Beyonce’s Ass Has A New Video

February 26th, 2014 // 68 Comments

Here’s Beyonce‘s new video for “Partition” as in “driver roll up the partition please, I don’t need you seeing ‘Yonce on her knees,” because it’s a song about blowing Jay Z and letting him “Monica Lewinsky all over my gown.” (Actual lyrics.) For you see, Beyonce just wants to be the kind of girl that Jay Z likes, and that kind of a girl is a stripper who will let you splooge all over her clothes. Because, really, deep down, who doesn’t want that? Even your mom does.

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  1. IndustrialBunni

    YES! FINALLY ITS AVAILABLE!!!!!! It’s incredible.

  2. JC

    A Monica Lewinsky reference? Way to keep it fresh, Bey-Bey.

  3. JungleRed

    God she’s such a tasteless whore! What does Obama see in her? Ever since Clinton lowered the bar, this is what passes for presidential side pussy?

  4. Dick Spit

    I seen better asses on white girls. Bey hanging out with Palt-urd too much. – pancake assin’. Spongebob Square Cheeks

    • Rubick's Doob

      What the fuck are you saying? Try using English and grammar, you fucktard.

      • Dick Spit

        I seen better asses on white girls. Sponge Bob Square Cheeks. – is it really that hard to understand? Wait – I forgot old ass repubs visit this site on the daily. Sorry for my comments being a little over your head gramps.

    • Tellis

      Lies! Beyoncé’s body is Gorgeous!

  5. Robb7

    God, she’s gone full Kardashian!!

    • Tavlin

      You must be a Kardashian worker who lives on the blogs. Kim has already been busted for paying y’all to do this.

      Kim is jealous of Beyoncé! She will never be as classy an Bey!

  6. Well done, Feminist Movement. Reap the fruits of your labors.

  7. Suck it

    Cool, so their daughter won’t be mortified one day when she is old enough to understand the video/song lyrics?

  8. I guess I’m not surprised that ‘yonce won’t swallow.

  9. beyonce’s ass has a zip code and gravity.

    • You could roughly calculate the gravitational force of beyonce’s ass and your dick using the following equation.

      Force of gravity = (mass of your dick) x (mass of beyonce’s ass) / (distance between your dick and beyonce’s ass)^2

      • Dox

        That would work, but you left out a few things.
        First of which, is that its all theoretical at this point. Since nothing, not even light escapes Beyoncé’s ass, we have no way to measure.
        Second of which, was the revision of the theorem that there is no actual even horizon anymore, and that eventually Beyoncé’s Ass will explode, releasing all the radiation, information, and spooge it has collected over the years.

        We call this… Dox’s Revised Theory of Gravitational Phenomena Revolving around the Giant Asses of Celebrities.

        As clearly demonstrated in my paper, this is apparently the epitome of human evolution and the best we can offer. Thus we are all doomed.

        Enjoy your coffee.

      • Instead of solving that equation with math, I’ll wait for the movie.
        Probably titled, “Backdoor Rap Girlfriend”

      • Dox

        Actually… I think I just saw the trailer for it.

        It was called…


  10. Suck it

    Is this Bizarro World? Where Beyonce is trying to be like Kim K, and not the other way around like in our universe?

  11. Mariah

    That ass shot is too much for me. The video would tolerable without that.

  12. Mariah

    Actually no, the video is too vulgar for me… The song is good.

    • erocalous

      Seriously, you are on this website saying this is too vulgar for you. That shit is hilarious.

      • Mariah

        This web site doesn’t get millions of views like Beyonce’s video. Beyonce has many young fans she really should think about what kind of influence and message she is giving to people. That video is porn.

  13. Beyonce Naked Butt Stripping Partition Video
    Commented on this photo:

    Now….that is a good!!!

  14. Beyonce Naked Butt Stripping Partition Video
    Commented on this photo:

    I like this one better….Best one.

  15. “He Monica Lewinsky’ed all on my gown”? What? Didn’t he “Bill Clinton” all on your gown? Or do I misunderstand the mechanics of these interactions?

    • Dox

      Actually that’s a good point. Since Lewinsky didn’t actually produce any… body fluids, it would make no sense to use that as a metaphor.
      Rather if he “Monika Lewinsky’d” that would mean, he performed fellatio on a cigar…. on her dress?

      • Fancy Face

        The line is “He Monica Lewinski’d all on my gown.” Followed by “Oh, there daddy, daddy didn’t bring the towel.”

        As in, he either got a hand or a blow “work” and showed his appreciation all over her clothes. Because that’s what she does in order to be the kind of girl he likes. Seeing how personality is soooooooo overrated in a Beyonce song.

  16. Beyonce Naked Butt Stripping Partition Video
    Commented on this photo:

    “The number one movie was called: Ass. And that’s all it was for 90 mins. It won eight oscars that year including best screenplay.”

  17. I like her ass very much.

  18. Fancy Face

    Same director, casting crew, wardrobe and makeup leftovers from every Rhiana video ever? How can this NOT be good?

  19. Cock Dr

    They should have put a tighter corset on her….because she’s still “singing”.

  20. needledick

    I’m looking at a white butt so .. Beyonce is white ? I remember a famous African-American singer from the 70-80-90′s who turned white also before finally dying of whiteness, is it a virus within the negro community ? Glad to see Jay-Z’s keeping it real

  21. meme

    ok beyawnce you win. you are now the queen of trash. right behind you is miley and all those kuntrashians.

  22. thecrazybetty

    so let me get this straight… the kind of girl jayz likes is a black girl who looks like a white girl and acts like a stripper or who maybe is a stripper? hmmm…. and here I always thought he had a thing for the menz.

  23. Beyonce Naked Butt Stripping Partition Video
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    this must be sasha fierce. she looks possessed.

  24. Beyonce Naked Butt Stripping Partition Video
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    very handy.

  25. Edward Elizabeth Hitler

    This shit isn’t music. End of fucking story. And would the predominantly FEMALE consumers of this garbage kindly “Cobain” themselves? (See, I can make a 90′s reference too…oooh take that, Swansons!)

  26. Beyonce Naked Butt Stripping Partition Video
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    It’s like Coco’s ass melded with Gaga’s. O_O

  27. Beyonce Naked Butt Stripping Partition Video
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    Sweet Jesus. Popping major wood at work. Think unsexy thoughts, think unsexy thoughts.

  28. Beyonce Naked Butt Stripping Partition Video
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    I could fap to that.

  29. TheSufFan

    i thought women usually have babies and get a little less slutty, beyonce has had the exact opposite transformation.

  30. Beyonce Naked Butt Stripping Partition Video
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    Why hasn’t she done a Carl’s Jr commercial? Her ass is the same color, shape and texture as the bun on the hamburger I ate from there.

  31. pix

    ugh. shes gone all miley. wtf is going on with these loser women?

  32. Mama Pinkus

    I’m convinced all these super-star divas are extreme narcissists.

  33. This moronic trash isn’t even music. If a rack of audio equipment started to malfunction and make random sounds, it would be something like this. She doesn’t even look great in this either. This video-just incredibly dumb through and through. Why did I waste a minute of my time typing this about an utter irrelevancy.

  34. dolce

    I find it interesting that most of these negative responses are from women. I’m a girl too, but why would a guy hate a video like this? Some women are so annoying. She’s sexy, the video is sexy, she has a great body (I’m sure better than all of ours and I like my body a lot), and she’s hot. No need to pretend like she’s suddenly gross because her video is sexy.

  35. tlmck


  36. Freebie

    Its a shame, she has talent but is stooping to porn to be noticed.

  37. Beyonce’s lovely to look at, but her man’s got a face like a boiled foot.

  38. Suck Off

    She has body doubles in half of this.

  39. Beyonce Naked Butt Stripping Partition Video
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    simply disgraceful.

  40. Tellis


  41. Beyonce Naked Butt Stripping Partition Video
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    Why did you go there Beyonce? You are so talented, our girls do not have allot of women to look up, Disappointed…

  42. Beyonce Naked Butt Stripping Partition Video
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    I feel very sorry for Beyoncé and jLO.They are both trying their hardest to act 20.Grow up and act like a mother now.Beyonce looks like she flipped her lid with her new naked videos.INSECURE.Same thing for JLO.It is scary getting older but it happens to everyone if they are lucky enough to live hat long.We are all sick of these girls trying to prove something by taking their clothes off.I likd them better when they had a little respect for themselves and came off clasy.

  43. Beyonce Naked Butt Stripping Partition Video
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    hahahaha brilliant comment

  44. Beyonce Naked Butt Stripping Partition Video
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    gotta admit, thats a great shot.

  45. Beyonce Naked Butt Stripping Partition Video
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    i like this one the most!!!!!!1

  46. Beyonce Naked Butt Stripping Partition Video
    Alfie Alvarado
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    is there no limit to how much skin B is eager to show? It’s one thing if she didn’t have any talent. When you have musical talent like she does, there no need to show and put your body on display like that.

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