Yup, That’s Beyonce’s Sideboob

April 25th, 2011 // 116 Comments

♫ Don’t cry for my side-yams,
Ar-gen-teeeeeeeee-nah! ♫

Photos: Flynet, Splash News


  1. Beyonce Sideboob
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    “I got 99 problems but my bitches tits ain’t one”-Jay Z

  2. Beyonce Sideboob
    Who Knew
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    Beyonce is a VERY beautiful and talented woman regardless of what she wears (or doesn’t wear, for that matter).

  3. Beyonce Sideboob
    suck it
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    that isnt a scar, but still a tell tale sign she still has implants. It is the breast tissue on top and the implant underneath. She had them put under the muscle. Looks good and fooled me (and i usually have great implant radar) until now.

  4. anonymoose

    super-embarrassing and ugly. how does she not know she’s being photographed? she CAN’T think this looks good.

  5. Beyonce Sideboob
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    Your boob radar is not as good as you think, She had implants about 3 years ago (at least) when she was first in the public eye, she has an unusual shaped chest, then she had the work done, still doesn’t look alll that good.

  6. Beyonce Sideboob
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    I am not a big Beyonce or Jay-Z fan but come on guys……………..we are all human and have flaws…………….Lifts, tucks..whatever!!!!!!!!!!!!! Baby Gurl is doing her thing and I ain’t mad at her!

  7. Beyonce Sideboob
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    stop ……………………didn’t you have a pimple you tried to cover up last week before you went to work at Jiffy oil lube!

  8. Beyonce Sideboob
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    Come on… who really gives 2 shits about her fat ass…….is she even relevant anymore? Was she ever really relevant to begin with?

  9. Beyonce Sideboob
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    is that a wig?

    • Wow

      doesn t look like, doesn t it ? LMAO she s a natural blond !!!

    • the crazy betty

      i love the nappy head at the back under the fake pony tail. it looks really weird. and what’s up with the scary monster hand in this pic.

  10. Decent looking from the waist up. Looks like granny panties are the only thing that comes in her size.

  11. Doc Schweinstrudel

    Thanks Fishster, I love Beyonce!!!!!!!!

  12. Beyonce Sideboob
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    This is not the sideboob I was looking for :(

    Move along, move along.

  13. Beyonce Sideboob
    CHoc Donut
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    Her face has a nice structure. Other than that, she’s a fugly black woman with a blond weave, which screams either insecurity or sellout. She’s matched perfectly to her no-talent except for cheating idiots out of money grunting husband.

    • WhiteGoddess

      Her face is the work of surgery. And yea she’s VERY insecure. I will never understand why black, latino, asian, etc women try in vain to sport the blonde. They just need to stop, it looks RIDICULOUS.

  14. Looks like granny panties are the only thing that comes in her size.

  15. bob

    I would fuck her in a spooning position, then grab her side tit and force her to suck on it while we fucked.

  16. Beyonce Sideboob
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    Crazy in Love….with saggy titties

  17. Beyonce Sideboob
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    It is obvious that she knew these photos were being taken. Check out the cameras in the rear and the very obvious poses duh!!!!! Just cant believe she thought they were publish worthy. She is not as tight as you would think.

    • haters

      uh ya think? she’s posing for a photoshoot dumb dumb but there were tons of fans taking pics as well below hence the heart she gave them. should she not do her job and sit on the net and post jealous comments like you?

  18. Beyonce Sideboob
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    Why is she still trying to be something she’s not? Obvious wig, bleached skin, FAIL.

  19. Beyonce Sideboob
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    Beyonce is the type that can’t get by without a personal trainer. This was a waste of time and effort, she’s not in shape. That dress belongs on a real model, a woman that is thin with curves. Beyonce is just big all over, never thought she was pretty or built well.

  20. Beyonce Sideboob
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    Beyonce looks AH-MA-ZING!!! No boob job just skin creases haters. @whitehater – of course you’d think that since I’m sure she’s shitting on you in every way. keep hating hater!

  21. Blizniak

    damn she’s ugly

    • shandon

      Who the heck are you? We all have our opinions sure, but the reality is Beyonce that is far from ugly, and I have always enjoyed seeing her thickness.

  22. Tj

    The whole armpit/shoulder/boob area just looks like an aborted fetus. HOT.

  23. Blech

    The women here are such haters, it’s unbelievable.

    This woman may or may not have a boob job. Who cares? She’s pretty and a nice person. And not stupid. And nowhere near as fat as some of you Frito-and-pizza addicts. She’s actually naturally voluptuous– she’s had curves since Destiny’s Child as far as I remember.

    Can’t handle that, can you?

  24. Beyonce Sideboob
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    These comments are ugly and unnecessary
    As Keri said “Envy is the ugliest trait(NEVER DO IT), Get yourself together DONT HATE!” Who cares if Beyonce had a boob job? ITS HER BODY! She is beautiful. Not perfect, not a god, but a human being WITH FLAWS(and im sure we all have flaws)….Even if you aren’t a fan why attack O_o Lets stop throwing daggers people…

    • the crazy betty

      i just love the people who get on these boards to preach to everyone and tell us all how to act. you are doing to the people exactly what you’re telling people not to do. clown.

  25. Beyonce Sideboob
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    Mayne Yall Are Quick To Think Somethinq . Ugh This The Same Thing They Said About Kims Kardashians Ass . & It Was Real , Uqhh . I Hate People Dhat Believe Every Think They Hear . Yall Dont Know How She Got Dhat So Dont Judge Dam

  26. Beyonce Sideboob
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    shrivelled and saggy side boob.

  27. Beyonce Sideboob
    the crazy betty
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    dead eyes.

  28. Beyonce Sideboob
    the crazy betty
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    I’m sad at how dead her eyes are.

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