BEST OF 2013: Beyonce Tried To Edit The Internet

Welcome to the time of year where we repackage old posts you guys clicked the shit out of in hopes that you’ll do that all over again so we don’t have to step away from our loot. I’m not even going to sugar coat what’s happening here. Unlike this ham. Leave us!


During her Super Bowl halftime show, Beyonce was photographed making some unflattering faces mid-dance which absolutely nobody would’ve thought twice about because it was perfectly natural. Except Beyonce apparently believed she could alter reality, so in an unprecedented move, she tasked her publicist with requesting sites remove the unflattering pics which only resulted in those emails being published making Beyonce look narcissistic as fuck. On top of that, it only made people want to look at the photos even more hence why you’re looking at this post right now. Of course, an easy out would be to say it was all Gwyneth Paltrow’s idea which literally everyone would believe. It’s almost too easy.

Posted: 2.6.13

Original Post: Beyonce’s Publicist Tried To Edit The Internet, It Didn’t Work

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