much much better than I was expecting, especially since the video was ridiculously blurry at the start.

    Man she fucking tumbled, like did a full on roll down the stairs LMFAO

    I hate her but I think it would be just as fun to watch even if it was someone I liked.

    Beyonce, this is the first time you have entertained me, thankyou.
    I look forward to more of your work in the future (as long as it involves something similar)

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