Beyonce can’t keep her clothes on

August 21st, 2007 // 145 Comments


  1. Cowgirl

    I can’t quit you, Fish!

  2. lala


  3. Fastest Cowgirl in the west with guns blazing half-cocked

    Lala—You’re first to taste my dust!

  4. @2 lala suck a dick and choke on it

  5. Did the camera go blurry to save itself from destruction?

  6. BRITT


  7. Malffy Hernandes

    She’s one scary looking lion

  8. Fashion Sheriff Cowgirl

    I don’t know, I think we’re on to something with the “gold” motif. I’ll take 20 pairs o’ sexy gold undies for my trannies’ fannies!

  9. Binky

    I like this version of ‘Jump’ better that the David Lee Roth one.

    I say go ahead and jump ! Da da ..da, da, da . Da Da – da da daaaa…

    (looks windy as well)

  10. Cowgirl

    The only other people I’ve seen convulsing like that had a bad cocktail of drugs and alcohol (oh–it was Brittany Lohan).

  11. proteon

    This thread is proof that the world will end.

  12. Annony

    What kind of a dress is that, even, with no front to speak of. Apparently no bra underneath, either, so she was just asking for that one.

  13. Danklin24

    And people actually pay to watch this crap. Unbelievable.

  14. jbird

    Ooo, I do SO want to see her luscious, black booty!

  15. Boogie

    Fifteenth! Who fucking gives a shit!? God damn you people are fucking losers.

  16. Rob

    WHO GOES TO THESE SHOWS? Oh wait, I’m a white 30 something male, nevermind. I guess I’m just not interested…..unless of course her wardrobe malfunctions

  17. sandy goettsche

    She’s a fucking skanky loser with the ego of someone who is actually talented. Go figure

  18. nagger please

    Black women have linebacker thighs..

  19. p0nk

    jesus tap-dancing xrist, only the walliest of psychopathic voyeurs could prefer watching this video to … say … watching an ant farm after setting it on fire.

  20. Tommy

    My god! now i remebered why i don’t come here anymore. Shut the fuck up losers!

  21. Abby

    I hate this place. Superfish sucks balls.

  22. Cowgirl eyes wide shut

    Oh my! pOnk! You would do that to harmless little ants? Maybe she should set the ant farm on fire, it looks like they were biting her something FIERCE!

  23. CursedClem

    She certainly is an entertainment phenomenon! Jump up and down, turn left, jump up and down, turn left….
    I feel sorry for the nameless session musicians who have to humiliate themselves with something that looks like Tina Turner’s armpit every night.

  24. Fashion Sheriff Cowgirl

    Hey 23! I take offense to your critique. I worked a lot of long hard hours to choreograph that (okay maybe I just sketched it on a post it and stuck it to her forehead)!

  25. anna

    Why isn’t she wearing a bra?? DUH

  26. Tha-Flash

    Cmon cock guzzler.. We want real news.

  27. Cowgirl

    I have a chocolate fix to satiate and it ain’t for black women.

  28. Chastizing cowgirl

    My chocolate fix is for a candy bar—you pervs!

  29. I’ve seen hyper-caffeinated epileptics with more rhythm than Beyonce. What the hell is this?

  30. Kay

    You guys are a bunch of haters. I went to 2 shows on her tour (Yes I paid) and it was money well spent. The show was awesome. Beyonce is one of the few singers who can actually sing live. I guess you losers would prefer to see someone with zero talent like Lindsey Lohan overdosing on a bottle of pills or something. Haters are pathetic…get a life!!!

  31. None

    Seriously people, quit the kindergarten FIRST crap or i’m forces to demand beyonce to sit on you.

  32. asdfsaf

    what kind of fucking dance moves are those?????

    can she dance?

    jump around, jump around, jump up jump up and get down.

    good god. get a choreographer.


    I’ll bet the average age of her audience was maybe 14? Pure crap.

  34. You Make Me Sick

    16: 30-something year old white males read trashy celeb blogs that seem oriented to 15-year-old girls? = news to me.

    18, 27: a lot of ignorant, asshole people that have use race as the basis for judging black celebs (don’t see ‘stupid WHITE girl’ comments about britney or lindsay) read this blog = not news to me.

    the only things more disgusting than some of the stuff on this blog are the attitudes of most of its readers.

  35. Chica

    What kind of girl dances like that without a bra on?? Those babies’ll be down at her knees by the time the tour’s over…

  36. bob

    30, i thought we all learned not too long ago that she lip syncs. and who says “haters” anymore? i guess the same people who pay to watch beyonce perform a fucking circus act.

    why isn’t she wearing a bra? with those really awesome dance moves, you’d think she’d put on a sports bra. jesus h. and doesn’t her mom design her wardrobe?

  37. I didn’t have sound at work… this video is ROFL funny without sound! You should try it. What the hell’s up with all that monkey-ass jumping!

  38. Hello my name Is Clovis and I'm an alcoholic

    She should make her next show exciting with guns.

  39. my comment

    Wasn’t it just recently that loudmouth Al Sharpton came out to defend poor Beyonce’s ‘virtue’ because somebody said she was wearing a roboho costume? Face it, Al, the girl is a big old ho. Period. She shakes it out there like an old cat in heat having a seizure to music that sounds like a garbage truck crashing into a concrete wall.

    I give that tape 2 hours before Beyonce has it yanked like that brilliant video of her falling down the stairs while lip-syncing.

    We all know the spastic clown can’t dance or do much else except gyrate between quick edit cuts, but lets get to basics here; ‘Beyonce’, is not even a human name. You couldn’t even name a wine, or a car or anything ‘Beyonce’. Stupid mother. I’m embarrassed for them. People like these are why our culture today sucks.

  40. s0fa

    you would think they would have figured that would happen with that short of a top combined with jumping…

  41. wtf

    wtf kinda dancing is that? watching that in mute looks like a retarded talent show.

    record sales are down not because of mp3, but because of dogshit like this.

  42. She just keeps going, no matter what happens.
    I’ll most certainly give her kudos for that!

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  43. Did she not do a full dress rehearsal? Isn’t that stuff pretty standard? Gotta give it to her, she doesn’t give up!

  44. ha8ter

    YES! #30!
    Lindsay Lohan overdosing on pills would be the perfect nightcap to go with my White Russian nightcap with an extra shot of Kahlua. And my hate.

  45. First


  46. wedgeone

    The last time I saw something jumping around like Beyonce here, feces were being flung. Her cousin, maybe?

  47. veggi

    #30 Kay – I’m glad you enjoyed the shows. Personally, I don’t follow Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey, but good for you. Keep following your dream!

  48. jrzmommy

    Nice dancing…ya damn dirty ape.

  49. Riotboy

    More like Destiny’s Stepchild.

    /oldie but a goodie^
    //would still hit it
    ///look 3 slashes!!!

  50. Svenny Bo Benny

    and she has a penis, yes a PENIS!!!! YIKES!

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