Bethenny Frankel counts as a celebrity now

June 13th, 2009 // 70 Comments

Because I don’t watch any “Housewives” show that doesn’t feature Bree Van De Kamp, I completely missed these shots of Bethenny Frankel (Real Housewives of New York) in a see-through top at the Apollo Theater 75th Anniversary Gala this week. If this is her way of joining the ranks of Paris and Lindsay, I should point out those two also had unprotected sex with a blogger without laughing at his Star Wars sheets. Just tossing that out there. (I’ll start fluffing the Yoda pillows.)

NOTE: Pics link to NSFW version that a bunch of heroic perverts emailed me about. You’ve made the world a better place, my friends.

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  1. stephanie

    suck it!

  2. stephanie


  3. hacksaw

    I’d hit it.

  4. Mushroom


  5. Schadrool

    Nice matzah balls!

  6. Zippy the Wonder Slug

    mmm…MILFpie, MILFpie!!!!

    I’d like to motorboat those for a couple of hours!

  7. holio

    no camel toe?

  8. Spoonman

    She’s too old for me to want to click past those little stars.

  9. bah

    who the fuck is that?

  10. quake

    she knew what she was doing

  11. Zee Brat

    She is the only celebrity on any of the Real Housewives. She’s a chef. Nice tits Bethanny.

  12. crowley

    I’d also hit it

  13. JMac

    … because that’s NOT trashy.

  14. vito

    Too bad she’s not a Toyota. She’s got some miles on her…

  15. annoying spelling bee champion

    It’s Apollo. Not Appolo. Apollo. And to return to topic, I’d be all over that like a twenty dollar suit.

  16. blindkangaroo

    I don’t care who she is …. I’d tap that!

  17. Dana

    OMG does anyone see those scars underneath her boobs?! They look like freaking worm canals! Ewww…

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  20. cracka ass

    I’d lick her vag.

  21. Venom

    I would do Bethenny rotten and yes, I too am not happy that there was no camel toe.
    Good work Bethenny, and keep it up.

  22. freshym

    Um… Is it just me or is her vag visible as well?

  23. Rhialto


  24. #18 – that’s part of the dress, a bit of boob support reinforcement. Though I do think she’s had a boob job, they don’t hang naturally for their size. Oh well …

  25. captain america

    the secret?
    …………………..WEARING NO BRA, folks!!

  26. Ricor

    Another random nobody, who cares. I only come here to laugh at these pathetic people who think they are of some value. Remember, their job is to entertain US, the masses. Can anyone say court jester??? I can’t think of a more demeaning job.

  27. Ted Kennedy's tumor

    Sorry Zippy, she is not a MILF. She is the only New York Housewife with no kids. I think she is divorced.

    She is pretty hot for her age though!

  28. Jack Nicholson

    Am I the ONLY one that thinks she looks like me as the Joker?

    Look at that evil smile!

  29. Those plastic compounds looks like a betrayal to mother nature dont they. Shes bangable though! im sure ill retract my glowing statement once i found who she is…

  30. Fashion Reviewer

    That is a great look. This is the kind of fashion that I can appreciate. Ladies you can go to dinner and a Play and then slide down a pole for truckers at the megaplaza. It is versatile and allows the wearer to express confidence and alertness. Please… “whomever”… let this be the beginning of a trend.

  31. JaniceGunit

    OMG, you guys are sooooo easy to impress. She is an old hag, her boobs look disgusting. She has totally had a boob job and her nipples look gross all smashed under that outfit. Her face is full of so much botox that she can’t even smile convincingly.

  32. Super

    Ew .. I don’t wanna see old witch tits.

  33. lairnev

    is that a sweat line on her legs?!?

  34. Dee

    How desperate is this chick to be famous?? seriously.

  35. Kelley

    Hideous fake tits … almost as bad as Posh Spice’s boob-job … bolt-ons. That jaw-line is enough to scare you !!

  36. Her areola is as coarse, as a disk of rice cake!

  37. Rossi

    I’m going to agree with those who know that a lot of plastic surgery can’t really hide age. She looks like middle-aged Barbie after a few wealthy husbands and a mid-life crisis. Which is utterly unattractive.

    Now where is the person who’s going to call us liars for finding that unappealing? The really desperate one who would hit that all night long and feels better about it by assuming we’re all in old-lady-pseudo-celebrity denial?

  38. alfalfa

    Another nobody?

  39. never heard of her…

  40. Kathleen

    Hot for her age but I hate her nose!
    Wonder how plastic she is…

  41. thebalterdirl

    Look at her mouth…isn’t that Jim Carrey in the Grinch who Stole Christmas?
    She’s doable but would melt near a fire and something tells me she is wacked

    just another reason to thank God for Japanese porn

  42. Zee Brat

    Lol, she’s not a money grubbing whore like the other Housewives. She’s single Chef who writes a column in the New York Times.

  43. Alli Watermelon

    That’s an ugly dress. Why does she look like Paula Abdul?

  44. Mama Pinkus

    don’t know this gal but the bolted-on headlights distract from her striking eyes

  45. God


    The hangy skin under her implants make my penis limp. Her sin can’t even support her implants, so gross. If God, i mean “i” didn’t give you nive big natural tits, then you should have stayed flat chested my dear.

    Some is off about her eyes and her jaw could cut glass. NOT milfy.

  46. lasdfja

    That’s some deep yummy camel toe

  47. Bulemic jawline alert!

  48. I’d fuck dat who-uh, Frankie. Oh yeah I would.

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