BEST OF 2010: Ashley Greene in Body Paint

December 27th, 2010 // 60 Comments

9. Ashley Greene

Posted: 1.8.2010

I guarantee if asked six out of five of you who Ashley Greene is, you’d sit there and stare at me like I just asked you to calculate a space launch. Yet that didn’t stop you from cracking this post into the Top 10, so nice work. Here’s Ashley posing for some sort of Sobe/Sports Illustrated cross promotion dealie that really doesn’t matter because she’s wearing nothing but body paint. She could be selling “The Superficial Writer Loves Penis” Water and I’d still make anyone within eyesight look at them. In fact, here comes the neighbor kid. “Hey, Timmy! Want to look at something in my basement? I promise it’s not a dead guy again. Or your mom naked. Or both like that one Christmas.”

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  1. eee

    Wtf fish. I know Ashley is hot. But U never post pics of hot guys. Why!

  2. jumpin_j

    Okay, that just about clears the taste from my mouth from the Octomom photos. Almost.

  3. jonas

    and she dates a Jonas?? no wonder Demi went over the edge

  4. Ashley Greene Body Paint Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    Need to win lottery, then she will be mine, yes mine!!!

  5. barry

    Come on Lottery…. need to have her, just need millions of dollars, then it does not matter if I am good looking or not….which I am…..thank you!

  6. Anita Bidet

    Clearly it wasn’t cold enough wherever they shot these. Worthless fucking photographers!

  7. PrivateDynamo

    Love picture #5 where she is wiping my giant facial from her mouth.

  8. was surprised they didn’t replace her in thw Twilight movies. WAAAYYY hotter than Kristen Steward.

    • tom

      They didnt replace her because putting in a hotter chick would just disillusionize all the female fans into realizing that they have no chance of hooking up with the retarded vampire guy. Thus, reducing book and movie sales. You can see a similar effect in the show “The King of Queens” no chance in hell a fine piece of ass like Leah Remini would ever marry a fat delivery guy (Kevin James). But it gives regular guys (myself included) hope that we too can have a low paying dead end job and still be banging a fine ass chick.

      • Chris Hansen's taint

        This here above is the truth

      • oh i agree. but i have seen drop dead hot girls date not so hot guys. and some model quality type guys who date not so hot girls. in fact some of them were down right gross.

        Well in Leah’s characters case she had a crazy father who kept chasing away her boyfriends. and her hotter sister(early episodes) was initally teasing him. which would have caused a break-up. also the character was in her early 30′s or so.(correct me as i am not sure.) and was desperate for a husband. also you have chicks into fat guys. as well as guys into fat chicks. since i live in Queens I could say most of the scenes in that show are all gone due to rents. queens Center is still there but redone.

  9. Ashley Greene Body Paint Bikini
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    GORGEOUS. *-*

  10. Courageous

    She is absolutely divine! And as for loser guys with hot wives, I nominate Jim Belushi and Courtney Thorne-Smith!

  11. Ashley Greene Body Paint Bikini
    Cock Dr
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    One of the Jonas brothers threw away his purity ring for this.
    Fuck yeah.

  12. mcfeely smackup

    She looks pretty good in body paint…and photoshop. but then who doesn’t?

    Or does she just naturally not have nipples?

  13. Ashley Greene Body Paint Bikini
    The Blues
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  14. Ashley Greene Body Paint Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    Did the body paint erase her nipples?

  15. Ashley Greene Body Paint Bikini
    Minerva Smelibut
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    I’d pay her to fart on my belly

  16. Ashley Greene Body Paint Bikini
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    her nose is done

  17. I’d fuck her… I’d prefer a woman with nipples though…

  18. Ashley Greene Body Paint Bikini
    Mike Walker
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    Where da ass go?

  19. Puddin' Taine

    I could eat her balloon knot all night

  20. WhoCares


  21. Ashley Greene Body Paint Bikini
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    Flop Flop Splat

  22. anonym

    body paint looks nice, but ashley has no figure.

    her hips don’t curve out. it’s just a rectangle.

  23. Ashley Greene Body Paint Bikini
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    forget her ass, where did her nipples go? dayummm

  24. wim

    ……………”Van Gogh” was here?

  25. jojo

    No nut busted here.

  26. Ashley Greene Body Paint Bikini
    nose hater
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    Dislike her nose. Too fake.

  27. dont get it

    she looks like she has a touch of the downs

  28. thepinktaco

    Hold still while I gets me brush!

  29. Ashley Greene Body Paint Bikini
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    If she knew what I just did to her in my head she would go home and douche.

  30. JChief

    If there was a God, this woman would be straddling me this very evening.

    There. I said it.

  31. ev149

    AM I the only one who thinks she looks like Michael Jackson in the second picture?

    • jc

      I thought the SAME thing. I don’t get the big deal about this chick. She’s got a terrible MJ nose job, floppy boobs, and a man’s torso and hips. Gross.

  32. Ashley Greene Body Paint Bikini
    Tiffany Russell
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  33. 36-COLE SEELY


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