Berenice Marlohe Is The New Bond Girl

November 3rd, 2011 // 27 Comments

Keeping with the theme of hiring obscure European actress/models for Daniel Craig to bang, here’s Berenice Marlohe, the new Bond girl in the Sam Mendes directed Skyfall. Considering I couldn’t tell you a thing that happened in the boring-as-shit Quantum of Solace – No, wait. James Bond had a gun. – I’m guessing this is good news? Maybe? I dunno. Is she divorcing anybody? I hear that’s hot these days. Or better yet, did she birth a Bieber baby? Because, seriously, it’s time to start marketing this franchise to kids or else who the hell’s watching it?

BERENICE: James, this bomb’s totally going to explode in thirty seconds!
JAMES: Then that gives me just enough time – *unzip pants* – to pour some maple syrup…
BERENICE: Whoa! No condom?
JAMES: Pfft, girl, we’re just holding hands. In our pants…

(You’re welcome, Sony.)

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  1. adolf hitler

    reminds me of natalie portman when she smiles

  2. Berenice Marlohe Bond Girl
    Commented on this photo:

    I approve

  3. DeucePickle

    Now the new Bond girl is the only reason to go watch these cookie cutter movies.
    Spoiler alert: Starts with Bond waking up the next morning, post bone session, something bad happens so he makes a daring escape and heads to home base where he is shown the new cool gadgets they’ve been working on and the new bad guy to hunt down. When he’s banged the answers out of every hot spy lady to find said bad guy, then we meet a badder guy. Punch, punch, punch. Explosions. The End.

  4. SSHGuru

    She is smoking hot. Bond? Who cares – I’ll pay to see her running around for 2 hours.

  5. Deacon Jones

    I’m with you FISH, Casino Royale was much better.

    Then again, I was so high watching it that my heart was pounding like a drum.

    This Bond girl better step up. The franchise has a long, estemmed list of hotness. Having watched all the old school movies about 20 times each, they’ve slacked off quite a bit in their priorities.

    The most recent movie in terms of A++ quality tail would have to be “License to Kill”. Carey Lowell and Talisa Soto were awesome.

  6. Frank Burns


  7. Its a rough exclusive

    How about a real story line where Bond catches crabs from one of these hitec whores. Nah totally implausible, I mean the Brocolli family is running a serious businesses here…

  8. direchef

    I figured with Daniel Craig it was only a matter of time until we saw the era of the ‘Bond Dude.’

  9. Venom

    Another generic Bond chick that will be forgotten 5 minutes after the movie is over.

  10. Kay

    Why does her rack look fake and airbrushed?

    • Jillia

      Cuz it probably is. Good chance these are put out and sold by a publicist, and there’s work done on them beforehand.

  11. Berenice Marlohe Bond Girl Daniel Craig Naomie Harris
    Cock Dr
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    Mr Craig looks a trifle goofy.

  12. Berenice Marlohe Bond Girl Daniel Craig Naomie Harris
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    Silly American’s, Pimpin’ IS easy!!!

  13. Berenice Marlohe Bond Girl
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    I’ll leave a cumment on her.

  14. Berenice Marlohe Bond Girl
    253-Jeffery Selena
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    Shes hot, hell sexy and beautiful.

  15. forrest gump


  16. Hawk

    She looks like the girl from the previous movie.

  17. browny

    Shame the guy who plays Bond is such a short arse. Daniel Craig needs lifts in his shoes.

    Can’t stand short men… (and small dicks, while we’re there..)

    just sayin

  18. Berenice Marlohe Bond Girl
    Commented on this photo:

    Her last name is an anagram of “Ramhole”, so I’m all for her

  19. “Jaw. Man Jaw.”

  20. Anon

    She looks okay. Daniel Craig is looking old and rough though.

  21. Berenice Marlohe Bond Girl Javier Bardem
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    Damn, she is all kinds of sexy. Brunette, coke bottle figure, and a long neck.

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