Bertney Gets Back To Work

Bertney Gets Back To Work
A Jump Into Reading! Story For Summer Super Kids

Bertney had an extra fun summer vacation this year. She got to visit The Cheesecake Factory, get Boto-tox, and try on fancy britches that looked purty as pie when the nerdy man made pictures in the ‘puter box.
“Hows comes y’all can’t see me no more?” Bertney asked Papa.
“Well, that’s part a bein’ sexy, Bertney Jean,” Papa said. “Like how I tell ya to stop makin’ everyone pull your finger before Mr. David comes over. Boys like it when you’re not yourself.”
Bertney didn’t understand what Papa just said, which is all the time, she’ll tell you with a giggle, but she did understand the pulling her finger part and made a special brain memory to do it as soon as Papa left. But before she could remember her thought, it turned into a beautiful butterfly. Bertney loved butterflies.
Soon, Bertney found herself on stage in Lost Vegas again. She still doesn’t know why that keeps happening to her or where all these different clothes come from, but the dancers are always so nice even when she steps on their legs with a “CRACK!” or asks them, “What’cha all doin’?” in the middle of songs. They even let her hop on their backs for a piggy ride! Piggy rides are Bertney’s favorite, but Papa gets awfully mad if she does too many in the middle of a show.
“Bertney Jean,” he’ll say. “What’s the rule about piggyback rides?”
“Only two per show, Papa,” Bertney will answer sadly.
“And how many did you do tonight?”
“Oh, Bertney. You know I don’t like to do this.”
“I know, Papa. I’ll swaller my pills like a good girl. I don’t know what to make you ma-“
And just like that, Bertney found herself back on stage again! It was Fried Shrimp Thursday, but she could’ve sworn it was just Steak Sunday a minute ago. Was it normal for a person to lose whole days like that? Something didn’t quite seem right to Bertney, but those thoughts quickly ended when she noticed each basket of shrimp came with the most magical thing in the world.
“FURNCH FRIES!” Bertney yelled as she dove into the tables. Working like a grow’d up is the best job ever.

The End

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