Bertney And The Magic Casino

Bertney And The Magic Casino
A Yay! Phonics Reader

“Can I play the mersheen with the shiny coins?” Bertney asked Papa excitedly as they walked inside their hotel.
“Not now, Bertney,” Papa replied grumpily. He was upset because one of the bodyguards gave Bertney a chocolate bar on the flight. Bertney wasn’t allowed to have sugar on flights, but it tasted so good and all she had to do was show him her tinkle place. Bertney loved making trades.
“How about the spinny thing with them numbers in it?” Bertney asked.
“Not now!” Papa replied even more angrily.
“He’s in a really bad mood,” thought Bertney. “I know what’ll cheer him up.”
While Papa talked to the lady at the counter, Bertney went to the gift shop where a crowd of people gathered. Her plan was already working.
“Y’all give me five dollahs, and I’ll show mah boobies!” she told the crowd as fists full of money shot in the air. Bertney lifted up her shirt then quickly gathered up all the money. Surely this would make Papa smile.
“Papa! Papa!” Bertney yelled as she raced back to the counter. “I made you a hun’red dollahs!”
“Bertney,” Papa asked. “Where did you get this money?”
“Boobie show!” Bertney giggled making Papa laugh, too. He forgot all about the chocolate bar, and even told the nice man who carried their suitcases to put cartoons on for her. It was the bestest day she ever had.

The End

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