Ben Affleck enjoys his scrotum

affleck_scrotum.jpgSo apparently Ben Affleck likes to show off his nuts to random people. Christina Applegate says that while she was working on Surviving Christmas last year, Ben deliberately showed her his testicles while shooting a scene.

“They were doing a shot of a briefcase and Ben put his stuff on the case. It was gross.”

And apparently Ben Affleck doesn’t just show his testicles to women either, since he would actually rest his scrotum on the back of Kevin Smith’s neck during breaks on the set of Jersey Girl. I used to think Ben Affleck was an untalented idiot, but anybody who goes around teabagging their directors and showing off their testicles to coworkers is okay with me. Although I must admit, the thought of Ben Affleck’s scrotum touching my neck scares me more than vampires do. And vampires are pretty damn scary.