Benedict Cumberbatch Is Playing Another Smart Guy

Alan Turing, Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Strange, when will Benedict Cumberbatch finally break his genius typecast bondage and play someone who has down syndrome or something? In the new trailer for The Current War, Cumberbatch stuffs a bunch of marbles in his mouth to sound American while playing the role of Thomas Edison.

You also have Michael Shannon playing a far too handsome and skinny version of George Westinghouse and Nicholas Hoult as Nikola Tesla (who actually was an avid pool shark).

What you won’t see in this trailer is Thomas Edison electrocuting hundreds of stray dogs, birds, elephants, and people to demonstrate the dangers of alternating current electricity.

The buzz is that this is the beginning of another Oscar bid for Cumberbatch as the Weinstein company tries to bounce back from Tulip Fever. Oh, you didn’t see Tulip Fever? Nobody did… apparently it barely made enough money at the box office to cover the cost of it’s 17th century costume budget. With everyone watching Netflix and streaming from home, there has been a “massive dip” in box office sales (they’re all still shitting money, though). Harvey Weinstein even wrote a desperate letter to Deadline Hollywood begging people to come check it out.

Movie lovers stayed away in droves even though Weinstein penned an essay last week for Deadline Hollywood touting the movie, which spent years in development hell. “I know this film’s not perfect, very few are, but it’s a perfectly good time in a movie theater,” Weinstein didn’t exactly gush. “Writing this article is probably akin to putting a target on my back.” (from PageSix)

When Harvey Weinstein has to address the peasants directly by saying, “this movie isn’t good, but ya know, it’s a good time to be in the AC!” you know something is wrong.

Overall I don’t have high expectations for The Batch in this one. His American accent is just… it’s yucky. It’s like a walrus from Pittsburgh or something. It’s gross. The only way this movie could bring me around is if they accurately portray Edison as the shortsighted crybaby that he was during this whole Edison vs. Westinghouse/DC vs. AC contract race (which Westinghouse ultimately won because he believed in Nikola Tesla). The Academy is going to love that scene where Benedict Cumberbatch flips some kid a quarter and he brings him a burlap sack full of stray dogs to electrocute in front of news reporters…