BEST OF 2012: Leighton Meester’s Butt

Greetings, exalted one. Allow me to introduce myself. I am The Superficial Writer, Jedi Knight and friend to Captain Photo Boy Solo. (He withheld sex until I wrote that.) I know that you are powerful, mighty reader, and that your anger with us not posting must be equally powerful. As a token of my goodwill, I present to you a gift: These rehashed photo galleries from the past year. They have boobs in them. And sometimes butts.


I’ll be frank. If these Leighton Meester pics weren’t the top post for April, I would’ve immediately resigned in protest. And being even more frank, in less than two minutes I would’ve begged and prostituted myself for my job back because you people have to wear pants to work and last I checked this was America not Stalin’s Russia. But make no mistake, my point would be made. Oh yes, my point would be made…

Posted: 4.15.2012

Original Post: It’s Leighton Meester’s Butt In A Bikini