Benedict Cumberbatch Is Doctor Strange: A Post About Kendall’s Butt

“I’ll tell you what’s strange. Giant penguins, amirite?!” (I have no fucking business writing these.)

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You guys know by now that Fish’s new favorite thing besides sending headless animal carcasses to Hilary Duff’s house is to make me cluelessly write comic book posts. Since it’s looking like Benedict Cumberbatch will definitely be Doctor Strange, here we go again. Via Deadline:

I’m hearing Benedict Cumberbatch is the studio’s choice for the superhero pic, and negotiations are about to begin. The news comes after talks with Joaquin Phoenix around the time of Comic-Con went south, and Marvel went back to the drawing board.

Cool. But, what do I think? Do I think he will be good in it? Is he swarthy enough, or whatever the fuck? Uh huh, yep. He’ll probably be pretty good. There is no other sentiment I can muster for this discussion because my brain has been reduced to nothing but an ass-seeking missile the likes of even Satan’s whorechildren can’t shut down. Case in point:

the Gunnar commentary. @gunnarfitness

A video posted by Kendall Jenner (@kendalljenner) on

If you didn’t hang in there til the end, go back. This is my job. This is what I’ve turned myself into for you people.

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