The CMAs Tried To Scrub Beyonce From Its Website, Social Media

Despite joking earlier today about how the hell Beyonce ended up performing at the CMAs for a predominantly backwoods white audience who pissed themselves stupid after her Super Bowl show dared to suggest that maybe cops should stop murdering so many black people, the answer is of course obvious: Ratings. And the CMAs wanted ratings so bad, they actually let Beyonce invite the goddamn Dixie Chicks who are still the pariahs of the country music world for criticizing George W. Bush over a decade ago. Which is stupendously rich for a demographic that just spent the past eight years calling our current president a gay Kenyan Muslim terrorist with a tranny wife.

Anyway, I find it hard to believe that at least one person in the middle of this process didn’t say something like, “Hey, do you guys know how many racists listen to country music? It’s a lot.” So the CMAs really shouldn’t have been surprised when white people fucking freaked because they’re taking their cues from an orange colostomy bag who’ll start spewing shit at the slightest poke.

And so like morons, the CMAs spent the afternoon scrubbing Beyonce from its website and social media accounts to appease the racist shitnado it should’ve known was coming. And I say like morons because people are going to notice when the most controversial awards show performance of the moment featuring one of the biggest pop stars in the world starts disappearing. Which is exactly what happened because after catching wind of the entire media reporting on the shit the CMAs were trying to pull, they started frantically tossing Beyonce back onto their Instagram account. But obviously the damage was already done because you’re reading this post if not the hundred others that have popped up to milk that SEO gravy.

So just to be clear, in the year 2016, an entire music industry flinched after a bunch of white assholes couldn’t handle seeing a black woman performing on an awards show. This is what they mean by “Make America Great Again.”

Fuck that.

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