Beyonce’s Publicist Tried To Edit The Internet,
It Didn’t Work

February 6th, 2013 // 46 Comments

Like every entertainment site on the Internet, Buzzfeed posted pics from Beyonce‘s Super Bowl halftime show which obviously included shots were she’s making weird faces because that’s what happens when you’re dancing your goddamn ass off. A fact that apparently escaped Beyonce’s publicist who you’d just assume would be used to seeing her client look like she’s mid-shat, because she decided to email Buzzfeed and ask them to remove a few “unflattering” pics. Instead, Buzzfeed put them all in an epic, brand new post titled “The “Unflattering” Photos Beyoncé’s Publicist Doesn’t Want You To See” along with a copy of the email where it’s been seen by half a million people. In related news, I didn’t get that email because I’m a nobody, but one time Courtney Stodden‘s publicist asked me not to use naughty talk which I pretended I didn’t get. LIKE A BOSS.

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  1. For fuck’s sake… if it wasn’t for unflattering photos and cat videos, the Internet would be a goddamned wasteland.

  2. Beyonce Super Bowl Halftime Show
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    One of the lamest performances EVER! She either danced or sang. She can’t do both at the same time.

  3. inkydink

    man, the ego on this twat. Unbelievable.

  4. “In related news, I didn’t get that email because I’m a nobody.”

    Writing like this is why I keep coming back (and the boobies!)

  5. JC

    Just to play devil’s advocate, that was a fairly polite e-mail from the publicist. Much better than the usual “I AM CONTRACTING AN ATTORNEY-LAWYER TO DESTROY ALL YOUR INTERNETZ!” that you usually see when people get angry about pictures on their internet. If Buzzfeed wanted to ignore it, that’s their choice, but posting the e-mail seems at least as much of a douche move as sending it in the first place was.

    • Ripley's Believe It Or Not

      A completely worthless & derisible request, no matter how politely worded, is still completely worthless & derisible.

  6. USDA Prime McBeef

    At least you’re admitting that you’re paid to keep courtney stodden’s fake famousness afloat.

  7. Juch

    When do the ping pong balls shoot out?

  8. Beyonce Super Bowl Halftime Show
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    Was anyone looking at her face to begin with?

  9. what the huh?

    by removing all un-flattering pics that would be everyone she was ever in right???

  10. Beyonce Super Bowl Halftime Show
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    Kelly was always my favourite. Still is.

  11. Sandoucheky

    Wow Buzzfeed’s a bunch of dickhead losers

  12. Mario Starr

    I thought that was an ape popping a squat until I read the headline.

  13. fart

    It’s the boogyman!

  14. jim

    I was mostly, OK honestly, completely staring at her thighs during her halftime show performance. and I know rest of ‘merica was too

  15. if you don’t want people making fun of your stupid faces in photos, then stop making them. She was mugging it up like Jim Carrey during that performance.

  16. Looking at this photo I can’t shake the impression that I’m looking at a womans front from the waist up, and an ass from the waist down.

    Now, try to unsee it…you can’t.

  17. Muttley Macclad

    IF you want a dancer, get Leslie Caron. If you want a singer, get Mariah Carey (Big ol’ Moose!) But she is neither.

  18. She still looks AWESOME to me, in all the shots. When you’re doing extremely physical things, like the amazing dancing she did that day, your facial expressions will be very different than when you’re relaxed and posing for a photographer! Didn’t see a single UGLY photo. Just saw a woman hard at work.

  19. Beyonce Super Bowl Halftime Show
    Herman Bumfudle
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    beautiful mama #fu*k “charlie” wants you.

  20. gigi

    wish that kid from twilight zone who’d put people into the cornfield was still around….. ::sigh::

  21. Beyonce Super Bowl Halftime Show
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    I’m pretty sure I saw this picture airbrushed on the side of some dude’s van.

  22. Beyonce Super Bowl Halftime Show
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    It’s a show. She’s a puppet. How can anyone be proud of any of this? The US entertainment industry is the shallowest, soul sucking, dumbing down of America industry out there. Glad people are thinking for themselves. Yes, you should be disgusted. It’s disgusting.

  23. looks like i didn’t miss much by not watching the halftime show.

  24. ash

    AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA sweet revenge from all the little animals she wears.

  25. Beyonce Super Bowl Halftime Show
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    Some serious photo editing was done in the GQ issue , what a difference how these celebrities look live , ugly.

  26. Dee

    She should keep her vagina to herself.

    I’m sure the guys loved it though.

  27. Beyonce Super Bowl Halftime Show
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    MORE than half of those pictures are absolutely beautiful. Haters.

  28. Most of the you men here are just racist and mad cuz you can’t do nothing with this and that it takes more than a thumb to please a woman like this.

  29. Beyonce Super Bowl Halftime Show
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    Is there a school for learning these movements.? As I look through these photos I start seeing JLo. The facial expressions, the way she holds her hands, the booty moves, aren’t they just the same these gals do over and over ? Where or what is the talent here? Can’t we all hump and grind ?!??

  30. Beyonce Super Bowl Halftime Show
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    blew a big one…

  31. Beyonce Super Bowl Halftime Show
    the crazy betty
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  32. Beyonce Super Bowl Halftime Show
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    After the Super Bowl.. I heard Jewel on Howard Stern..Playing acoustic, live and bringing tears to listeners eyes with her naturally beautiful voice. Jewel is so unaffected by fame the exact opposite of this fat pig, talentless fraud.

    • malaka

      i like jewel too, but i feel like she totally sold out for a little while around 12 years ago. which was surprisingly uncharacteristic for her.
      beyonce on the other hand is a complete sell out and always has been.
      still, to call her talentless is extremely short sighted and unfair.

  33. Vix

    She was very attractive in her earlier years with Destiny’s Child. Now… I don’t even know what the hell I’m looking at. Most of the celebs nowadays are smoke & mirrors anyway.

    “fat pig, talentless fraud.” I think that sums it up nicely.

    On another note, it’s very clear she didn’t marry Jay-Z for his looks. Holy shi-.

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