Beyonce Was On Some ‘Young Pope’ Shit At The Grammys

Every time Beyonce performs, she’s almost always accused of doing some crazy Illuminati shit. (Or if you’re really stupid, killing cops.) And her Grammys performance probably isn’t going to help with that first part. In fact, if we didn’t have Cool Pope™ right now, I’m pretty sure the Catholic Church would be invading Beyonce’s face because she pretty much came out on stage dressed as the Holy Madonna. Which is a level of pretentiousness that probably exploded Kanye West into ego dust. He’s dead now.

“Yo, what Bey do at the Grammys?”
“Dressed up like Jesus’s mom.”
“Mothafucka, you need to nail me to a cross. Now.
“I’m only three, Daddy.”
“Why you always stoppin’ me from bein’ DOPE!?!”

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