BEST OF 2009: Megan Fox Fake Nude Pics

December 27th, 2009 // 51 Comments


Posted: 12/3/2009

Despite the fact these were about as real as Xenu holding the Baby Jesus on Santa’s lap, you guys flocked to these Photoshopped pics of Megan Fox that were allegedly “hacked” from her computer. Which proves that instead of using a script for Transformers 3, Dreamworks should pay me $1 billion to break into Megan’s house and film her peeing while I talk like Optimus Prime. Now, I’m not saying they’ll make a 587% return on their investment, I’m guaranteeing it.

Original: The Megan Fox ‘Hacked’ Nude Photos


  1. Wow she really is such an attractive and beautiful woman! She has got such piercing blue yes and with her dark hair it looks so good.

  2. Ashley

    @ Laura – Your’e talking about her eyes and dark hair!? LOOK AT THAT ASS! OH MY GAWD that thing is perfect!

  3. Django

    Cmon fishmeister, do something right… Bar Refaeli #1!

  4. Angie


  5. djfred

    No real? They’re not not even of the same breasts. More proof that most Superficial readers have never seen, much less touched, a real woman.

  6. gen


    Except it’s not hers. Hers is probably much smaller and less round.

  7. bb

    @#6 (djfred) I would be scared to see what you’re “touching”! Proof? Where?
    Fuck you, douche bag.

  8. Just me

    So obvious these were fakes. The real Megan Fox has thoes. (Fingers that look like toes.)

  9. dtizzle

    #8 (bb), #6 is right.

    #8, when you’re wrong the best thing to do is STFU. The pics are obviously fakes – each one has a different body.

    So STFU.

  10. bribios

    What the hell I thought it was common knowledge these pics were fake. You want proof? Try google, and get a few dozen sources confirming it. If real pics of Megan Fox came out that shit would dominate the news.

  11. sensiitive guy

    You know who I feel sorry for? The incredibly beautiful women – yes, clearly this is more than one – who AREN’T being recognized for their physical perfection, just because Ms. Fox piercing blue eyes and the rest of her head are slapped atop THEIR hot, naked bodies.

    We MUST find out who these women are, and give them their moment of tribute – and if you, Senor Fish, are too busy, then I will take this task to heart. Please, beautiful naked women pictured here – and you know who you are – contact me, with proof, of course, and I will make sure your praises are sung. Not sure how to reach me? Just leave the shade open… I’ll find you . :)

  12. bb

    @#10 I know they are fakes, you fucking retarded fool. The “proof” comment was directed at #6 saying that “More proof that most Superficial readers have never seen, much less touched, a real woman.”

    That comment (of his) doesn’t prove anything, hence the reason for my “Proof? Where?” blurb.

    Get it now, moron? (now that I spelled it out for you)

  13. That Transformers 3 idea sounds like gold. Platinum! She could be naked, and illiterate comic relief Transformers could hump her leg and speak of their inexplicable attraction to a flesh thing they never knew existed. With lots of explosions.

    Like Transformers 2, but naked.

  14. dtizzle

    Oh, #13 (bb), my mistake. You’re right.

    You’re not saying the pics aren’t fakes, but have no trouble showing that you’re a moron who gets ripped by what anonymous people you’ll never meet and have no influence on your life say about your anonymous online profile.

    I bow to your obvious genius, sir!!

  15. rob

    thank you pud for posting the kind girls link…really thank you

  16. Ice

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  17. Rugles

    These pics are obvious fakes. The real Megan Fox has “Toe Thumbs”.

  18. julie

    I was promised a tit parade… and you stop here? Am I the only one who feels ripped off??

  19. julie

    I was promised a tit parade… and you stop here? Am I the only one who feels ripped off??

  20. Ass

    holy fuck… who’s body does that ass belong to!?

    must… see… more…

  21. really?

    am i the only who sees that the nipple is a different size/shape in every picture? somethings weird about this

  22. hahahaha we dumb main like fur real and sturfff keep it gutta ya digg
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  23. We all know its a fake pic, its not the real Megan Fox. I wish though it would have been her.


  25. eatme

    not only were the images fake, but they had been around on the net for ages for fucks sake. Shit, if you had simply image googled “megan fox nude” (yes, trust me, that is the first thing that men do to get naked pictures of a celebrity) these and many other “yovo” images have been easy to find. In particular, the ass one has been in pretty much every megan fox yovo collection. This was stupid that you even entertained the possibility that these were real (PS, you also said the Rihanna one’s were fake when they are genuine).

  26. i love her sexy body and her piecing blue eyes and the black long beautiful hair that she has

  27. #5 those chicks on kind girls look far better than most of the celebs!

  28. Boogeyman King Dong

    This must be quite a honor to Megan Fox.Being posted here in the last days of 2009.

  29. rosebud

    well, this will help me not eat for a week.

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  31. Apkar

    @ 7 and 18
    HOLY FUCKING SHIT THANK YOU! God damn I’ve been saying that since the first fucking Transformers movie (you know the seen i’m talking about, when she has her head pressed against the steering wheel). OMG what a releaf…. whew… I thought i was the ONLY person who noticed. Yeah, her thumbs freak the shit outta me.

  32. Mclogan

    That might be her but I would think they would be more detailed like her boobs perfect likenshe just got breast inplants and her ass well I don’t know but perfect and I’m in the middle.

  33. Throoper

    Its sad to say, but I know whose body this is: Orsi Kocsis. I don’t have a link to this picture, but it is definitely her.

  34. Throoper

    sorry, the third picture.

  35. hihi

    HAHAHA – thanks for the pictures, they all show different bodies donning Megan’s head

    pic 2 may very well be Orsi Kocsis

  36. pfft

    what’s up with the tits? they look different on every picture…

  37. i think megan fox will “transfrom” this year awww! =D

  38. TJ

    Who gives a f**k she`s sexy &i want sex with her fake tits or not

  39. TJ

    Who gives a f**k she`s sexy &i want sex with her fake tits or not

  40. TJ

    #38 u give her a D i give her A++

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  42. quidam

    I still think her main problem is that she just hasn’t been fucked hard enough. Get Max Hardcore out of jail and he could do a ‘Max Extreme’ movie with her and give her the ‘it-could-be-worse’ perspective.

  43. david

    it’s not her!!!! ;)

  44. me

    what a great stalking picture by the photographer
    who cares about there safety whats important is a good rating
    to bad the stars did not carry guns they could shoot the stalking photographer

  45. they actually look real, she is hella sexy

  46. nick wilson

    i dont even care if the pics are fake there sweet

  47. thx….but i dont even care if the pics are fake there sweet

  48. she is wonderful and sexy thx mate :)

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