Beyonce Wore Earrings She Wore In Another Thing, EVERYBODY FREAK OUT!

With each day, the internet grows more stupid. Yesterday, scientists paused work on interstellar travel to LOL at Uncle Phil Will Smith bungee jumping. The day before that, thousands died from what should have been preventable disease because researchers got sidetracked by, I can’t even remember — Was it a baby laughing at a snoring cat while a cop sang a Taylor Swift song? I doesn’t matter, because today nobody in Congress is working on impeaching Trump since they’re all transfixed on the fact that Beyonce wore the same earrings she had on in the If I Were A Boy video, so she’s totally having twin boys, you guys! And since we are no better than anyone else spreading shamelessly for SEO, I went ahead and pulled some recent pics of Beyonce using her secret signalling for some other very important messages.

Beyonce Secret Message 1

Here she is flashing a secret Illuminati phrase for “Kim Kardashian is a ho.”

Beyonce Secret Message 2

Here she is holding both Grammys at perfect eye level, signalling to Kim that people only know her because of her sex tape.

Beyonce Secret Message 3

Here she is revealing the partial text of a poem she wrote titled Kim And I Were Never Friends, Jay Just Liked Her Around Because He Sometimes Thinks About Her When We Bone. Hey, You Do What You Have To Do To Keep The Spark In A Marriage, You Know?

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