Bethenny Frankel Had A Miscarriage, Regrets Cameras Weren’t Rolling

“If this kid gets hit by a taxi before they start filming, I swear to God…”

Part of having your own reality show is making sure that when a new season starts you exploit anything and everything you can to get people talking about you. And if it’s something deeply tragic and/or controversial, you want to make sure to say something about being someone “other women can relate to” even though most other women can’t spin their personal tragedies into a marketing vehicle to get even richer and/or hand their current baby to the nanny so they can jet off to the Bahamas to cope for a weekend. Anyway… Here’s Bethenny basically saying the miscarriage isn’t on the new season because that would be a tactless exploitation of a private tragedy, but only because it happened right after they wrapped. Argh! Via RadarOnline:

“I have thought about other women more than myself … I can’t believe what people go through if they can’t even have the one. You go through a roller coaster of emotions about it — you go through a million different things.”
Asked about having more children, Bethenny said she’s “not really thinking” about that at this time.
She added the miscarriage will not be seen in any storylines on her show this season.
“That is not something that has been dealt with on the show,” she said. “That is very recent.”

“Unfortunately, we can’t all be like those lucky sonofabitch Duggars, amirite? At least their fetus had the common courtesy to abort itself during production. Mine couldn’t even help me bank an episode. Ha! Kids.”

Photos: Fame/Flynet, Splash News