Beyoncé Bey-Beywatch Day 3: Let’s Make It About North West

While Twitter continues to “Yaas” itself into a coma over more Beyoncé labor rumors, the Kardashian family will be sending North West to bed without dinner tonight for not meeting her quota for Instagram likes on her 4th birthday. I can only assume that the Kash klan is fuming over the fact that two babies, who may not even exist yet, have stolen the spotlight of their top child client, North West.

As of yesterday, Twitter felt like a World Cup match full of droning vuvuzelas making the “yaas” sound over rumors that the 5th floor of UCLA hospital had been cleared for Beyoncé and her entourage. While you’d expect we’d have caught a glimpse of the ‘beybies’ by now (will they have spots?), or at least heard news that Beyoncé didn’t die, the whereabouts of Solange and Beyonce’s mother are hinting that no puppies have been birthed. From Refinery29:

According to E! News, Beyoncé’s mother and sister were spotted out and about Los Angeles on Wednesday doing some pretty everyday things. Solange and her husband Alan Ferguson stopped by Gracias Madre for lunch, and, according to Instagram, Tina Knowles spent the day at Disneyland.

If Bey had just given birth to her twin pups, it’s doubtful that her sister and her mom would be out doing “everyday things”. Disneyland is an everyday thing, right?

More to come as this story develops, but just out of curiosity- what do we do once these kids pop out? After the initial congratulatory wave goes over, what changes? Will the honeybees come back? Will the icecaps reform? Will there at least be Beyoncé-themed flavors of Fresca for us to enjoy? Only time will tell…