Beyonce Still Hates Kim Kardashian

Posted by Photo Boy

If the Internet was a meal, tits would be the palate-cleansing sorbet after a rich, savory entree of politics. So in that spirit, I’m posting a story that’s probably completely untrue since it hinges on the fact that Beyonce bothered herself with, let alone acknowledged the existence of, some inane bullshit that Kim Kardashian pulled at a Jay-Z concert. Radar Online reports:

Kim was desperate for attention in the VIP area and was getting in the way of cameras that were supposed to be filming Jay-Z

At that point, supposedly Beyonce had to step in and remind Kim that the event wasn’t about her, because that’s something that security at a concert like that just isn’t equipped to handle. “Ms. Knowles, terribly sorry to bother you, but if you could maybe promise her the film crew will gladly shoot Jay’s entourage taking a leak on her, just you know, after the concert, it would really help us out. What’s that? Yep, we already tried the crane and that reminds me, somebody should probably call the insurance company.”

Photo: Getty, Pacific Coast News, Splash News, WENN