Divorce? What Divorce?

July 30th, 2014 // 10 Comments
Jay Z Blue Ivy Beyonce Instagram

Over the past two weeks, the New York Post has dedicated its life to proving Jay Z and Beyonce are getting a divorce because he cheated with Rihanna, so here’s Beyonce’s first attempt at either refuting or downplaying those rumors by posting an Instagram photo of Jay Z holding Blue Ivy (above). More importantly, she posted this picture of her breasts which seemed like a useful clue at the time. Maybe there are divorce documents between them. You never know, you never know.

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  1. Short Round

    Are we even sure that’s Blue Ivy? It could be a fake baby like the fake pregnancy and fake delivery. Or a kidnapping picture because who knows what Beyonce has on Jay Z and he wants to keep at least one of his balls after the divorce.

  2. Russ

    WHO CARES? These two vapid fucks are in the same school of unimportant clowns as Kayne and Kim. Lead with the boobs Fish. Lead with the boobs.

  3. malaka

    i like breasts

  4. huh?

    ummm that’s not Jay Z

  5. TruthSerum

    Yeah, that’s NOT Jay Z. WAY TOO THIN.

  6. No way that’s Jay Z.

  7. Dr.J

    Oh, I thought I’d be the first Sherlock to say it – that doesn’t look anything like Jay Z. Head is wrong and Jay Z is way thicker.

  8. …the beach photo is a bittersweet goodbye to the tender, innocent days, hence why they’re walking away immersed in shadows and blue …the boobs photo is hanging a shingle on the door; “hello boys! mama is open for business!”

  9. yourallwrong

    having seen jay in person several times. i can say that is him and he is a skinny out of shape man don’t let the clothing fool u. id say he 6’2 177lbs tops

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