Bertney Kisses A Boy

Bertney Kisses A Boy
For Grades K – 5

Bertney had to kiss a boy for her new perfume commercial, but Bertney didn’t like kissing boys. And she especially didn’t like commercials.
“But boys’ moufs don’t even taste like Furnch fries!” she told Papa. “And ‘mercials ruin my cartoons,” she said with a pout.
“Now, Bertney,” Papa said. “People won’t buy your perfume if they don’t think it will make them fall in love.”
“How do you fall into love?” Bertney asked. “Wouldn’t that hurt?”
“Well, you see, Bertney. When two people start spending a lot of time together and never want to be apart, that’s called falling in love.”
“Then I falled in love with ice cream!” Bertney laughed.
“Haha, I’d say that’s true,” Papa said with a smile. “Now be a good girl and open your mouth for the nice boy so Santa can bring you lots of presents this year.”
“Presents!” Bertney squealed with a clap. “Oh boy!”
“And if he tries to touch your secret place, tell him he has to pay Papa extra.”
“Haha, Papa, I don’t even know what that means!”

The End

Photos: Pacific Coast News