Bethenny Frankel & Andie MacDowell Had Some White People Problems

A historic winter storm pummeled the east coast leaving thousands stranded without heat, water or electricity – and some even dead. Except none of that compares to Bethenny Frankel’s trip to Kmart where there were only two registers open and GASP! Some of the employees didn’t even speak English. It’s a miracle she made it out of there alive.

And if you think that’s racist, well, that’s your fault because Bethenny Frankel is a hero and a survivor who doesn’t have time to understand things for you.

Meanwhile, Andie MacDowell’s life almost ended in a similar tragedy of unparalleled injustice when she was forced to fly coach – Or downgraded to “tourist,” as she called it in a blatant move to wetten Gwyneth Paltrow’s silkworm vagina steam mitten. – after her dog wasn’t allowed in first class with her. Let me just repeat all of that, Andie MacDowell’s pet wasn’t allowed to fly with her in the luxury section of a flying machine, which was apparently worth a Twitter rant, so that others might take arms in her battles against tyranny and oppression. So let’s swing back to politics, which candidate is promising to destroy the country so a new one can be reborn in its place? Is it Trump? Because if it’s Trump, I’ll vote for Trump, but I need to see the device first. None of that prophecy shit. I’m talking some sort of earthquake machine or even a nuke under every Walmart. It doesn’t have to be fancy.

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Photos: AKM-GSI