Bethenny Frankel Wore Her Daughter’s Clothes, Pissed Off Mommy Bloggers

July 15th, 2014 // 56 Comments

On Sunday, Bethenny Frankel posted an Instagram photo of herself in her four-year-old daughter Bryn’s clothes which apparently pissed off a bunch of mommy bloggers concerned about unhealthy body images (?) and whatever it is mommy bloggers like to complain about. Not that I’m saying this shit is right, I just feel like the more pressing issue is her daughter walking around asking complete strangers if they know how Bethenny got her scars. Plus her pockets are full of nothing but knives and lint. That can’t be sanitary.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin, INFdaily, Pacific Coast News, WENN


  1. Goddamn, her 4-year-old’s got some big feet.

  2. Where's Dildo

    Wanna know how I got these scars?

  3. Yikes…that wallpaper is fugly.

  4. Wearing a toddler’s pj’s doesn’t change the fact that Skinnygirl is complete garbage. That goes for the beverage as well.

  5. Nice to know she’s kicking off the eating disorder that her daughter will be plagued with all her life at such a early age. Nothing says “bonding” like sharing laxatives and monitoring each other’s weigh-ins to make sure you both aren’t sliding into those porky first grade sizes.

  6. Well, that’s one way to combat childhood obesity.

    • Brian

      Also pedophilia. Anyone who wanted to bang a toddler before is going to forever associate Hello Kitty with the dehydrated cross dressing corpse of Jack Nicholson. Bethenny Frankel just saved the children.

  7. JC

    Forget mommy bloggers–this should offend anyone blessed with sight.

  8. MelGibsonsSanity

    “apparently pissed off a bunch of mommy bloggers concerned about unhealthy body images ”

    Anytime a mommy blogger mentions “unhealthy body images” you can translate it as “I’m a fat, lazy slob who sits around in my pajamas all day wondering why my husband looks at other women who still bother putting on makeup every day.”

    • Pretty much, yeah.

    • Deacon Jones

      Agree 100%.

      I have 3 buddies who have been going through this with their wives. All of them have decided to become a stay-at-home mommy.

      All they do is sit on Facebook all day long and post articles like “Why Moms have Anxiety, and Why Its Not in Your Head!” or “Top 20 Things People Dont Understand about “Us” !”

      Yet when they come home, the house is a shit hole and dinner’s not ready. And the fucking baby sleeps most of the day. Oh, and they’re on their couch typing on their phones with the TV on.

  9. go juice

    Sexy and rapey until viewing the shoes.

  10. This woman looks unhealthy to me…her face is gaunt and she appears sickly.

    Being thin doesn’t mean you’re healthy.

  11. Kevin Stern

    Personally I am all for us teaching our daughters to be fat little piggies. There is nothing I love more than a hog in bed…

  12. mental illness is a real problem with women and she is just another example.

  13. brtn

    The Joker just keeps getting more and more out there. Has to be crazier than Heath’s, I guess.

  14. Oh BABY

    Being fat or obese isn’t healthy. The mommy bloggers and the talking heads on entertainment shows would rather take their collective ire out on someone who has a more attractive and healthier relationship with food than they do.

    I was amused by Frankel’s photo, and it reminded me of a time when I too could fit in a four-year-old’s pajamas. Instead of pissing me off, Frankel has inspired me to get back into shape.

    If I have a “body image” problem, it’s because I’ve been lax during the last decade, and let some bad habits take hold. If I’m not happy with how my body looks, it’s within my power to change it as long as I do it in a smart, healthy way.

    So thank you, Bethany Frankel, for the photo you posted. You may be a neurotic mess, and your Skinny Girl products may be garbage, but you have reminded me of what I once was and can, with a little effort, be again.

    • Kevin Stern

      Yeah, it’s like when women got all pissed off about Kate Upton walking slow in a tank top (with a bra under it) but do not express outrage for every underwear or swimsuit commercial. Pure jealousy is all it is. I bet all the moms complaining are all obese.

      • Like there isn’t any obsession, jealousy and competitiveness in Frankel’s flaunting the fact that she can wear her 4 year old daughter’s clothes? In another ten years the rivalry she has with her kid is gonna be full-blown and a creepy, sad sight to behold.

      • Kevin Stern

        I am not suggesting that she isn’t took skinny, doesn’t have mental issues, or is a good mother, I am just irritated that any time someone suggests little girls don’t be fat slobs people start screaming eating disorders. Obesity kills people too. Girls should be taught to have a HEALTHY body image, not sickly skinny, but not a pig.

      • Then do some research, because you and your “irritation” are part of the problem. “Suggest[ing that] little girls don’t be fat slobs” is exactly the sort of shit that does create eating disorders – because having the right “body image” isn’t the sort of thing a little girl should have to think about, let alone worry over. In fact, suggesting that anyone who thinks Frankel is fucked in the head must be fat, jealous or a “pig” is a mind fuck – it’s about as far away from teaching a kid about a “HEALTHY body image” as you can get. If Ben Affleck posted a pic to Instagram proudly wearing his 4 year old son’s clothes, would you be claiming that everyone who thought the lunchmeat fell off his sandwich must be jealous of him because he’s not a fat pig? Mommy bloggers are the bane of the earth, but don’t let them hijack what’s important here.

        You do know eating disorders can start in the single-digit ages, right? And that children of eating disorder parents are 10 times more likely to need treatment for one? This photo is why – in spite of Frankel’s claim that she’s beaten her eating disorders it’s not promoting anything except her unhealthy obsession with competition, perfection and size.

      • Kevin Stern

        Can you read? Seriously, can you read? Where did I say she has a healthy body image? Where, stupid? Stop going on your bitchy rants and read what I said. Do some research? My wife is a nurse and suffered from an eating disorder when she was a teen, you asshole. I never said women should be a size 0. I said there is a middle ground between eating disorder and obese. Maybe you should do some research on the effects of obesity, since that is what you are promoting.

      • Where? Well, let’s see, shall we? First, nowhere did I say that you think her image is healthy – what you wrote is that all the women/moms who are outraged are jealous/obese – in other words, they have cause to envy Frankel’s wearing her child’s clothes. Then came your notion that a “body image”, healthy or otherwise, is something that little girls should be taught about, along with the judgment that they shouldn’t be “fat slobs” and “pigs”. Reading comprehension, it’s a wonderful thing – try putting your brain in gear and apply some when you write.

        Secondly, if your wife is a nurse and had an eating disorder, she should slap some fucking sense into you because it’s never a case of acquire an eating disorder or face obesity, and attaching labels like “fat slob” and “pig” to kids who you’ve determined aren’t “healthy” is, again, part of the problem. That fear of becoming a despised “flat slob” and “pig” is the sort of shit that led one of my high school classmates to starve herself from an average/”healthy” weight down to 68 lbs. and what eventually killed another one years later due to premature kidney failure. Get a fucking clue – eating disorders share an aspect of body dysmorphic disorders in terms of skewed perception, which is something that you don’t seem to get, because if you did you wouldn’t have written any of the drivel that you did. Get over yourself- criticizing your “teaching” methods for “promoting a middle ground” (srsly?) as being woefully counterproductive is hardly promoting obesity.

      • Kevin Stern

        Hey fat slob, get the fuck over yourself. Stop reading into the stuff I say, and take it lightly. Are you familiar with this site? Does this look like a serious site for intellectual discussions? I come here for the tit pics and make occasional stupid remarks.

        Do I think little girls should be “taught” body image? Of course! In a classroom setting! That is called sarcasm. On the same note, posting this picture on instagram is not TEACHING. Kate Upton walking slowly is not TEACHING. The shape of a Barbi Doll is not TEACHING.

        My first comment was in regards to the Super Bowl commercial that had Kate Upton walking slowly in a black tank top. “Moms were outraged!” Why were moms outraged? They aren’t outraged when there are bra commercials, so why are they outraged at Kate Upton in a tank top? People give her shit for being fat. So why are moms outraged?

        The best thing a parent could do is not let their kid get involved in social media and read on websites like THE SUPERFICIAL. You are getting all pissy because I make a comment about using the words “slob” and “Pig?” Do you know what fucking website you are on? This site is about tits and calling people fat. Once again, get the fuck over yourself.

      • Kevin Stern

        I mean seriously…you are bitching about body image on a site called The Superficial. Think about that for a minute…

      • Lance Armstrong would be crying himself to sleep tonight after witnessing the speed of all that backpedalling, if you didn’t trip all over your dick so much. Here’s some advice, nimrod – the “I was joking, it’s sarcasm, duh” excuse is far more plausible if it comes BEFORE the petulant stamping around demanding that people look at what you wrote, and they better not misunderstand you because you’re crusading to keep America’s youth from the scourge of obesity. Afterwards is too late; you’ve lost all credibility.

        Yeah, I know what the site is, so if you think you’ve scored some stunning coup of logic because you suddenly remembered it’s a celebrity T & A gossip site, that’s yet another failure in what’s probably a long line of flameouts. Because what Fish doesn’t do is put little kids on the site and subject them to scrutiny and criticism – or did you miss the universal wish here that Farrah Abraham’s kid gets put in foster care five minutes ago? Conflating Kate Upton’s tits in a bra and this screwed up woman wearing her toddler’s clothing simply because some anonymous “moms” are outraged at both is beyond imbecilic, but apparently they’re firmly linked together in your tiny mind since outrage = jealous fatties on every occasion. Kate Upton’s a big girl in more ways than one, and I’m sure she can take care of herself; it appears that little girls are only fair game in your world. Good luck with that, and please don’t breed.

        In other words, you’ve had both your feet jammed into your cake-hole ever since you decreed what people shouldn’t get outraged over and what little girls should be taught. And since your head’s pretty fuckin’ fat, I’m betting they aren’t exactly Healthy Choice, either.

      • yoyoyo

        I thought people were done with KU – I would be what less ‘jealous’ in your eyes if she had a little waist and calf muscles

  15. Pedo Bear

    seal of approval

  16. DocJ

    What the hell is wrong with her face?

  17. buzz

    Meh….stretchy clothes are stretchy. I bet that outfit was ruined for her daughter afterward because it got blown out.

    Make the old ass mom wear a pair of 4T denim and see what happens.

  18. PassingTrue

    Why exactly would you want to wear your child’s clothes and beyond that, why would you be photographed? Is Skinny Girl starting a new dating service for developmentally impaired suitors?

    Granted, there’s a million cable channels out there, but it’s got to be a pretty discrete market.

  19. Yeah, it’s narcissistic and unhealthy to pose in her daughter’s clothes, but let’s not lose sight of the real issue here. How did someone transplant the head of Heath Ledger as the Joker onto the body of a Holocaust survivor with fake tits?

  20. Am I going to be the only one to call TOTAL FUCKING BULLSHIT on this whole thing? Those are not clothes that would fit a 4 year old.

    She’s wearing adult sized clothing…well, adult concentration camp sized clothing, but you get the point.

    And just because I can’t hold it in any more, SWEET MOTHER OF GOD but this chick is ugly!

  21. those are a 4 year olds clothes?
    whos the daddy- king kong?

  22. Slash

    If she had green hair, she’d look exactly like the Joker wearing a Hello Kitty shirt.

  23. BSName

    This 43 year old woman is desperately clinging to youth by competing with her 4 year old daughter. That child is in need of a stable mother. Someone call child services.

  24. CK

    Hello Joker

  25. She fits into her daughter’s clothing? So what! Her daughter is 22 years old.

  26. If that woman were any harder to look at, Homeland Security would ship her off to Gitmo.

  27. that face ( and everything else about her) is just scary. you can tell that face is botoxed to terri hatcher levels.

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