BEST OF 2009: Milla Jovovich Naked Time

December 30th, 2009 // 104 Comments


Posted: 9/8/2009

If these pics of Milla Jovovovich were ever removed from the Internet, the very fabric of our existence would be sucked into the resulting gap. That’s how much you guys liked looking at her vagina. Or cardboard boxes, I go back and forth.

Original: Milla Jovovich is totally nude

Photos: Purple

  1. Sheva

    Artistry and really quite beautiful. I like her hair long. Are these old pictures?

  2. mcfeely smackup

    ” 45. carolina – December 31, 2009 2:04 AM

    I’m sorry but this girl has a young boy’s body. No hips at all. She will never be able to give birth naturally one day. Do men seriously prefer these types of bodies now? I’m fucked.”

    So you think “slim and fit” = “young boy”?

    Yes fatty you are fucked. You’re an ice-cream chugging manatee and that is YOUR fault not anyone else, you are NOT a victim of unrealistic body images perpetuated by the fashion industry…you’re just FAT.

    Lose some weight or quit bitching, those are you options.

  3. jn

    Do not want.

  4. Because I'm More Aware Than You

    The woman is an exquisite work of art. A beauty.

    You weirdos who say she has a boy’s body must sleep with a lot of boys. She is a gorgeous honey pie, and a decent actress as well as being one of the God’s finest creations.

    The original series of these posted a while back are one of TS’s best posts ever.

  5. Duke Nukem

    Super hot. Ever since 5th element I’ve thought of her as near the gold standard of a woman’s body: Fit, lean, natural. I appreciate an athletic woman more than a “full figured” woman that can’t run a mile in under 15 minutes.

  6. jay

    Gorgeous ! perfect body.

  7. coolio

    milla look like aboy. i thinnk guys who lke tht look wanna bee boppin boys. she look like a skinnysknk and i wolnt do her lizard she so ugly

  8. Yeason

    Stumbled across this which has an incredibly similar punchline.

  9. Peter

    Mille kuradi pärast neid punaseid tähti eksponeeritakse kogu aeg ilusa naisterahva keha peal?

  10. wtf

    NICE tits? try NO tits. jesus.

    • Audrey

      What about Jesus?

      if you cant see those things popping out of her chest, you need some glasses. sorry but not everyone wants frickin 48DD implants sagging from their chests. most men prefer natural size that fits in the hand.

  11. Lauri

    she’s fine woman, those who don’t like her can’t never have that kind of women. maybe she’s a bit too skinny but I bet if she were overweight you would have much bigger problems about her body.

  12. Lauri

    kliki pildile, dumbass

  13. Fas(c)h(ion)ist(a)


  14. choc donut

    Boobs are too small, nipples are gross. Face is ok, but she’s a seriously boring actress. Nice legs. Anyone who wants her to shave bald is a modern generation moron. THank god she has the brains not to shave completely. Bunch of pedophiliac hair haters. THis chick has been around and had an astonishingly glamourous life for doing so little that it’s tedious to see her at all, naked or not. The only thing worse than her was watching Bruce WIllis play a schoolboy over in Fifth Element. One of the most hurl-worthy moments in semi-recent cinema.

  15. cocky

    She has the body of a little boy. You guys are gay, not that there’s anything wrong with that. :-)

    • Audrey

      you’ve been sleeping with wayyyy too many little boys if that’s all you can see now.

      show me a little boy with a tall, slender frama, boobs, and a tiny waist, fatty :-)

  16. me again


  17. Some Guy

    Terrible body! from a man’s point of view.

    We like BIG TITS, ROUND ASS and this woman has neither.

    • Audrey

      no, actually, BOYS like nasty porn stars with fake boobs, thick thighs, and ugly faces with caked on makeup. REAL men love natural, healthy women- which she is. :)

  18. Calling you on your sh*t

    Damn, people. Female bodies come in all different forms. You don’t need to have large breasts to be feminine. Those calling her a boy have been brainwashed to believe that a fake porn star body is the ideal female form. Grow up and think outside of the plastic implant.

    “From a man’s point of view”… how about YOUR point of view. I know plenty of guys who aren’t obsessed with body type.

  19. Chris

    No shape to her at all, a terrible actress too but bad in a boring way, she is also full of herself too, probably because she enjoys pulling the wool over her delusional nazi style fans and enjoys people arguing over her. Seriously she needs to get a grip and get some proper acting lessons, she always ‘acts’ like she is self conscious of the camera. I really hope no one happens in her in Hollywood (or anywhere else) again ever. No one else seems to have this cult fan base so undeserved before.

    • Audrey

      you sound like you know her personally.

      actually, no, you just sound like you’re either another jealous fat girl or some nerdy reject whose emails she never answered back. grow up some, kiddo.

  20. She looks and acts like a man! Great legs doesn’t help that sour expression, broad shoulders, chin, high cheekbone masculine face and buff body build, although the designers crave that androgynous look and mean attitude that comes from suffering with poor diet and continous strenuous exercise.

  21. I just wanna say its really nice

  22. Quidam

    Arrgh! The best shot of her ass in the air, waiting to be fucked, is missing!
    What kind of a cruel beast are you?!?!

    And those nipples!!! Brr-r-r-r-r-ing!!
    They need tonguing, pinching, and maybe some clothespins!

    A body like a fit cat — meee-yeowww!

    She needs to do some hardcore. Someone post if you see a casting call go out for extras… do female porn stars need ‘fluffers’?

  23. quidam

    Arrgh! The best shot of her ass in the air, waiting to be fucked, is missing!
    What kind of a cruel beast are you?!?!

    And those nipples!!! Brr-r-r-r-r-ing!!
    They need tonguing, pinching, and maybe some clothespins!

    A body like a fit cat — meee-yeowww!

    She needs to do some hardcore. Someone post if you see a casting call go out for extras… do female porn stars need ‘fluffers’?

  24. Jack KIng

    Gorgeous lady. Love the pubes. Still hate those nips. Several of her ex-lovers have been blinded by those things.

  25. RudeR

    How can You Call That A Body ,
    ? No Tits CoatHangers and Skinny As Fuck.
    I Could not Turn Lesbian 4That

  26. Lenny

    I love the hair on the pussy, that’s what makes a real woman. More would be even better.

  27. Twinstar

    Milla’s vagina, cardboard box – same diff!

  28. You remember that girl in the movie Resident Evil, that’s her! She was very nice.. and i’ve found high quality wallpapers of her here :

    Don’t mind taking a look ;)

  29. Brian hunnikin

    She is amazing. I’d love to lick her arse. xx

  30. you can appreciate this girl in the “5th element” movie (but buy it in high definition)

  31. They will eventually enjoy the work. This is to remember how great people will react to the changes. Will they accept it or not?

  32. Rick C

    Each to their own, but I worry about all the guys who make comments that Milla looks like a boy to them with her smallish tits and thin frame. That’s rediculous. Maybe it’s wishful thinking on their part–they just wish she was a boy in their fantasies…. She’s incredibly hot and a complete woman!

  33. Rick C

    “It’s sad to see the pedophiles come wriggling out from under their rocks like pasty-white slugs when a little body hair is visible. You would think that the pervs would have the sense try to hide their preferences a little better. ”

    Ah, that’s another case of the pot calling the kettle black. History proves that those yelling the loudest about the gays, the pervs, and child porn are themselves the guiltiest practitioners of that which they despise. It’s a red herring to throw off the hounds, as it were. They see evil everywhere they look because usually they’re looking in a mirror.

    And since when did a shaved pubic region become associated with cp? Does nonsensical thinking apply to shaved arm pits and legs as well? Somebody better alert the FBI to Playboy, Hustler, Penthouse and a slew of other magazines that show shaven women… NOT every man wants women to look like a man. Besides, the hair hides the beauty of a woman. Maybe those who like a thick bushy twat just likes to imagine that it hides a big dick too!

  34. Rick C

    To all you morons who think that a shaved pussy equals a pedo–take your noses out of your boyfriend’s posterior for a moment and smell something else for a change. If you get an erection by seeing hair–OK, that’s between you and your fetish, but I prefer shaved because the pussy is beautiful to look at and a bush is just, well, a hairy snatch that gets in the way of the view. I’m proud to say that a pussy is beautiful to look at and hair isn’t! And it’s got nothing to do with little girls. It’s got to do with what I like best. Maybe you like a sprinkle of pubes on your pussy pie. But to me– It’s like saying that the Grand Canyon would look better if it was cluttered with a thick, impenetrable forest.

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