Haha! Beyoncé Almost Got Kidnapped

September 16th, 2013 // 16 Comments
Beyonce Brazil
WATCH: Beyoncé Pulled Off Stage In Sao Paulo
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I may have made fun of America’s natural penchant for fearing and loathing foreigners earlier, but on a serious note, when they’re not infiltrating the highest levels of our most sacred beauty pageants, they’re trying to kidnap our musical superstars and drag them to a Brazilian grotto to harvest their hair. It’s the world we live in now. Which is about the best explanation I can come up with for this video of Beyoncé getting straight yanked offstage in Sao Paulo last night which doesn’t hold a candle to the GIF below where you get a clear look at her face. It’s like something out of a cartoon if cartoons end with pieces of Beyoncé getting mailed back to Jay-Z and/or turned into necklaces.

Beyonce Pulled Off Stage


  1. Richaroo


  2. Hugh Jass

    She was treated better than if she ran into a neighborhood watch dude in Florida.

  3. Not a fan of her’s by any means, but at least she was understanding about it..

    • Deacon Jones

      Understanding about what?? She got ripped off the fucking stage…I can’t watch the video.

    • Well if you “Can’t watch the video” then how in the fuck can you even make a comment? Let alone question ME regarding my statement? Please shut the fuck up and quit trying to look like a “tough guy” on a damn internet gossip site.

      Oh and I meant to hit the “reply” option. Not the “thumbs up” one. I surely didn’t intend to give you “credit” for being stupid.

  4. JC

    “Who run da world?”
    “That would be me, Paulo. I’ll be your kidnapper today”

  5. JC

    “If you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it!”
    “What if I–how you say?–ring this rope around your arms and legs?”

  6. anonym

    her eyeballs popped out.

    I see that fan copped a feel of her boobies.

  7. Considering she could have been stabbed to death, I think her bodyguards should be sent to the naughty step.

  8. The look on her face is priceless. I can’t stop laughing or watching it.

  9. jessica

    That was not okay! He should have been booted.

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