Bethenny Frankel’s Divorce Is Going Well

January 8th, 2013 // 35 Comments
The One That Got Away
Bethenny Frankel Daughter Bryn
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If you’ve seen just one minute of Bethenny Frankel‘s reality show, you’ve either already committed suicide or are not at all surprised to learn she’s getting a divorce from Jason Hoppy because she’s a crazy woman who actually thought airing her therapy sessions would make her look like a reasonable person capable of rational thought. Rational thought like protecting her image by suing her soon-to-be-ex-husband for full custody and child support despite sitting on $50 million of her own money that’s protected by a pre-nup. RadarOnline reports:

“Bethenny is beyond obsessed with money, sadly. Bethenny has worked tirelessly to control how she is portrayed in the press, and she is watching it now all start to unravel with divorce, and it has her freaked out,” the source says.
The former The Real Housewives of New York City star’s divorce turned ugly as she filed to have primary custody of their two-year-old daughter.
“Jason will file his response and will most likely seek joint custody of Bryn. Jason is also floored that Bethenny is asking for child support from him since she is worth at least $50 million. This divorce isn’t going to be amicable, by any means,” the source previously told us.

Of course, a simple way for Bethenny to protect her “empire” would be to let a father occasionally see his daughter and not sue his dick off for child support she doesn’t need. But then, of course, he “wins” and he cannot win. He ALWAYS wins by getting reasonable things a person should be allowed to have and she’s tired of it. God, just once can he listen to her without making valid, non-crazy points? That’s all she’s asking.

(A bunch of you are really looking forward to going home tonight, aren’t you? You’re welcome.)

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  1. USDA Prime McBeef

    You’re a monster, Ms. Frankel. Your heart’s an empty hole. Your brain is full of spiders. You’ve got garlic in your soul, Ms. Frankel.

    I wouldn’t touch you with a thirty-nine-and-a-half foot pole!

  2. EricLr

    What I want to know is, who’s going to be the lucky fella to land this catch now that she’s single. I mean, spoiled, batshit crazy, and with a toddler in tow too?!? Who WOULDN’T want that?

  3. Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t he stop his career to help her manage ‘Skinny Girl’? I think that would be a benefit for him in court.

  4. Always said this chick was a fraud and was lying about her net worth. If she was so damn rich like she would like you to believe, there is no way she would be trying to get child support. I bet her true net worth is closer to $4 million.

    • Bethenny sold the Skinny Girl Margarita brand for 120 million. The 50 million net worth estimate is accurate and may even be on the low side.

      • You should go to business school and learn how finance actually works. She was a brokeass bitch with no money so that means she had backers and she was just a face, a figurehead. If she made $10 million on that whole deal I would be shocked.

        When this goes to court, there will be discovery and if it is leaked we will know her true net worth. Donald Trump has been saying for years he is a billionaire and is yet to produce one shred of evidence that he is.

        If she could actually get that kind of money for that shitty new brand then Diddy would be a multi-billionaire based on his sales and ownership of Ciroc, and he is not.

      • Actually, I am studying for a graduate degree in economics in London.

        And you should learn to do research before you attack people.

        Here’s the truth of it:

        “Bethenny’s Skinnygirl Cocktails Deal

        In 2011 Frankel announced that she sold Skinnygirl Cocktails to Beam Global. Beam owns labels like Jim Beam, Makers Mark, Courvoisier, Sauza and many more. It was initially reported that the sales price was an astonishing $120 million. That amount was particularly astonishing because, as the founder and majority owner, Frankel would take the entire amount home herself (minus taxes).”

        Frankel was the majority owner, with 55% of the company. 55%x120 million – 15% (long-term capital gains tax) = $56.1 million.

        As I wrote before, $50 million net worth is on the conservative side, as I assume her gains were invested and are yielding an income and appreciation.

        In addition, Frankel’s deal includes a percentage of sales on a continuing basis, so she is a very wealthy lady, indeed, as the brand continues to sell quite well.

        As for you, Jefe? OWNED.

      • Jefe sure got quiet *crickets*

  5. judgingyou

    So she’s still crazy…..

  6. Mitch

    I can’t believe that any sane man would ever get involved with this overbearing bitch. I hope she dies alone and friendless, well, we know she will so I don’t even need to hope for it.

  7. What an idiot

    She’s truly ugly. Inside and out. I hope the judge rules for joint custody, just to burn her arrogant moneygrubbing ass…

  8. little turtle head


  9. Schmidtler

    There’ll be a line of dudes a mile long waiting to subject themselves to this crazy bitch’s abuse, because she has a vagina, and isn’t hideous.

  10. blech

    Where’s her black eye? Fail…

  11. Dear Lord,

    I haven’t really prayed for anything yet this year, but I think I’ve finally figured out what I… nay, what the world needs. Whatever happened in that writer’s strike that brought on this scourge of “reality TV” schlock – that’s gotta be undone. We’ve got morons on top of morons getting increasingly more air time during which to be morons, and morons at home are eating this shit up, which is perpetuating the cycle. So, in summary, either kill all the morons, or cancel all TV that isn’t HBO or Showtime. Amen.

  12. She’s going to get full custody and child support from this poor bastard, because all the courts see is “Mom+child+ father must pay” They don’t give a fuck about the men in these kinds of situations.

    Dude should’ve been more careful where he put his dick.

    • That second plus sign was supposed to be an equal sign.

      • blech

        The courts shouldn’t give a fuck about the dude and his financial situation. The courts need to look out for the rights of the child and no matter how much money mom has, more is always better. Ergo dad pays. Don’t like it? Use a fucking rubber. Having babies is not some mysterious process, it’s totally preventable.

      • You know that’s bullshit. This is simply a woman using her child as a weapon against the man she’s divorcing. If she wants full custody let her fucking pay for everything the child needs.

        And trust me, I’ll definitely use a rubber. I don’t want to have myself or my child biologically inked to a woman who thinks like you.

      • blech

        Actually I’m a man with with kids. But your greedy ass shouldn’t be having them until you learn they (the kids) are more important than your beer money.

      • I don’t drink alcohol and I never implied that you were a woman. Let’s just hope you never find yourself at the mercy of the courts in a divorce. Then you’ll realize that when it comes to things like this, a man is just a walking wallet to the state and your ex (if she’s vindictive enough)

  13. Brandy

    So wait a minute, just because she’s done very well for herself, that means that she should therefore be responsible for the entire cost of their child’s upbringing? That’s like punishing her for doing well, and rewarding him for her success.

    By this logic, women should not try to be successful because then that will mean that they don’t “deserve” child support. Both parents decided to have a child. They are both equally responsible for paying for that child’s upbringing. Divorce doesn’t change that.

    Why should he have to pay nothing at all just because she is successful? He should have to pay according to what he can afford to contribute. That doesn’t mean big bucks, but something.

    • She’s the one that wants full custody, so let her pay full price. Judging by when the kid was born and when they got married and now divorced, it looks to me like she used him to get a kid and is now kicking him to curb because he’s served his purpose.

      She wants to get rid of the man, but also keep her hand in his wallet. Marriage really is a fool’s game these days. Divorce laws are not fair to men at all.

      • Sliver

        Don, while I agree that men basically get the shaft in the court system, please don’t completely give up on marriage. Learn to trust. Someone. Please.

      • Brandy

        Custody and visitation are two completely different things. First of all, custody only really means that she has sole decision making power, not that he won’t get to see his children on a regular basis. We don’t know the reasons why she has applied for full custody, so it’s unfair to judge her for doing so. Next, just because someone has full custody does not mean that the other parent should not have to contribute to the cost of their child’s upbringing. So if one parent is abusive and loses custody, that means they should not have to pay child support anymore? If a parent runs off on their kid, is irresponsible, etc etc, then they shouldn’t have to pay child support because they don’t have custody?Again, that is rewarding a parent for bad behaviour.

        Both parents pay into the cost of raising a child. The cost should of course be proportional to their ability to pay, so if Jason makes peanuts, he’ll pay peanuts. I don’t see why this is so hard for people to understand

  14. stop 'reality'

    I am not familiar with this situation, why is she seeking sole custody? what exactly is her basis for wanting that? I agree with the others that even if only one of the parents is rich that does not mean the other parent should get out of paying child support. Reality tv is one of the major things destroying our society. it also seems to be one of the easiest things to fix. Everyone needs to just stop watching, simple enough, no?. These people are pathetic, full of greed and ugliness. Keeping up with the Kardashians? Ugh what a joke, the ultimate greedy, talentless ugliness. What a wonderful example to show our kids, by continuing to watch these shows only tells them you don’t need education talent or any skills at all. Just act like greedy obnoxious whores and your all set.

  15. Heather

    Jill Zaren created a monster. If she had never bullied her, BF would have disappeared quickly and never made the 50 million. Bethenny now makes Jill look friendly. Bethenny is truly the ugliest fake reality star…well neck and neck with Tamra Barney. Two sad skanks.

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