Beyonce and Jay-Z maybe not getting married

December 8th, 2006 // 53 Comments

A rep for Beyonce is denying reports she’s turning a Caribbean birthday party for Jay-Z into a wedding with him. A spokeswoman for Jay-Z backed the statement saying she had no knowledge of any approaching nuptials. Which is good news because if Jay-Z and Beyonce got married it’d be a travesty against nature. You don’t see unicorns marrying opossums. Sure, maybe it’s because one is a mythological creature. But maybe it’s because deep down they know in their hearts their love can never be.


  1. why is she with that tubby quasimoto?

  2. I think that was kinda rude.. the whole unicorns marrying opossums.. I think if she loves him and gets married to him or even got married to him that is HER BUSINESS.. sure he might not be the prettiest famous face. but we don’t know how he treats her.. or how his personality is.. and thats what love is based off. so yeah thats how I feel coming from a 15 year old beyonce fan.. sure I don’t think that hes cute but. she finds something in him special so yeah everyone should just leave them alone so they can be them.

  3. Thanks Defamer, I was wondering if there was actually anything I cared LESS about than the contents of Angie’s womb, this may be it!

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