Ben Affleck and Jimmy Kimmel have intercourse

February 26th, 2008 // 64 Comments

During his post-Oscars show, Jimmy Kimmel aired his rebuttal to Sarah Silverman’s hilarious video “I’m Fucking Matt Damon.” What you’re about to see is the star-studded video for “I’m Fucking Ben Affleck.” And, seriously, this thing has everybody: Brad Pitt, Harrison Ford, Robin Williams, McLovin and classically-trained Josh Groban belting out the chorus which for some reason cracked my shit up. It also unfortunately has Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz, so my apologies. Anyway, enjoy.


  1. LAgal

    okay, it’s not ashlee simpson people. it’s cameron diaz.

  2. jimmy kimmel is my favorite. But he is found at the celeb site His fans found him there with many nice pictures posted. Not sure if he is also seeking some girls there.

  3. Kim Johnson

    Ashlee is not in the video……maybe he just wanted you to watch it over and over looking for her.

  4. Kim Johnson

    Ashlee is not in the video……maybe he just wanted you to watch it over and over looking for her.

  5. Asston Kutcher's vagina

    You have to be areally secure couple to stage a giant fight that involves a gay affair. Still I can’t figure out which affair is the gay one because Sarah Silverman seems all man to me yet, Ben affleck seems all woman even though he and Jimmy appeared to be a gay “male” couple so I’m confused.

    Anyway this makes me think Jimmy and Sara are like the only happy couple in Lala Land. I guess it’s true what they say “uglies have better, happier, longer, lasting relationships” (it’s a scientifically proven fact).

  6. Supervixen

    Jimmy Kimmel is –not– funny.

  7. Jen

    Many of the actors were in movies with Matt. Brad Pitt and Don Cheadle were in Oceans 11, 12, and 13 with Matt. Of course Robin Williams was in Good Will Hunting with Matt and Ben. I’m sure there are more connections, but those 3 right off the bat caught my eye. I absolutely loved it! I can’t wait to see if they post Matt’s reaction to it.

  8. anon

    It’s also not Harrison Ford blowing the kiss. It’s Mark Harmon.

  9. Marissa

    Sarah has to fight back with “I’m fucking Matt Damon AND Ben Affleck.”

  10. sisie

    wo, nice film !

  11. jack

    what’s it really about !
    I dont think I v known it clearly ~

  12. Comedy NOT Politics

    This is was entertainers SHOULD be doing. STAY out of politics and make me laugh!!!!!

  13. Andre

    I found an old photograph taken with my parents when I was 24. I looked just like Jimmy Kimmel when I was a kid. My girlfriends dead. Liver damage. I’ve been on drugs for twenty years. I don’t lAUGH At Jimmy Kimmel. I’m just getting out of bed. We took the picture for a church directory. I was still in college at the time. I was postal and wanted to kill them! It took me 13 years to graduate. Thats a joke. Mom was killed by a drunk driver.

    On a serious note. I like that movie where he plays a Russian spy and they’re going to blow up the stadium. Thats real. I want to teach in Former Soviet Union maybe.

    My buddies blowing dope with my lover. (He thinks that so funny getting him to cheat on me and he knows I’m in AA) He expects me to work for free and put gas in my car….they come and eat all my food. Secrets. Even when you have know shame about your sexuality in a pervasive society such as ours… Shame on you Two

    I’m checking email at Dads house. Go for it Ben. Didn’t you use to sing??
    How ironic to think those men could love anything but money and fame… and there big EGOS.

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