No, Beyonce Isn’t Pregnant Again, Shut Up

Back in July, Beyonce started changing song lyrics to make it sound she was getting a divorce which turned out to be a bullshit hoax to sell tickets. It was a lesson learned by everyone, and only an idiot would try pulling the same stunt twice, so here’s Jay Z changing song lyrics to make it sound like Beyonce’s pregnant now. Radar reports:

Jay Z reportedly made a surprise announcement that his wife Beyonce is expecting their second child during the pair’s On The Run tour stop in Paris last night.
According to French concertgoers, the rapper, 44, changed the lyrics in his song “Beach Is Better” to say “cause she pregnant with another one.”

Call my cynical, but I’m not believing a word of this shit until I see a stomach fold in half again followed by a surrogate’s lifeless body washing up on shore in a blood-stained hospital gown, the glimmer of a lavish lifestyle gone from her eyes, and wow, that got oddly specific. This is why you don’t beat your kids.

Photos: INFphoto